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Enders Gate

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In the spirit of contributing to a more ethical blockchain gaming experience, Five Head Games was formed with the goal of developing and releasing a risk-free platform for gamers, both experienced and non-experienced, looking for a reliable source of proven and trusted gamified projects. The platform would serve as a launchpad for newer teams looking for a helping hand (whether it be with asset creation, game development, solidity, and marketplace development), whilst simultaneously giving consumers a secure tool to peruse a collection of vetted blockchain games and NFTs.


Enders Gate:

Our entry project is titled, “Enders Gate”. It’s our passion project which incorporates upgradable NFT’s with a play to earn structure, all powered by Harmony.

Funds from this proposal will be used to expand our team allowing us to continue meeting and exceeding the goals we’ve set for our trading card game.

About Enders Gate:

Our game combines the best elements from some notable trading card games as well as a few Multiplayer battle arenas.


  1. Game-Area

Each player area is equipped with:

  • Four guardian card areas.

  • Four Actions/Reaction card areas.

  • One Deck holder area.

  • One discard pile. (represented by a tombstone)

  • One field card slot. (next to the tombstone)

  • One Avatar slot. (next to the purple portal)

  • One player shop.

  • Additionally, each player starts the game with a set amount of in-game gold.
    Avatars can play an effect on how much gold a player starts with.

1.1 Pre-Game

The first player is decided by coin flip. Each player is rewarded with 350 in-game gold then draws five cards.

(Game Timer Overview)

  • Each player’s turn lasts 30 seconds.

  • A Turn can be manually ended by the player before the allotted 30 seconds run out.

The Game timer begins, giving both players 15 minutes on their respective match clock which counts down whenever a player has the ability to initiate an action. There’s a total of 30 minutes per Enders Gate Match.

1.2 Game Phases

Each player goes through a:

  • Draw Phase – The first player draws a card. (x amount of Gold is rewarded after card draw)
    [ v ]
  • Main-Phase - After drawing, before card effects can be initiated (e.g intermission)
    [ v ]
  • Mid-Phase – Effects can be activated.
    [ v ]
  • First Phase – Cards (‘Guardians’ and ‘Action Cards’) can be played from the hand.
    [ v ]
  • Battle Phase – ‘Guardians’ can attack. (HP based battling)
    [ v ]
  • Second Phase – ‘Action cards’ can be played from the hand and Event cards can be set.
    [ v ]
  • End Phase – The end of the turn. Effects can be activated.
    [ x ]

1.3 * Card Types*

  1. Guardians have two attributes. Attack and Health.


Some Rare cards have basic effects whilst some Epic Cards have more powerful effects.

Gold is required to hire a Guardian. Guardians can be retired (Discarded from the field) by the player who hired them, and by doing this, the player gains gold equal to half the gold needed to hire said Guardian.

Guardians are also categorized by elements as follows:

Void (Purple) |

Venom (Green) |

Mystic (Light) |

Water (Blue) |

Fire (Red) |


Pending Feature All Guardian Cards have 3 item slots above them. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]


Items from the in-game shop have different categories and can be activated at different times. Example: Armor, Weapons, Potions, Scrolls. Each player can use their in-game currency to purchase up to 6 items to then be held within their in-game inventory until they’re used.


[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
[ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

Players can drag their inventory items to the Guardian cards in play. Once the item is placed, the effect of the item activates immediately.

  1. Action Cards - “Action cards” are typically cards that do not rely on the actions of your opponent. Effects are independent and begin right away.

Example Card Name: 'Calculated draw - Effect: Retire(discard) a Guardian that's currently in play to gain the ability to draw 2 cards.'

2.1. Reaction cards - Reaction cards are typically used to ‘counter’ an opponent. They activate following an opposing player’s actions.

Example Card name: 'Goblin Scammer - Effect: Increase the gold cost of your opponent's next drawn card.'

2.3. Field cards are limited to 1 per deck. They change the effects of all monsters on ur field. If the enemy has no field card, depending on the description of the field card, it can change the effect on their side as well.

Card Rarity

Enders Gate Cards are also categorized by their rarity factor scaling from Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and an unknown resource referred to as Legendary (story lore).

