Island17 Metaverse Harmonic Council DAO: Global Cross-Sector Leaders Supporting a Youth-Driven Collective Impact web3 SDG Global Game

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##External links: Full application on Notion here:

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Video intro by Governors and Members of the DAO: Island17 Harmonic Council Video Grant Application - YouTube

Proposal overview

Introduction: Harmony and Island17: A Match made in the Multiverse

Harmony’s breakthrough infrastructure is changing the way humans identify, interact and govern themselves. Island17 is confident that it embodies the perfect access point to the exact initiatives that Harmony has provided within its goal of establishing 10,000 DAO’s. We also understand that to simply ask for funds in a linear, masculine-driven way has not been, and currently is not conducive to growth and sustainability or in line with the mission Harmony wishes to innovate moving forward.

The Island17 DAO, previously and internally dubbed “The Island17 Jedi Council” is one where creativity and passion is driven through the most impactful group in the world; the youth! We have youth and other generations across sectors and backgrounds working together on an epic collective heroes journey, and we are committed to working together to make this dream a reality.

WE ARE a fully functional, living and breathing entity that is heart-based and passion driven: WE ARE ISLAND17. The infrastructure and framework laid by its governors is viable and sound, and IS UNIQUELY creative enough to gather the youth around the world through an attention-based economics structure. Our heart lies within Heidi Cuppari and her children. They are rooted in an INDIVISIBLE bond SO heartfelt that no one can deny. We PROMISE to ensure our mandates and program areas are effectively communicated to our strategic partners. In doing so, confusion is dissolved at all levels as we proceed in harmonic alignment. Light and love will help us Illuminate and Integrate our community-driven short, mid, and long-term goals. With this focus and unmatched clarity and purity of mind, HARMONY is inevitable.

The emerging Island17 DAO has undergone extensive measures to align itself with the harmonics of all entities dedicating themselves to the DNA activating cultivation of inspiration, observation, and memory through education, entertainment, sustainable communities, and holistic health and wellness. These seven pillars are harmonious with the seven chakras, the seven planets, seven colors, seven musical notes, seven players in a 4,000 year old mind-body-spirit game and sport (Kabaddi), etc. As a humble showcase of the harmonics within the Island17 DAO and the 17 ‘DAO’s Within’, we present our cover letter as an energetic symphony that we believe exemplifies Harmony’s grant proposal goals.

DAO’s and the Chakras

The chakra system is a time-tested uniform energetic code from which we aligned our grant proposal, and the necessary conduit bridging business with spirituality, energetics and governance. Island17 is founded by the most sacred bond in the universe; mother and child. Heidi Cuppari, founder of Island17, and her son, Cody, and daughter, Summer, who have personally invested years of cultivation, now have the partners, the technology and organizational structure to bring this ‘dream’ to life.

Read more about how we’ve organized our DAO around the 7 chakras in our full application on Notion:

What stage we’re at: Island17 builds on six years of Dream Tank’s iconic DREAM-DESIGN-LAUNCH social impact accelerator programming to create a scalable decentralized infrastructure for collective action. Dream Tank has:

  • Helped 1000s of young social entrepreneurs solve local and global challenges.
  • Changed three laws focused on environmental sustainability, conservation and the legalization of entrepreneurship for minors.
  • Created several patent-pending SDG-based innovations.
  • We have setup an initial Discord for our DAO and have established partnerships with numerous entities, including: Exo Economy, Exo Angels, Social Stack, Magi, Liquid Light Project, Nuat VR, Maanch, Worldwide Ethical AI Institute, High Vibe Network, Vortex, Indian School of Natural Spiritual Sciences, and the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Proof of Concept: We are building Island17 through a series of virtual and in-person hackathons with youth around the world. We have already conducted hackathons for the past six years as proof of concept while incubating Island17 through Dream Tank programs with youth.

We have been waiting for the technology, the organizational structure, and highest aligned blockchain partners to realize our dreams. Thus, we are not yet live on another chain. With organizations like Harmony and the DAO structure, we now feel like we can receive the support we need to make this dream a reality!

And… talk about blockchain at scale! The total reach from the networks listed in the application are: 1,375,248,500 (1.3B). We plan to utilize every one of these networks and expect a high ratio of engagement, and plan to bring Island17 and by nature of our engagement via this grant and beyond, Harmony, to at least 1 Billion users worldwide.

