Introductions: Rachel, Business Development & DAO Operations

Hi everyone!:wave:

This is something I have wanted to do for awhile on this forum, in order to get properly introduced the community, share my story, and what has inspired my purpose in being here.

About me: My name is Rachel and I am a new contributor with Harmony. I’ve spent the past few years founding my own company and doing Business Development in my former full time job. I started a company called Elixir of Life at the start of the pandemic, prioritizing health and wellness to promote health and sustainable business practices. My interest in sustainability has also led me to become a governor on the Sustainable Development DAO.

What brought me here: Last year, I started getting into Web3 & crypto, which led me to discover the Harmony ONE community. I became increasingly fascinated by the space, was inspired by the community, and decided to learn as much as I could. I continuously participated on Bridge Builders calls to learn the fundamentals. Eventually I began participating by throwing in-person events for Harmony (such as Crypto Café), leading me to a governor position on the Ambassador DAO.

Last month I decided to take a leap of faith by leaving my 9-5 and travel to EthDenver with the Harmony team; one of the best decisions of my life. I ended up making incredible connections, getting the opportunity to publicly speak, and getting hired to do Business Development for the Harmony DAO Ops team.

DAO Operations: I now work closely with @DevinMarty and @Sam to onboard new DAO tools as we aim to grow our DAO ecosystem. I’ve taken a step back from my business to put 100% focus into this role. It is an honor to be a part of this team, and I have now dedicated myself full time to helping the Harmony ecosystem grow.

Current Objectives:

  • DAO Ops, DAO tooling: Outreach to projects to help our DAOs operate more efficiently & scale to 10,000 DAOs by 2026.
  • Scaling in-person events internationally to 100 cities through the Harmony Ambassador DAO


I am grateful for all of you in this community that have supported and encouraged me on this journey. Let’s continue to grow together!

Open for Community Discussion:

What DAO tools do you feel will help to Harmony DAOs to operate more efficiently & scale?
Get involved in the conversation here: DAO Tooling - Community Discussion


Hi Rachel - thank you for sharing your background, web3 needs more health and wellness operators! We are building wellnessDAO: the first web3 community centered around mental health and wellness. Our proposal is here WellnessDAO Proposal, deeply appreciate your feedback and support!


Welcome!!! Excited to see more women in leadership!


Rooting for you Rachel! I have seen first hand the work and passion you put in your role. Excited to see what you do in the Harmony ecosystem


I don’t know if you guys know this – we have a great DAO Ops team.

Thanks @ElixirofLife for this post. @frwrdslosh for all of your hard work at the tip of the funding spear. @DevinMarty thank you for being smarter than me.

For all of our DAO governors and community members - we have your back! You are the bleeding edge in a new form of work, a new form of community and a new way of living. We will do things wrong. We will do things right. But we will not stop. LFG!!!


Thank you so much @alecorbella for supporting this dream. I want to thank you for taking a nosedive into our community & getting so involved! This means a lot to me, and I will continue to show up and contribute to this space.

I hope to see you at future TGIs. Keep showing up. We need more women to be actively involved in the space! Keep showing up and pursuing your passions.

Much love,


Thank you for your support @violetsummerzine.

Let’s connect, I would love to hear about what you are working on and support!


@ElixirofLife is the BEST!

Welcome Rachel! The DAO ecosystem will be fun to build! Currently keeping an eye on Messari’s Governor Tool :blue_heart:

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