ONE Messenger/ Money Transfer

Okay I have an idea that I want to try and make happen. I want to gather a few people to collaborate on this, and we could apply for a grant. I want to create an encrypted messaging service that uses Harmony protocol… but more than that! My initial idea is this:

We create a wallet that you can stake on. The wallet can have other currencies on it besides $ONE. But this would be much more than a wallet. It’s an encrypted messaging service, money transferring service, wallet, and staking platform all in one. The encrypted messaging service can be free but there is the option to make $ONE through the app by staking. So you can send money anywhere around the globe and have it transferred into you’re local currency. AND make money using the service by staking your $ONE.

This is what one is all about isn’t it?

So it’s a wallet/staking service(we could run a validator node dedicated to the app)/encrypted messenger/money transfer service.

Please, I’m not the most tech savvy person but I’d like to be part of a project like this if I can find some very smart people that would like to work with me. I’m not sure if Harmony has zero knowledge proof yet, but when it does implement it the service would work great.

We could do so much with this app. There are so many possibilities. How many different tokens could we include in the wallet? How many different currencies could we include staking options on? People would have private conversations through their home computer or smart phone and send money all in the same app. I’m thinking the goal would be to make this the most versatile project as possible so that the app is at the home screen and most used on your phone.

Tell me what you think and if you’re interested and we can make it happen while we are still in the beginning of this promising project, Harmony. $ONE.