Since it’s so new, we need help from Harmony to organize this opportunity properly, and for the highest and good outcome for all, specifically:

  • Help with legal / tax implications of NFTS and Crypto within DAOs
  • Help with Governance integration per Harmony’s requirements
  • Help with legally structuring the DAO
  • Help with building the community

Below are the milestones for the next 3+ months:


Grant Application Submissions

  • Island17 Harmony DAO Submission for $1M
  • Environmental Harmony DAO Sustaining SDG Group (4xSDGs) Submission for $75K
  • Wellness Harmony DAO SDG3 Submission for $75K
  • Wing5 Harmony DAO SDG5 Submission for $75K
  • Ocean Harmony DAO SDG14 Submission for $75K
  • Governors attend, build awareness, establish partnerships and begin actively marketing Island17 at NFT Miami and Bitcoin Miami
    • April 6st and 7th - Meeting with Mayor, Francis Suarez, the City of Miami
    • Finalize endorsements and introductions to the Mayor’s sister city tech initiative reaching millions in the greater Miami area.
  • April 5 - Live on Exo Economy / Xprize community Town Hall virtual meeting (Invite here)
  • Sell 1,777 Founder NFTs
    • It is estimated that Island17 will raise $500,000 with this offering


Build out the Island17 Global Game Village based on experience learned at Bitcoin Miami and, acquire hardware, and infrastructure designed to plug into crypto and other global impact summits

  • Attend three international events reaching over 100,000 attendees and beyond
  • Leverage our relationship with the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, who is the President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors through 2023 by introducing our Global Village to a minimum of five ‘Sister Tech’ cities reaching over 100,000 and beyond
  • Finalize legal documents and organizational entities to spin Island17 off from Dream Tank, the nonprofit accelerator into a B-corp that holds the JEDI COUNCIL BRAINTRUST DAO

This harmonious organizational DAO structure cultivates a pathway for members to invest/exit Island17’s community-owned and community-driven DAO

Continue to prepare the work needed to conduct 11 international Sprints and eight Level 1 and SDG specific hackathons with additional funding over the next two years.

  • This will enable Island17 to build out foundational aspects of the Island17 Metaverse
  • Attend the May 22-26 World Economic Forum at Davos to raise global SDG awareness and additional working capital funds while integrating our Global Game Village and our hackathon
  • This will enable Island17 to reach thousands of attendees and hundreds of local youth and beyond
  • Build out five additional Island17 SDG Specific ‘DAOs Within’
  • Market and mobilize ‘Mountain Moving SDG Commitments’ from cross-sector leaders


Island17 will prepare to launch a three-month accelerator based in New York, Miami or Atlanta

  • This will integrate local youth and their ideas into the Island17 Metaverse and refine it into a fully playable beta version.

Continue to market and mobilize ‘Mountain Moving SDG Commitments’ from cross sector leaders

Educate and transition governors for next three-month term

Build out five more Island17 ‘DAOs Within’ or DAO Stacks

Create scholarships and admissions programs to board school or college / Master’s programs

Finalize Dream Tank conversion into a Foundation, with three mandates:

Further develop Island17 Scholarship Fund

  • High School/University Scholarships

Further develop Island17 Grants

  • High School/University Grants

Further develop our collective impact / next generation economic impact report metrics with partners such as the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) and IRIS metrics system within.

  • Make these available for cross-sector leaders, especially fortune 500 companies, to learn more about the next generation workforce and how to engage them as future leaders and employees as these companies move towards sustainability and profitability in the future.

Island17 ISL17 Token currency offering

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Immediate Community Outreach and Marketing Objectives
Our main metrics for success are reach, scale, and number of users.
We will reach scale by activating key ‘moonshot’ relationships around the globe that the Governors, leading with Heidi Cuppari, have been cultivating for over 18 years.
There is a detailed table in the Notion application page. A sample of three networks we have access to are below:
Leveraged Network, Number of Countries, Reach/members

Jeff Hoffman (Island17 Board Member) - Global Board Chair of Dream Tank, Global Chair of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Co-founder of TV Show: Going Public, currently airing, co-producer music production with Pitbull. Pitbull’s social media reach is immense. More than 53 million people have liked his Facebook page. He has 25.5 million followers on Twitter.
Number of Countries: 190+
Reach/Members: 90M+

Yu-Kai Chou (Island17 Member) - Gameful UX & Behavioral Design Expert, and Chief Creation Officer of The Octalysis Group
Reach/Members: 10M+
World Economic Forum at Davos - Heidi Cuppari has attended the 2017 and 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, produced and spoke at events with The Digital Economist, MIT Media Lab, Caspian Week, Davos House / SAPNextGen, WEF Young Global Shapers, Wisdom Accelerator, and more.
Number of Countries: 75+
Reach: 1,500 highly leveraged influential leaders, each having a reach themselves of thousands to billions.
International Women’s Network (Heidi Cuppari) - LeadHERship Global, SheO, UN women CEOs addressing SDGs, Davos Women’s Leadership Panel, 100 Women@Davos
Number of Countries: 60+
Reach/Members: 30K+, high leveraged influential women, each having a wide reach themselves.

