Formation of UK Regional DAO 2022

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Formation and tuning of UK Regional DAO

Proposal Overview

UK is and international multicultural country where creative industries and technology industries co-exist.

Harmony in UK has a competitive advantage to capture and build on a rich heritage of the UK’s creative leaders, including musicians, filmmakers, TV and theatre producers, authors, architects, games developers, fashion designers and publishers.

Renowned for their innovation and originality, UK creative pioneers and entrepreneurs pride themselves on working, in cross-disciplinary collaborative teams, providing business with the creative imagination that drives commercial success.

This is particularly true in London where there are world-class creative companies.

Tech City in East London is fast becoming a digital centre of Europe

Creativity and Technology go hand in hand. Creative companies and small fast-growing digital technology companies working together In UK bringing innovative solutions in the domestic and international markets

Furthermore, the gaming industries, innovative business and financial industries as well as green tech are among many more avenues where Harmony and its network can bring blockchain adoption and offer a lunch pad for web3 development and build bridges with the web2 world.

UK is ready to embrace new Technologies, reinventing itself by embracing new techniques and modes of business.
Harmony DAO UK can adopt this creative and innovative energy and offer education, network, adoption and new tools to existing as well as start-up companies and freelancers on a variety of disciplines to grow and build.

Depside this energy some UK areas such as Cornwall and Cumbria have been deprived of work and investment. Harmony UK DAO can work in these areas with local communities and also seek matched funding offering educational projects offering one type of solution by creating jobs, new freelance coders, creatives, inventors and entrepreneurs.

The UK DAO as it grows will create educational courses and modules for Universities.

London is an international hub and UK DAO will bring an international event in Europe attracting talent and instigate collaborations. This event will work as catalyst to establish the UK DAO. Also act as a reference to inspire local regional events in many other cities and attract investment.

The UK DAO will be an adaptive open organisation which can form a legal entity/ organisation (TBD) and have regional representation, all regions working collaboratively. As a dynamic and open organisation, the UK DAO will shapeshift and bring solutions to the UK creative industries education business financial sector and local regeneration.

  1. 3 Mandates of Harmony UK DAO

Growth : Onboard and Inspire new community members through Practical and Theoretical Educational events. Enrolment into Harmony dApps and Ecosystem (NFT platforms, Validator Tutorial and Onboarding.). Potential for subscription format to free Harmony Newsletters.
Supporting existing dApps, attracting new projects and devs, integrating Harmony on popular apps

Engagement : Approach institutions / Educational Bodies to Promote Learning with Harmony as a Gateway. Demonstrate Ecosystem dApps and Ecosystem Growth potential and in Real Terms at events, guest speakers (Gaming / Defi tutorials – Developer Outreach). Demonstrate interoperability and bridging of Chains. NFT Artist representation for creatives. Sponsorship of events.
Social media growth and influence, collaborations media, b2b & traffic, education, scholars and events

Diversity : Utilise community initiatives to create and encourage active community participation across all platforms. Examples of this would be free Crypto safety workshops, free NFT experiences with Guest artists. Encourage collaboration.
Engagement in wider blockchain, tech, arts, creative, charity and financial communities, covering different geographic areas, attraction of more participants to a vibrant and flourishing ecosystem

  1. What the UK DAO can do
  • Support - Be a centre point of Reference for UK Harmony In-person / Virtual Events and Networking for community growth and collaboration.
  • Safety – Promote and Educate Retail on Blockchain Safety / Promoting Benefits of HarmonyONE Wallet Features for the UK Demographic through Free Workshops and Events.
  • Developers – Assisting to Promote Harmony Blockchain Advantages and Simplify onboarding of New Developers and Harmony Ecosystem promotion for UK Devs, Through guidance and in-person events. Create Work-Experience-type Collaboration with Existing UK dApp Grants.
  • Publicise – Article Generation / dApp reviews / General Mixed Media to generate Interest / Excitement from Retail and Professional in UK Marketplace. Collaborate with Local Media and Universities to Spread Message to Key Demographics.
  • Planning – Plan and Execute Co-ordinated Harmony Events in Cities all Around the UK with Experienced Team Guidance. Work with Exchanges / Other Crypto Media to Assist in Covering Costs / Being self-sustaining.
  • AMAs – Knowledgeable and Credible presence within team for Q&As. Be a Trusted Update Reference Point for UK Harmony Users.
  • Promote – Community Representation for Diverse Community Needs through DAO In-Team representation for Creative Space. How-to Literature and NFT Marketplace Reviews and Special Featured Media / Interviews
  • Sponsor – Work with Exchanges / Other Media or Businesses to Cover Cost and Self Sustain.
  • Social Media – A Healthy Combined Social Media following for assisting in Promotion of the DAO and its Goals.