Guardian Battle (HP Based)

If a Guardian attacks another guardian their health gets deducted by the amount of attack that the attacking guardian has. When defeating a card you receive (80%) of the amount of gold required to hire the fallen Guardian.

Guardian Retirement (Discard) - If a card requires a player to retire (discard) a guardian in order to activate its effect, a player can accept this condition and send the guardian to the Tombstone (‘discard pile’). Upon successful Guardian retirement, the Player then receives (50%) of the gold back that was required to hire the Guardian.

Avatars Cards


These special cards have their own slot on the game board.


They typically have one positive effect on the controlling player’s overall deck. Certain Avatars may have one negative overall effect requiring the player to make an enticing but tough decision.

Example: +10 gold per round in exchange for all controlled guardians having -10 attack.

Myself and team

My name is David, and I’ve spent most of my professional carrier as a project manager. My team includes talented individuals from all walks of life. Our Lead Art Director, Duro, provided his skill and impeccable eye for detail to the likes of Safemoon protocol, assisting them with some of their initial asset creation used for their website. Our dedicated game developer is known as Raja, he is an engineer with years of experience within web and game development, having worked with multiple teams to build unique and secure gaming experiences. His skill set includes knowledge in C#, Python, Javascript, C++, Unity, and Unreal engine. Raja’s talents do not end there as he also doubles as our backup solidity developer. Our main Solidity dev, Deven, is known by his screen name DareDevil. Working in the tech industry and using his passion for blockchain technology, he has provided consulting services to several BSC projects ensuring coding errors are a non-factor in the success of an ICO.

Board of Advisors

Jonathan G. - Co-Founder of iBNB.Finance
David W.(Africanbeard) - Co-Founder of iBNB.Finance
Andraž Đ. (Duro) - Co-Founder of iBNB.Finance
Deven (DareDevil) - Solidity Developer / Consultant
Raja.S (Cube) - Game Developer

Proposal ask



Funds will be used strategically to expand our team ensuring each department is balanced and has the support needed to foster a healthy and productive workflow.
Additionally, funding will assist us in delivering the closed beta for 1 v 1 gameplay testing using the Harmony Wallet and Metamask. (To be documented for public view)

This funding will help us expand our network of artists with a specific style needed to ensure consistency in assets across the board.

Finally, using the advice from the Harmony team and community, a portion of the funds will be used for marketing purposes, allowing our game and brand to ultimately reach a wider audience.

Metrics for success

-HRC1155 deployment on harmony test net, followed by successful test buy/sell functionality on our website.
-Demo launch with successful HRC1155 implemented gameplay.
-Successful ICO w/ planned vesting

External links

Website: https://endersgate.net/
White Paper: Enders Gate - Enders Gate
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EndersGate
Discord: Enders Gate


This looks great. Look forward to it.


Sounds great guys! Keep it up. :muscle:


@5HeadGames thank you for the excellent proposal. The community is going to love this, I’m sure. We’d like to go ahead and approve the proposal for the Launch grant:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with detailed roadmap, governance process)

We recommend a 5-out-9 multisig account on Gnosis Safe with 3 governors from the project team, 3 governors from the project community, and 3 governors from Harmony DAOs – namely, ONEcommunityDAO, ONEdeveloperDAO, ONEincubatorDAO.



Hey everyone! We’ve been meaning to update our initial proposal with our progress so far but we’ve been buried in fun work :blue_heart: . We went through a team rebuild early on losing 1 of our core team pieces Deven (DareDevil), as well as our main Game dev Raja.S (Cube) as previously introduced in our initial funding proposal.

5HeadGames, now comprised of 2 Core team members being David (Africanbeard) and Andraž (Duro), have expanded the development team by securing 2 New game developers, one being our new Lead game dev (proficient in web3 integration), 2 trusted Solidity developers tasked with creating and testing our new NFT and token smart contracts, and finally a front end web developer proficient in web3. We’ve also secured a dedicated VFX game artist to create custom game effects for the TCG. The art team continues to expand as our contact list grows with many artists wanting to have their art featured.

