Ftribe Fighters: Fight to Earn in 3D Metaverse

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Ftribe Fighters

Application type

Product Launch, Investment

Proposal overview

Ftribe Fighters is a 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mobile game with high-quality graphics and P2E tokenomy where users equip their game characters with NFT guns, ammo, and other wearables to fight in quick battles and earn.

The game is released on Android and iOS, with its early preview AR/VR features released as a separate mobile application.

P2E Tokenomics is available to gamers on our Web App, where they can cash out tokens earned while playing and purchase NFTs to upgrade their Fighters.

Currently, Ftribe Fighters is running on Binance Smart Chain, and we see Harmony as our first priority Blockchain Ecosystem to join after the initial launch on BSC. Users will be able to exchange their in-game earned tokens for ONE and spend ONE for their Fighters’ NFTs.

There are ~1,500+ installations of the Ftribe Fighters app so far, and there are always active players in the game to fight with!


Ftribe Games’ founding team consists of six members with major expertise in blockchain, software development, and graphic and game design (ex. Gameloft senior members).

Chief Product Officer: Cao Phan

  • Brand Producer in Gameloft (14 years)

Chief Technology Officer: Quan Ho

  • Technical Director in Infinity Blockchain Labs (4 years)

Product Director: Harry Ho

  • Head of IT Department in VTC Academy (2 years)
  • Senior Programmer Trainer in Gameloft (6 years)

Art Director: Laura Nguyen

  • 3D Artist in Gameloft (12 years)

Chief Operating Officer: Minh Nguyen

  • Partner in Envato (10 years)

Chief Executive Office: Anthony Phan

  • Head of Marketing in (3 years)
  • Business Director in aDigit Asia (3 years)

Chief Business Officer: Lan Tran

  • Senior System Manager in Bestil Online ApS (3 years)

Chief Information Officer: Steven Truong

  • Chief Technology Officer in BStar (5 years)

Proposal ask

Our ask is $100k to launch Ftribe Fighters on Harmony and $200k to place in a liquidity pool indefinitely.


Our proposed roadmap with Harmony for which we ask $300k in total:

  • Week 1-4: Launching Ftribe Fighters app on Harmony with branded NFT items (weapon, ammo, and wearables) to equip your Fighter character.

  • Week 5-9: Tournament for Harmony users with weekly winners and a final match for winners with a KOL.

  • Week 10: Launching Ftribe’s NFT Marketplace and DEX on Harmony (in our Web App).

Metrics for success

We put gamers and not crypto-hunters first, focusing on building an active players community. Our 6-months target to achieve with Harmony users is 1,500 daily and 10,000 monthly active players.

External links

Trailer and Gameplay: Our YouTube Channel


very strong team with a great game! Keep up the good work, Ftribe!

Looks like a promising title, but the grant app has limited info regarding tokenomics and a roadmap. Could you please share those two items? Also, these types of grants are usually limited to 250k. What would be the benefit to granting 200k in liquidity to your pools? Is there a discord server or already formed community that specifically supports your game?

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As for Tokenomics, this diagram provides an overview with more details in our manuals.

As for our roadmap, we have Community Board that also includes feedback we collect from our users.

Why 200k in liquidity: on top of the smooth gameplay experience, we also want to bring a stable trading experience as low liquidity causes increased slippage with higher trading volume. Prioritizing Harmony, $200k will be our largest liquidity pool so far.

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Our active social channels, with majority of the community chatting in country-specific or general Telegram channels:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @f2nft
Discord: Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)
Manuals & News: The most insightful stories about Ftribe Fighters - Medium
Instagram: Login • Instagram

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I’m from Ftribe community. Are you planning more blockchains? Why Harmony? When moon? :slight_smile: