E-commerce Entrepreneur, Crypto & Tech Investor


Hi to all of y’all !

I found this forum thanks to Sahil Dewan.

I’m a grad student from University of Ottawa in Canada, i have studied a bachelor in finance & business administration during 4 years. I’m currently running an online e-commerce business since 2016. My vision is loyalty to customers & adding value by creating content for them & my prospects on social media. Great at Marketing, copywriting, persuasion & selling.

I also do long term trading & investing in Tech Stocks & been around the crypto space since 2016, and been aware of the project before the website & telegram group was open by following @stse on Twitter, read the whitepaper. And i quickly understand that this project has a genius and massive potential.

I promised myself to not miss this tech revolution that is currently taking place with the blockchain space.

I’ve also research the team which have great leaders largely capable of executing, i really can’t wait to see how this project will disrupt crypto and how it can helps improve businesses, decrease cost in industries and maybe be a great turning point on solving the privacy & data sharing issues globally.

Cheers !