Multisig Wallet Info


Information of Governors

  1. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  2. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  3. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  4. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  5. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  6. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  7. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  8. TBD - Main Roles: TBD
  9. TBD - Main Roles: TBD

Proposal Ask

To achieve longevity and sustainable growth The UK DAO is asking for a £150K - £200K (GBP) paid on approved formation. For the first 3 months we propose a Harmony Core team to be a cosignatory safety & advisory role only.

The budget will be allocated per project, event or other activities required to operate the DAO that will be part of a strategic plan. At each step we will plan & design, execute and analyse the results make sure if mistakes happened to correct them and all successes to be amplified.

The initial team that sets up the UKDAO regardless if voted or not to be reimbursed for their time and work upon budget approval and paid.

Upon formation and bootstrap funding the DAO team is recommended to create a form of constitution and a strategic plan. The plan is proposed to be Agile and self-learning in nature always adopting new knowledge and advancements of DAO governance tooling, social and economic knowledge and WEB3 developments.

In this proposed plan each task will be approached as a project. This will help participants to focus on specific tasks and deliverables and priced fairly.

For example, a very simple Project:

Task: Deliver a presentation at a University
Aim: engage with and deliver a lecture for 25+ students and sign min 10 on a newsletter
2 Harmony Community members taking the task

Paid Time
Prepare the presentation Delivering the talk, budgeting the cost of the project
Costs excluding working time: Travel costs, stationary, possibly airdrop 1 $ONE to 10 people, coffee break.

Analyse the results and follow up, present the results to the Harmony community.

Any project small or large to be looked as an individual case and priced for its effectiveness and time required however to be priced fairly and with consideration to potential limitations

Eg for the above project the overall time required to be decided on the planning stage

Say 2 people over all 30h of work required

30 x $75 ph = $2250

At this point we decide what is a fair cost to deliver this project based of its deliverable impact and time required

We decide because of its simplicity a fair pay is $1700 paid for time + overheads

This way we can price each project individually.

Larger projects could be priced at higher per hour rates depending what expertise are required or the impact that will bring or they require initial investment.

All these to be discussed during the planning stage of each project.

The above agile per project approach and delivery of tasks and projects to be further discussed after the UK DAO formation

Metrics for success

Successful range of events from 25+ attendees with potentially some Sponsored Partnerships. Mailing List with 80%+ Uptake from event attendees. Grow social Media Presence to Over 500 Followers on Twitter and Equal Number on Telegram.
grow the social media further from Q2 to 5000+ followers by the end of 2022

Run At least 3 Safety / Educational Workshops in Different Cities. Partner with Local Media or Educational Bodies for Event Collaboration and Exposure. Establish Website.

Run NFT Onboarding Events and assist in setting up 5-10 Validators on the network.

Establish Strategic collaborations and premierships, Tech and creative industries, Financial companies and local/ national government organisations and universities.

Form a Legal entity. NPO, CIC, Ltd, LLP etc - To be voted and established within 1 years from formation.

Recruit talent and support local hackathons in at least 3 UK cities

Offer at least one microgrant / hackathon for developing dApps, games tech bridging web2-web3 solutions

Offer support and feedback to the Harmony Core team to improve and develop the network.

Recruit talented people in the UK and internationally.

Repurpose unused or gained funds to support UK projects and much funding form either Harmony or UK institutions.

Establish and maintain a Harmony Validator Node

Establish NFT Gallery for the DAO

Website and Discord

Achieve self-sustainability in 12 months from formation.


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @harmonyUKDAO
Twitter: @HarmonyUKDAO



The Formation of the UK DAO is radical as WEB3 itself a streamline agile dynamic and adaptive project based formation without voting, instead building an ecosystem that will add to the Harmony by using small Projects as proto-molecules to create a culture. This culture will create larger projects.

The ideas is to have purely cosignatories without any liability or workloads just a few competent people that are willing to sign transaction for purely security reasons and can be available and contactable.
The cosignatories of course can be active members contributing and delivering projects - this is preferred.

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Thanks for creating a new post for this proposal @drspinosa

Our review process is fairly straight-forward. All grants come into our pipeline as Uncategorized. Once we have established what sort of grant they are (i.e. Launch Grant, Partnership, DAO, etc) we move them to the In Review stage.

The following stage is Need Info and this is where the community and the Funding Team and/or DAO Operations team asks for further information and makes sure that the proposal is in the proper format. This is usually the stage that takes the longest so, if you are looking to accelerate your grant process, ensuring that your request is in the proper format is the best advice we can give.

Once the proper information is gathered, the proposal moves into the To Approve category where the Funding Team and/or DAO Operations team gathers three "Strong Yes"s for approval.

Once those votes of confidence have been gathered, we announce the approval and request that the grantee fills out the Grant Funding form.

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The proposal seems to be very well-written. Best of luck!

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Hello, @drspinosa

Wanted to provide a brief update from Harmony.

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building. Stay tuned for another update regarding DAO Bootstrap Funding :soon:

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal.

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Hey @drspinosa

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

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