Eightbitmafia Bringing Big NFT projects to pump the Harmony ecosystem

Name of DAO


Proposal overview (check document below for long version)

The Use of Community Tokens in Governance
Within The Community, our tokens ($verse) are used to vote on important decisions and matters that determine the future of our culture, treasury, investments, charitable donations, and much more.
For every wearable NFT that someone owns, that person/wallet will receive 1 vote on official proposals that involve the Community Treasury and Community Smart Contracts.

EightbitMafia is a DAO that specialises in the design of monetizable experiences and projects based on the blockchain. We are aiming to create a DAO governed by different NFT projects through our $verse token, the dao will be focused on filling the empty metaverses with ambitious projects, our stakeholders can vote to decide the projects that will be built next through a proposal system, you can also spend your $verse tokens to employ the team to build your desired game experience.

To join the DAO you must first join a Clan, this is where NFT projects can form their own clan, for people to join the DAO you must own a wearable of the Marketplace in our Dapp, and to do so you must either borrow or buy a wearable that the specific clan has created and published in our DAPP, you will join the clan that published the Wearable you possess.

Your wearables will generate you a passive income of $verse each day for the clan community chest, this is used to determine governance, and to spend it on employing VerseFi for creating a game experience, or buying things in the marketplace. More functions will be added to the $verse token as being able to buy mining rigs or investing in projects.

The community chest will be global, whereas each clan will have a personal chest aswell to determine governance of the global chest and to spend their chest according to their policies, some clan will decide to give all profits to low ranks, or equally divide profits, you must learn more about the clan before buying its wearable.

What stage of the product or idea are you (and your team) at? Is it live on Harmony and/or another chain? How many active users do you currently have, or aim to acquire? How much funding do you need? What are your milestones? What help do you need, or what gaps are there in your team?]

We currently have 2000 members in our discord and 2000 followers in our twitter, all organically grown, a functioning front web-page (eightbitmafia.com), and currently developing our Dapp through bootstrapping techniques, We are certain that this project will attract many people to the harmony ecosystem because our DAO target audience is other big NFT projects, our Dapp will be designed for a project to quickly create a DAO and at the same time be part of a conglomerate of DAO’s. We have a team of 35 people and always gathering more people, the project will inevitably grow big as we have no burn rate, we are completely community built and raised, without a single dollar spent on marketing or anything other than the web domain.

Proposal ask

[We are asking for the minimum fund of 20000$ for bootstrap, this will be fully spent on marketing and developing our Dapp, none of this funds will reach the hands of our workers]

Metrics for success

[The project has previously done a first round of minting in which we sold 800 pieces of NFT, in the ethereum blockchain, but we decided to stop the minting as we wanted to give a deeper value and development to our project, and this is the result.]

External links

Eightbitmafia.com / VerseFi Core light version - Google Docs
in this document you can see what our first product on the sandbox metaverse is. In this metaverse we have gathered a total of 27 lands from investors equaling around 250K$, yesterday we made a partnership with bithotel.io to start building lands in their metaverse, and a few months ago we arranged a partnership with santander bank for mentorship.

Any question we are more than happy to answer, or if you have any suggestion feel free to say so

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

Assigned to @DevinMarty

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.