Enders Gate - a Play-to-Earn NFT trading card game on Unity


We at 5HeadGames are presenting Enders Gate, our play to earn NFT Trading Card Game (TCG) built using Unity and combined with Web3 blockchain technology. We are aiming to raise $3M, for a 3-year runway focused on development and marketing of Enders Gate. We have managed to raise over $600,000 over the course of 4 days through early access crowd funding allowing us to build out the foundation of the project.



Enders Gate is a competitive NFT Trading Card Game (TCG) inspired by some of the more popular TCG’s in existence. Titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, and Hearthstone to name a few. Players can collect, trade, and battle using their own prebuilt decks made up of 25-30 NFT cards.

The 5HeadGames foundation was founded with a goal of developing high quality web3 games that challenge players and attract traditional web2 gamers. Through our minimal efforts in marketing, we have grown a supportive community with over 10,000 members across various social media outlets.

5HeadGames has been able to meet each item on the following roadmap as promised to the community of crowd funders.


Our progress so far:

  • Developed and released multiplayer playable proof of concept build in December 2021.

  • Minted and sold 253 units of the Dracul NFT Avatar Card in December 2021.

  • Minted and sold 797 units of the Eross NFT Guardian Card in December 2021.

  • Grew a network of talented artists and produced 300+ original art works.

  • Developed and audited a lootbox smart contract for our Gen 0 NFT Card packs

  • Developed and Released native NFT Card marketplace

  • Successfully Launched our NFT Card Pack mint on the Harmony Main net.

  • Developed multiplayer playable gameplay Alpha released in June 2022

  • Wrote and produced the start of an original Enders Gate Comic book series

  • Attracted likeminded trading card game fan base

  • Opened the door to future IP partnerships introducing more cards, lore, events for our users.


Q3 2022

Native Token Launch: (In progress)

  • Fair launch of the Enders Gate token on the Harmony blockchain following a smart contract audit.

Play to Earn Test: (TBA)

  • Testing of the enders gate play to earn model.

  • Start Marketing Push: (TBA)

  • US Marketing Campaign.

Q4 2022

Mobile Game Port: (In progress)

  • Work on porting the game over to mobile with full Web3 functionality.

2nd NFT Pack Offering: (TBA)

  • Introduce the next generation of Enders Gate TCG 5 Card packs using new technology to increase lootbox randomness.

  • Continued release of the Enders gate NFT comics book series: (In progress)

(An original story written by the team with help from the community. It tells the story behind the TCG characters and world.)

Key Metrics:

  • 4.4K+ Enders Gate NFT Cards in Circulation

  • 273+ new users signed up and using our native NFT marketplace

  • 6.6K+ Twitter followers, 7K+ Discord members, and 1K Telegram members

Funding Ask

$3M USD for 10% of the Enders Gate TCG


Pitch Deck: DocSend

Contact: support@5headgames.com

Telegram: @AfricanBeard

Demo: Enders Gate - Gameplay Update #2 - YouTube