ECONOMIC PARTNER: Hypha & SEEDS - DAOs, Flat Money, and a regenerative economy

For SEEDS, Hypha and the myriad organizations within the SEEDS Ecosystem to merge with Harmony to help establish harmony as the home for DAOs (with our DAO technology stack) ReFi (Regenerative Finance) and REcon (Regenerative Economics) with the many tools we’ve been building over the years.

This proposal represents an “ecosystem of DAOs” (representing multiple DAOs) but we’ll start with introducing the 2 primary DAOs that are part of this partnership proposal.


Is Sowing Economically and Ecologically Decentralised Societies. SEEDS is a global community (10k and growing) of regenerators focused on building healthier economic, food, and governance systems for our communities.


Knowledge base

News, Articles, and Library


Code Repository


Hypha is a DAO that’s been building tools for DAOs and ReFi (Regenerative Finance) since 2018.


Quick Overview



Code Repository

Regenerative economic systems for humanity

You have all made some serious progress and are leading the way to mainstream adoption of a new financial system!

Thank you and after much too long deciding how to introduce ourselves, we’re just going to jump in.

SEEDS and Hypha are 2 DAO’s since 2018 (running on a few different ‘layer 1s’ as this technology matures).

Hypha has over 100 contributing developers, systems designers, ecologists, artists, token engineers, community builders, storytellers, and more

SEEDS DAO and economic system has over 10K members who have contributed some value to be part of the community (each invite requires a cost to ensure people want to be here).

We’ve been focusing on creating “regenerative economic systems” and exploring, mapping, and building tools for us to use the new coordination technology we’re all building for the systemic regeneration of our communities and earth.

Our planet desperately needs this and has so for decades. We need to make more progress in shifting our economic paradigm and we can’t do this alone. We need to demonstrate systemic collaboration for us to achieve this goal.

Seeking the right alliance

Up until now we’ve been waiting for layer 1 ecosystems to mature before we find the right partner(s) that we’ll grow with going forward. In radical transparency we’re also aiming to propose collaborations with Celo and Polkadot (though Harmony’s proposal is our first) and find which layer 1 is the best fit for us to grow with.

We need to demonstrate radical collaboration and we’re inviting you to pioneer this model together. So that we can replicate and bring this Renaissance into Harmony and learn/model how to effectively merge decentralised organisations who share a common overall goal of creating new economic systems.

Proposal overview: Decentralized heterokaryon (cell fusion) - Let’s demonstrate how two decentralized ecosystems can merge

Goal 1: Hypha’s DAO technology and “DAO graph” compatible with Harmony.

Goal 2: SEEDS Economic tools compatible with Harmony.

Goal 3: Launch the Regenerative Village Crowdpooling platform on Harmony

Overall goal: discover who’s leading for each tool that our movement needs and focus our efforts behind the leaders - don’t duplicate efforts.

Our community is 100% grassroots funded (having never taken any VC or institution money) and we’ve stayed 100% decentralised (no legal entities, banks, etc). We’ve been focusing more on the systems, tools, economic/governance protocols, how to coordinate global teams, launching regional pilots, creating templates, and more that’s all mapped out in our Knowledge Base.

What we’ve not been focused on is marketing, token liquidity, and fundraising, which Harmony has excelled at.

We believe that pairing our communities together and merging in the wisdom and practical experience (along with the suite of tools we’ve built) that we’ve gained over the years will help make Harmony the go-to for DAOs, better money, and new economic systems.

P.S. We’ve seen many in your community mention Charles Eisenstein and his work on economic systems. He’s also been a major influence for us. You can find a conversation with him and our community here:

(Click on the above for a video recording with Charles)

Proposal ask

None to start.

We want to first explore how deeply the Harmony community wants to align and to co-create proposals together (after we discover how we can best support Harmony) and what’s the best way to approach this partnership.

We’re not here to just ask for some money, build a tool, and leave. We’re here to build an alliance and to build together (to demonstrate radical collaboration) for the long term.

We’d love to explore multiple proposals across the ecosystem with a goal to merge into 1 unified whole ecosystem focused on systems change and creating a healthier economy.

Our goal is to start these conversations with a few select “layer 1’s”, to see who’s:

  • the most aligned with our shared goals of creating a citizen-governed and regenerative economic system;

  • as excited to create with us as we are with them;

  • looking to ally for the long term and merge our ecosystems resources;

  • where we can add the most value (with the tools and knowledge we have).

We’d love to hear back from your community as to what is the best way to move forward from here.

Buying tokens as investment

We’re proposing that all investment into SEEDS and Hypha is done through Harmony buying the DAO tokens from the SEEDS Commons (A DAO of DAO’s within SEEDS that coordinates funding in the ecosystem) and Hypha DAO directly so that Harmony is owning a share of the whole SEEDS and Hypha ecosystems. Further the SEEDS Commons and Hypha DAO itself are a transparently run DAOs where the Harmony community can see exactly how funds are spent and even participate.

