Harmony meetup kuwait


Proposal overview

the kuwait region remains a great place for crypto focused activities and a force to reckon with i the area of technology and innovation.
introducing harmony in to the scene will open oppurtunities for collaboration from companies and individuals in and outside oil and gas sectors
i am looking to host a meetup to educate students and non students about harmony and also try to seek out potential partners towards starting a regional or country dao.

i am mohammed salwa by name and a student , department of Mathematics and natural science.
i have been in the harmony system for a year now and looking forward to a greater collaboration

Community development and training center
Gulf University for science Technology
Block 5 building 1 mubarac
Al-abdullah kuwait.

Proposed Date - 24 th febuary 2022
Time - 1 pm
Expected Number of attendants - 35

Proposal ask

TOTAL – 2,600 usd

Metrics for success

  1. increase awarness about harmony
  2. build up the community
  3. identify partnes to work with towards establishing a regional/country Dao
  4. feedbacks on how to move the project forward in the region
  5. identify potential developers and direct them to thee proper resources

Welcome @salwa ,

I’m happy to see growing interest to Harmony in Kuwait and thanks for sharing this proposal with us.

I feel like we should get known you a bit more closer. What if we can continue this conversation on the forum? Do you mind? I think this might help us to build a right strategy on how we can engage your local fellows, e.g. a regional community dao really suits the metrics you posted.

meanwhile take a look to our regional daos frame: Join #ONE of Our Regional DAOs

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thanks for the feedback, i am very much open to any discussion here , i wanted to use the meetup to see if i can get council memebers to form a dao, at the moment i do not have the members, any help is highly welcome,
thanks as i awit more inputs from the community

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@salwa,is refreshing to see Harmony community in Kuwait, we have indeed got potential to hit the global crypto and make a positive impact!

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thanks a lot, we will put in great effort to make it a sucess

any updates from the team ?

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still waiting for responses here from the team, everywhere is quite silent

you guys and other community members should please make inputs ,

Hi @salwa! Apologies for the delay in response, but I will be managing this proposal from here. I see now that the date has passed, but let’s dig in and perhaps see if an event in the future is something we can work out together.

Can you elaborate on how you want to achieve each of these? Preferably, list a measurable metric for each → i.e. “build up the community” vs “create a Kuwait Telegram group of 25 people to begin growing the Kuwait Harmony community”

Also, let’s discuss some event logistics:
Who will be speaking?
What will the topics be?
What is the call-to-action for the event? (1wallet downloads, etc)
Can you create signage within the budget?

Your ask is very reasonable, now let’s narrow down the execution.

Excited about your passion and that Harmony is growing in Kuwait!


thanks fo reaching out back, we can work towards creating a telegram channel or twitter handle for the country.
increase awareness, i beleive that this event will increase awareness because new people who have not heard about harmony will do on that day. i intend to use that oppurtunity to also scout for people who we can collaborate with to set up eithe regional or country dao, i will be able to identify people who become passionate about harmony and we will collaborate towards the dao.
i will also need guidance from you because i have not set up or run a dao before.
who will be speaking ? , i will be the one speaking
topics. i will like to structure it to 3 parts
a. into duction to blockchain/ distributed ledger technology. this is because ther might be new comers into blockchain present
b. Introduction to harmony . i explain it and some of the advantages it has , then present the oppurtunities and also other resources they can read up to know more
c. interaction and questions, i will try to answer the questions to the best of my ability and will refer them to harmony social media channels where they can join and ask more questions for clarifications.
the call to action will be for them to follow the official channels of harmony and also follow the one i will create for the region and also i will invite themto join me in the journey towards setting up a regional dao. then set up a harmony one wallet and i will gift any body that sets up a wallet few one tokens

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@Mattyontap tagged you to draw you attention

I think we are off to a good start, and we can continue to refine those metrics as you begin to prepare for your next event proposal. I would also encourage you to connect with our Ambassador DAO, as well as various regional DAOs on our Discord - Harmony - or on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AmbassadorDao - perhaps there is a partnership opportunity as Ambassador DAO is looking to host many pop up events globally.

thanks for the feedback, what are the next steps , i am looking forward to having the event on the 14/04/22

still waiting to hear from you as time is ticking, would have loved to commence prep

I am moving to approve your event proposal. Before I finalize this, let’s clear up a few things:

  1. Same proposal, but moving the date to April 14, 2022?

  2. Can you provide the Telegram usernames for you and your event planning partners?

  3. Can you clearly list your top 3 measurable metrics of success from this paragraph?

Also, if you are looking to form a DAO, connect with other users on our Discord: Harmony - this will be a great resource to meet new people in your region & that have similar interests.





  1. set up a twitter channel for the region, the call to actn will be attendants to join
  2. 30+ attendants to the evnt ,
  3. at least 5-6 people that will form the regional dao with me
  4. feedbacks in the area of ideas , questions and answers


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a moving the event forward to 23 rd of April 2022, hoping to hear from you @Mattyontap

also tagging
let conclude this guys, it has gone on for long now

still tagging you guys again
@Mattyontap @essalacher

@salwa I want to apologize for our lack of follow up on this proposal. Thank you for your time and efforts in this proposal.
We hope you had a successful event, and welcome you to continue to build our Harmony community. :blue_heart: