First creative proposal/request

Bright and creative minds of the creativeDAO, wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole set of Harmony One banners, headers icon logo’s flyers that all the (regional) DAO’s and members of the community can use for marketing purposes?

And again, congratz to the new governors!


I like this idea, unique banners within Harmony branding, they can all have their own flair for regions, maybe the regions can ask for the banners to be made by the Community :face_with_monocle:.

It seems as the @HarmonyCreativeDAO has a few task to handle, plus pushing out content, would like to see this conversation take off. Can definitely be a boost to camaraderie for the community to have cliques, as long as we all get along in Harmony :blue_heart:.


Bump, what’s going on with the @HarmonyCreativeDAO, you guys active? Any thoughts about the idea’s shared in this thread?


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Hey! Great ideas indeed… We’re working through some things right now, please check here for the current updates: Creative DAO Funding Request - #9 by frwrdslosh


Hey, I made a few banners, one on contributor Form and one on tranquil finance. I’m feeling it right now and ready to do more! Any specific banners you had in mind?

The idea of banners for me was to use them to setup several local promoting campagnes. Ie, we have several coding/webdesign/hacking/web2 fora’s here in Holland/Belgium which have hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.

Could have brought a lot of traction to the Harmony blockchain. Especially the campagne for tuning web2 developers into web3.

But i lost motivation to get stuff going.

If you wanna offer ur talent and skills to the H1 DAO’s, best to fill in this form:

All the best Sherajr.