Linda Fisk (Island17 DAO Member)
Combined Executive Reach - Over 1 Million Executives

  • Total C-Suite Membership – Over 20,000 Executives
  • Digital and Virtual Learning Programs – Over 300 per Year
  • Roundtables, Masterminds and Webinars – Over 250 per Year
  • Digital TV Opportunities – Reach of Over 90,000 / Month
  • Podcast and Radio TV Opportunities – 2.7 Million / Month

We have listed many more of our governors, reach numbers and other important metrics for success in the main grant application on Notion. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


@lij and @OG_Lemurman - thank you so much for encouraging us to apply! It was so great meeting you at ETH Denver with fellow Governors and members @bonisham05 @JenniferStory and Aleeza J.


Thank you Governors once again for all of your help on this submission. @ReadyPlayerMom @WeAreIsland17 @exoangel @impactcapital @bonisham05 @rcast171 @wavemaster @LiquidLightXR @KNIGHT @TerexitariusStomp

For others, please click on the embedded links to learn more about Island17’s rich history.


Here’s a great pic of some of our Governors and Members from ETH Denver :slight_smile: @JenniferStory @WaveMaster @rcast171 @ReadyPlayerMom


Also special thanks to @Kris_Goodfellow @PRJefferies @Virgil_B @Tcoyne @Suede0619 @JenniferStory


:star_struck: Great to see this project moving along. Very happy to be part of the future. :grinning:


This is a high impact global mission that the world has been calling for ages! I’m glad to be one of the governors and lead visionary designer apart of this life-changing project that has the potential to help humanity quantum jump in our ability to connect with each other in both the physical and digital dimensions!


Thanks to the entire Island 17 tribe that has contributed to our vision and mission. Special thanks to @iij @OG_Lemurman for encouraging us to apply! Much gratitude to our Governors, members and advisors @LiquidLightXR @bonisham05 @JenniferStory @WaveMaster @KNIGHTiREIGN @TerexitariusStomp @Suede0619 @rcast171 and so many more.


This grant could not be possible with out the leadership and vision of @ReadyPlayerMom and support from @brandonjcope @LiquidLightXR @impactcapital @PRJefferies and so many others.


On the path to building the ISL17 native token, ExO Economy steward and Island17 DAO Governor, Niki Faldemolaei, bought an investment of EXOS tokens in December 2021. Thus, Island17 is actively trading EXOS as a utility token to empower our ‘Jedi’ Governors and other Island17 members to exchange services and fund event production to gain traction on Dream Tank’s years of experience with hackathons and youth initiatives. This engagement led to a relationship with the organization whose mission is to transform the world to a better future. The ExO Economy brought a community of 17,000 like-minded individuals and company leaders to the pool of talent and became a sister organization to Dream Tank and Island17.

One of the results of the sisterhood developed with Niki is the launch of the NextGEN Economy Podcast, where one of our governors, 16 year old Bonisha Maitra, was interviewed on International Women’s Day 2022:

Bonisha and Heidi


Thank you for sharing this, @exoangel ! We are so grateful for your investment and deep sisterhood support! For those who want to tune into learn more about this collaboration and the EXO Economy, tune in here tomorrow at 11am EST! (April 5) ExO Economy Live Stream | ExO Economy :rocket: :globe_with_meridians: :earth_americas:


@bonisham05 is tagged here for reference - her interview is excellent ! Highly recommended.


Love this, thanks so much for sharing :))


It takes a team and the desire to expand the ecosystem to be sure women and youth are represented in the space. The more we include these voices, true change will happen. This creates balance. This is Harmony. This is Islamd 17 @ReadyPlayerMom


Thank you All for all the feedback. Thank you!!! @bonisham05 @ReadyPlayerMom @exoangel @LiquidLightXR @impactcapital @PRJefferies


More Island17 in the news, where a panel of NextGen were interviewed on the ExO Economy Town Hall #13 NextGen Episode with futurists Salim Ismail and Kent Langley. Heidi and team were represented as solving for the worlds SDG’s in a big way. Watch the replay here: ExO Economy Live Stream | ExO Economy

@ReadyPlayerMom @brandonjcope


We have so much to do in gaining progress in this game… we are open to team input and filling roles that fit our exponential growth initiative to make the world a better place.


Thank you Niki for posting this - it was a wonderful event to participate in! Thank you again for producing it :mountain_snow:

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Likewise. I echo Heidi’s sentiment and I appreciate you! Thank you for sharing. @LiquidLightXR @bonisham05 @impactcapital @PRJefferies


Love this project and the people apart of it ! Very excited to see where it goes.