Funny Project - Exploring Mushrooms?

I recently stumbled upon this amusing crypto project called EDEN, based in Poland. There are quite a few blockchain projects that aim to connect with nature, but this one caught me off guard. It has a “Discover to Earn” concept where users get rewarded for walking in the forest, identifying edible plants, mushrooms, and water sources, and sharing this info on their app.

It’s funny to think that you can earn by simply marking locations of wild edibles on their map. It’s definitely an unexpected twist in the crypto world, combining nature exploration with blockchain technology.

What do you guys think? Does this quirky project have any potential? Let’s discuss!


Wow. That’s a really nice concept! I think it has a really good potential because the idea is new.

that’s great but i think it’s not convenient to those whose address are extremely urbanized

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I absolutely never heard of that. I just know that it’s a really smart project! I’d love to support it all the way.

It’s interesting! Can you tell me more about this?

you said it’s Poland-based. does it cater to other countries or exclusive to the people of Poland only?

What happens if you are poisoned by the mushroom?

indeed an unexpected twist in the crypto world! very clever and interesting! hoping it will be available for everyone!

it’s not funny to think, it’s incredible to think :+1: do they have a roadmap for their project?

who wouldn’t love the brilliant concept and idea of this project?

This definitely has huge potential! Hope it is long term

This right here is no doubt the best I had ever seen

Yes, this project is definitely funny. Very funny.