Harmony Western PvP Duels Game with NFTs

Name of Project

TheGame - might be changed later, still thinking of an idea where community will be let to pick the game’s name

Proposal overview

This is a NFT based game where players mint their own Characters and Weapons.
Each Character has it’s own Attributes, and Skills points that can be distributed how player wants. After each level up character gets 1 Attribute point and 3 skills points. You can learn more about these later in game.
Minting Weapons will return a unique weapon with random Quality and random stats based on the quality. These stats will sum with players stats when in combat and compared against sum of opponent’s weapon stats and opponent’s character stats.
There is also present a unique reforge system, or merge system, where three weapons with same tier, quality, and type can be reforged into a new one with better stats.

For each Character minted, the amount of tokens paid will go into your character’s balance but they can not be withdrawed. If you win in PvP combats more tokens, those can be withdrawed, also if you lose in PvP, coins will be substracted from your mint balance.
We’ve implemented these to let gamers test our game right after they minted a character and weapon, without further supplies of coins.

For each Weapon minted and/or reforged, the amount of tokens paid will go into a treasure that will be distributed weekly over 100 or 1000 players with best PvP stats for that week.
You will also find an AutoDisable option to keep your funds safe, if your Character is being attacked, you can set an AutoDisableCounter that will automaticly disable your Character’s PvP to prevent loss of all funds.

Once character is trained, and you have a strong weapon it’s time for the PvP.
We have a unique PvP system where players can preset zones where they will hit, and zones where they will dodge opponent’s attacks.

We’re currently hard working to finish this project till December this year.
Very soon there will be a test version of this game on the Harmony One Testnet Chain. If it will perform as expected, we will launch token presale for the mainnet, and hope for the best.

We’ve also be happy if a competent designer would like to help with drawing sketches for the NFT’s.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

10000 Active Users
$100000 Pre Sale Soft Cap

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Some insider screenshots for the community to get an idea of what to expect

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund

We are in the process of reviewing your proposal. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Thank you for your feedback, i will keep this thread updated as i have new updates on the project i’m working on.

Nice work and solid concept. Look forward to trying it out. Should incorporate a Graveyard leaderboard for the dead player characters. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Hey, thanks, that’s an awesome idea, i’ll definitely implement that

@C4rm3K thanks for the proposal. We’d like to go ahead and approve it under the Launches track:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Moreover, we recommend a 5-out-9 multisig account on Gnosis Safe with 3 governors from the project team, 3 governors from the project community, and 3 governors from Harmony DAOs – namely, ONEcommunityDAO, ONEdeveloperDAO, ONEincubatorDAO.



Hey there,
really happy to hear that and also i would like to provide some updates

> What did you work on this week?
Refactored smart-contracts. Started Integration of 3d models in UI.
> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
Finishing all smart contracts.
> Are you blocked by anything?
I’m currently having troubles when i try to deploy a graph to the testnet
> How can Harmony core team help?
If you could lead me to relevant docs about deploying graphql on harmony

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Small late update for last week

> What did you work on last week?
Finished testnet smart contracts.
> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
Finish main UI/UX components related to the game, not including marketplace.
> Are you blocked by anything?
> How can Harmony core team help?
If you could lead me to relevant docs about react and solidity.

> What did you work on last week?
Worked on the frontend. Generated and fully integrated 20000 3d NFT models for characters
> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
Generate 3d weapons models, redesign usages of thegraph websockets. Finish frontend for testnet launch.
> Are you blocked by anything?
thegraphql websockets, because they are currently deprecated
> How can Harmony core team help?
If you could lead me to relevant docs about graphql websockets and solidity.

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Hey there,
i would like to update this project,
the deadline was missed completely but this does not mean i’m not working on it lol,
actually as a software developer i can’t deliver a product that is buggy, or not full feature,
i am taking an undefined amount of time to finish this up, and by this i mean…

  • full test coverage for smart contracts and ensure they are not vulnerable (i started with scratching up the logic, but while this project is increasing it’s getting more and more complicated to maintain, this is my nr 1 mistake and i am full aware of it, i am cleaning the code, testing every line of code, and also found a tool named MAIAN , i’m using it too, so far so good, but it’s taking a little bit more time than i expected, if i would started well it would be another story, but we are learning here :slight_smile: )
  • 3d models (i can’t just copy paste some models found/bought and claim they belong to me by just modifying some textures, colors, etc…, I am working on a separate script for blender to generate those and be unique, but also, i am constantly looking for designers and modelers to help me out, no luck yet, but this is not the #1 problem :slight_smile: )
  • frontend ( for frontend i am using react and mobx, no test coverage, this is kinda bad, but frontend here is not that hard, i’ve tested out so far with currently contracts, i’ve learned a lot of new things with websockets, graphql, outdated features of it, etc…, maybe i will try something better for it like redux, but for the moment this is not the main problem)

beside this i must form a community, i will start this once i have at least a well working beta version of current project

i also would like to thank for all the support received, and related to the grant, at this point it does not really matter so much :slight_smile: , for me now it’s more like a personal challenge to make it work
at the moment i still have no group, or some public info, i could share my social’s but this will make no sense, as i am looking for community members here in the first place
sorry for grammar mistakes…
Happy Holidays to everyone and Stay Safe !

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