What we’ve accomplished post team rebuild:

  1. We re-developed the initial Smart contract we had as the old one was not efficient as we’d hoped for the long-term maintenance of the NFTs to come. The new Smart contract is much cleaner with no major vulnerabilities and overhauled to be more user-friendly on the Harmony Explorer.

The smart contracts we’ve redeveloped and launched onto the Harmony Test net so far:

  • ERC1155 NFT Smart Contact
  • ERC155 NFT Pack (LootBox) Contract
  • ERC20 Enders Gate Token (Coin)
  • Enders Marketplace Smart Contract (pending audit)

The smart contracts we’re currently developing for P2E functionalities:

  • ERC20 Rewards Contract
  • ERC1155 NFT Rewards Contract

We plan on having all of our blockchain contracts audited before mainnet deployments. We’ve partnered up with a reputable Solidity Auditor known as Solidity Finance : (https://solidity.finance/ ). Each one of the audited smart contracts plays a crucial role in the successful launch of the Enders Gate ecosystem we’ve envisioned and laid out for our community.

Here’s a link to the audit that we’ve shared publically:
EndersgateNFT Smart Contract Audit by Solidity Finance

  1. We’ve completed development on the Front and Backend of our NFT Marketplace. We plan on launching it soon end of April (this month) ahead of the next NFT offering we’re preparing for. (Before we do this, we’ll have the Marketplace smart contract audited and published to the public)

Here are a few screenshots of the front-end user experience you can expect from the Enders Gate marketplace (coming soon) :

Once launched, our marketplace will function as the main hub that all Enders Gate Community members can use to conduct business among themselves securely. We plan on continuously monitoring and upgrading the marketplace as new technologies and time become available.

  1. With our new Game devs on board, we’ve completely overhauled the TCG giving it a well-needed makeover resulting in a more visually pleasing trading card game for users to enjoy.

We’ve included web3 functionality within the TCG enabling users with a (Metamask) wallet access to the game on our website. Users are able to access the deck builder for free during the ongoing test period. Card decks are saved in a secure database to allow users the ability to design and save up to 20 unique card decks on their web3 wallets and edit them over time.

You can try out the deck builder here on our website, simply hit the “Play button” :


Enders Gate - Play to earn NFT game

We plan on continuously adding more features to the game for users to experience using their custom-created decks and provide more feedback which we always take into consideration.

Here are some clips of our latest gameplay being worked on and nearing completion:

We have some more updates coming soon. :muscle::man_technologist:.

We’ll be sure to update this proposal as we go on.


Hey guys, it’s been a while since our last update on the Harmony forums. We have been steady working on the project and announcing our updates primarily through our discord server.

Here are some achievements we’ve unlocked since our last post:

:white_check_mark: Our Alpha build play test went live on PC

  • Open access to the game on our website: https://www.egtcg.one/
    (We are actively seeking continued community feedback to improve it.)

EndersGateCardBattle EndersGateCardBattle3

:white_check_mark: Audit of our Marketplace Smart Contract was completed.

:white_check_mark: We deployed our audited NFT Card and Pack Smart contracts onto the Harmony Mainnet.

:white_check_mark: We deployed the Enders Gate NFT Marketplace on the Harmony Mainnet.

:timer_clock: The Marketplace is undergoing a UI redesign to support the community updated wants and needs.

:white_check_mark: We launched the mint of our Enders Gate Gen 0 NFT card packs on the Harmony Blockchain.

We continue to push updates to the game. Make sure to head over to our website and try it out! Feedback can be provided through our Discord.

5HeadGames (Enders Gate) Polygon Multi-Sig Address:


We encourage teams, especially building cross chain bridged solutions, to go multi-chain quickly; otherwise we ask for 6-month exclusive campaign with Harmony — we can work with you to plan out time windows to work across chains. Guideline requirements here.

1/ Please confirm if you were 6-month exclusive with Harmony?

@cheualx We already covered this through our private discussions with you and the Harmony team, but as a reminder, we have been exclusive to the Harmony blockchain for well over 1 year now.

Once again, here is our Polygon Multi-Sig wallet as requested:

5HeadGames (Enders Gate) Polygon Multi-Sig Address:


Kindly process the payout of 30k for the milestones we’ve completed out of the approved 50k grant.