Funding Opportunity for SixthsenseDAO to enable our developers complete all the six needed apps that will be useful for web 3 as we introduce/establish more web 2 individuals to the web 3 space


Proposal overview

Sixth Sense DAO is an hybrid DAO that combines AMM(Automated market marker) venture & services DAO’s while supporting a wide variety of projects with funding, software development, community building and Network participation. Our Team Consist of Ten Guilds, who are native in the blockchain space with experience in web 3 software development, marketing and community organisation, DEFI, UI/UX development etc. we also double as a recruitment company through our registered company by helping in building and transitioning skilled web 2 individuals to web 3through our internship and jobs placement programs using our already developed bots and apps.


To be The First WEB 3.O Metaverse Hedge Fund, PROVIDING SaaS(Software As a service) While probing/researching into the legal terms of providing NFT’S as contracts also offering assistance to the challenges faced when considering NFT’S as contracts with hope to create a decentralised marketplace and social media.


Our goal is to help average citizens retire early via targeted investments options using our Services(Saas),As we hope to become a Registered investment Fund in future legally providing investment ideas and opportunities to potential investors.
We have our smart contract written on BSC but since we haven’t gone to market yet we can still make any necessary late adjustment or changes

Proposal ask

[$500k-$1mil ]

Metrics for success

[Number of placement we can make in a month, done 3 already, timeline to release other 5 apps, to get 10k members in discord, mint pass to have access to all apps, jobs, NFT Degen calls with trading signals spanning across crypto to stocks etc]

External links

[ www, , demo, whitepaper, of our six apps wallet tracer in alpha version)
Dynamic Job Finder is creating Jobs | Patreon(our DJF, Dynamic job finder bot)
also have a doxing software that verifies ID and facial recognition for security purposes as we provide remote opportunities, this software also help us to doxed project founders which in turn will be useful for our marketplace ‘‘jpeglistor’’

The proposal and the white paper seem very wordsalad-ish. I couldn’t get a clear picture of what your end goal is exactly. What do you mean precisely when you say you are trying to be a- “WEB 3.O Metaverse Hedge Fund”?

Why does the “About Sixth Sense DAO” section on your website have a video that’s not made by you or about you but instead a video explaining NFTs- NFTs, Explained - YouTube

The wallet tracer app you mention doesn’t seem to work correctly at all and is super buggy and unfinished. Tried it on one of my addresses (no ETH mainnet transactions)-
Screenshot (48)

Damn, when did I become an ETH whale???

Picked up a random address from to test and only some transactions show up and with incomplete data. So, it looks like you are either just scraping data incorrectly from etherscan or have some completely broken database where you are loading Txns using the API.

Your website also mentions these goals-

“Jpeg Listor”- So regular NFT markeplace?
“NFT Chart APP”- Products like these already exist
Scamvengers NFT Metaverse Game”- Idk about you, but the name of this game is giving me some signals :joy:

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I think you know what an hedge fund is already, if not let me copy Google here (The term “hedge” is used because these funds historically focused on hedging risk by simultaneously buying and shorting assets in a long-short equity strategy.)been a DAO that deals with all aspect of trading NFT’S to stock with our 6 apps we intend to use them to strategically minimise these risk. AS for the whitepaper like i keep saying some part were purposely left out due to idea theft e.g the jpeglistor, its not like every other market place out there like you said as i am yet to see a doxxed marketplace with an escrow system hence why the rug pulls are still rampant…NFT’Snipper also left out of the whitepaper on purpose, yes there are many but i am yet to see one that does sniping and have assets calculations ( how many times have you wondered what you spent on gas both listing and buying NFT’S plus royalties to finally arrive at your gain? Many still do this manually) the snipper have the inbuilt calculator to help keep track of your expenses…to the Scamvengers ( the word is combination of scam and avengers) scam in the sense that we expose rug pull projects and the game idea is designed around those rugged projects with our vengers been the acts…the wallet tracer is still in alpha version hence the data you see which are not wholly correct, it only pull transactions data for now and detect if wallet is clean…the main essence of the wallet tracer is to expose rugged address which we have over 200 confirmed rug pull addresses which we going to be inputting into the wallet tracer…this can enable individuals to do their own research as once they search the smart contract address if its linked to a rugged wallet it will show it as not clean…
Again WP is not fully complete on purpose as we a DAO and believe project is big and many parts can be stolen so we decided to make it that way.
If we get to speak or hold a meeting with the grant team all these we can lay out one ofter the other what we intend to do and why we need such to continue development…
We ready to answer if any more questions