All proposals we’d recommend are paid in tranches where the Harmony community can cancel the buying of tokens at any time, if you’re unsatisfied with our alliance.

All proposals we’d recommend are paid in tranches where the Harmony community can cancel the buying of tokens at anytime if you’re unsatisfied with our partnership.

How SEEDS benefits Harmony

We wish to make transacting in Seeds free so as to become the most obvious “medium of exchange” currency compared to currencies that charge fees to use.

Also, we’re designing (and soon to be launching) a protocol for “flat currencies” (currencies that hold their purchasing power being better than that “stable currencies” that are just pegged to depreciating currencies like the Dollar or Euro. This will create a better “unit of account” currency.

More on this in these 2 videos:

We’ve created a model where SEEDS (the economy) would cover the Harmony fees. This would provide a “better than free” and “flat” currency for use in the Harmony ecosystem increasing the use and value of the Harmony economy and (if we move fast) leading the space with decentralised “flat” and “better than free” currencies.

Metrics for success


10,000+ active members - SEEDS has pioneered a “web of trust” and invite system (that comes with a fee) that means that the vast majority of these accounts are real humans who really want to be part of this movement.

460+ monthly participation in on-chain governance - Making SEEDS one of the more active DAOs in Web3

180+ on-chain proposals We’ve been running a DAO (and experimenting with best practices for this new form of coordination) for 3 years.


  • How many land-based DAOs are forming and how many people are creating different economic systems within their local community (creating a better quality of life)?

  • What regenerative impact are we having (value distributed towards education about the Regenerative Renaissance, setting up local food systems, reforestation, pollution remidiation, etc)?

  • How are we progressing towards our overall goal of giving humanity tools to create new types of economic systems to actually address the myriad crises humanity is facing (products of the dominant and dysfunctional political/economic systems we have today)?

Some apps and tools we’ve built:

Web app for the Hypha DHO/DAO

Web app for the SEEDS Passport

Mobile Light Wallet

Mobile Passport

SEEDS Economy Dashhboard

Economic Simulation tool

Decentralised Exchange

See more on our progress here:


Project Overview

White Papers

Let’s discuss

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for change/improvement to this proposal, please do comment below or send me a DM.


Wow this is incredible! I’m finding things here I didn’t know about, even knowing of SEEDS since 2020. I haven’t been much on the app since 2020, busy on my own projects, so I am excited to check out all the progress. The screenshots look great. And they aren’t just mockups, it’s a real app already.

I’m always impressed by the work the team does, and I hope they can get the funds they need to continue on this journey. I am also applying to be a member of the DHO to help them reach this goal.


Hello Harmony Community!

I am working at Hypha and supporting Rieki with any follow-ups, comments or suggestions concerning this funding proposal. Please feel free and welcome to write me any comment or send a DM, I will get back to you in a timely manner. Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing from you!



Well prepared proposal. I like the model and love that you are trying to give people the tools for this new economy.


Hi Rieki,

Thank you for submitting a well organized and detailed proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund

We are in the process of reviewing your it at the moment. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Sure, I’m warry of adding any more details to the above :slight_smile:

But, more than happy to answer any questions, discuss further, have an open community call, whatever you all feel is the best way to get to know your community more.

We’re ready to go.

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I’m assuming the team heading this front is inactive?

This could be another area where we’d love to collaborate and support on and that is organisational design and how to scale coordination - we’ve been mapping this at SEEDS for the last 4 years of decentralised coordination (herding cats) and we’d like to share learnings with what you’re doing as well and take on the complexity of the mission you’re taking on!

Otherwise, we’ll kindly and with no guilt assume that there’s no enough energy or interest to take on this Partnership request and we’ll focus our efforts elsewhere :slight_smile:

Hello, @Rieki_Cordon :blue_heart:

I understand that you may be looking to partner several DAO’s with Harmony? I apologize for the severe lack of activity from the Harmony team thus far. We’ve been restructuring our Grant Guidelines and streamlining our communications practices.

Unfortunately, in this proposals current format, it is out-of-scope to receive funding. I am going to decline this proposal without prejudice and close the thread due to lack of activity. Please, feel free to restructure your proposal and resubmit at your convenience.

I would encourage you to review our updated DAO Funding Guidelines if you have the opportunity. Note that even if a DAO meets the criteria needed to be approved, it does not necessarily guarantee approval and funding. A small caveat :slight_smile:

And if you are still wanting to go the partnership route, a reminder:

Thank you so much for your time and patience. Looking forward to seeing updates. :blue_heart:

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