Furniture For Future - Bringing Blockchain into the physical world

Name of Project

Furniture For Future

Proposal overview

Furniture for Future is a modular system with which you can build any kind of furniture out of just a few standard components. It is the first ever crowd development project for furniture and the first blockchain enabled furniture.

What all that means in more detail:

Modular System

We are a bunch of mechanical engineers who don’t accept that furniture is so bulky, so heavy, so hard to assemble and transport as well as so expensive. That’s why we have created a modular system that tackles all that. Our main focus is on Baby Furniture, which is only used for a short period of time.

We are currently in the process of prototyping using 3D printers.

Some features to be mentioned:

  • No screws necessary
  • Made of bio-materials
  • Lightweight compared to normal furniture
  • Circular economy: After using, you can sell it back to us or a licensed entity. We will clean it and sell it again at a discounted price. This is the part where Blockchain plays a major role
  • Very economical and affordable. Estimates show that we can be cheaper than Ikea, but still offer excellent quality and be very profitable

Crowd Development

Everyone is welcome to join the development and participate. We hold monthly developer meetings for people to get involved. We post tasks in the members area of our website which any member can take on. As a reward for their support, members collect tokens of a cryptocurrency.

These tokens can later be used to purchase the furniture or sold on exchanges. We are also thinking of a profit share mechanism connected to these tokens.

Blockchain enabled

As mentioned earlier, we are creating a system in which people can trade in their furniture to get back some money. By doing this, we radically reduce waste. This system can only work if we can proof that the furniture is not a fake. We also need to have proof of ownership to make sure that it’s not stolen.

That’s where Blockchain comes into play! Every part that we sell will have a “digital twin”. Every part has some sort of code or RFD tag which makes it unique. This data is stored in the Blockchain. Every owner of furniture will have a wallet in which all their furniture is listed. When they sell the furniture, the token associated with each part is transferred to the new owner as well.

We have presented this Business Model at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin in October 2021. Members of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Berlin as well as the public liked it a lot.


2020 – Conceptualizing

First Quarter of 2021 – First Designs

Second Quarter of 2021 – First Two Rounds of Prototyping

Third Quarter of 2021 – Business Model Design, Prototyping ongoing

Fourth Quarter of 2021 – Community Building, Social Media, Presenting, Website

First Quarter of 2022 – Design and prototyping towards production readiness

Now – Seeking Investment for production of pre-series and support for token development

Third Quarter of 2022 – Having a final design and proof of concept for all technical aspects

Fourth Quarter of 2022 – Start of Production in Germany

Early 2023 – Create DAO’s in other countries who will be enabled to produce the furniture locally

Proposal ask

$ 250k for production of Pre- series

  • Harmony support to conceptualize all Blockchain related things


Phase 1: $35k – This is based on a quote from a technical consulting firm to double check our blueprints and make alterations to get it production ready

Phase 2: $68k – Make molds for each of the parts we have and run a few test parts (extrusion technology)

Phase 3: $55k – Run a pre- series production round of 50 pieces of each part

Phase 4: $50k – Develop laser marking or RFID technology to be added on each part

$42k Launch event in Stuttgart, Germany at a “Living Fair” on November 17th to 20th. (Familie & Heim | Messe Stuttgart)

How this project helps Harmony

All Blockchain related things will be done on the Harmony Blockchain, this will increase the number of users as well as awareness.

In addition, we will embed a Harmony logo next to our Furniture For Future logo on every furniture that is sold. That gives Harmony a physical presence in the real world. We will also include it at shows and fairs.

It also shows a real use case for the blockchain technology which increases overall acceptance of blockchain and Harmony in particular.

Metrics for success

Phase 1: Show production ready blueprints

Phase 2: Show pictures of molds and first parts produced

Phase 3: Show pictures of first assembled furniture (with Harmony logo on it)

Phase 4: Show pictures of markings

Finally: Show pictures of physical launch event at the fair

External links (Currently only available in German)

Instagram: Login • Instagram

Main contact:

Dominik Braun

(Master of Engineering & MBA)


Thank you for considering this investment. I am available for all your questions. Please also let me know if some of the explanation is unclear.

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Thank you, @essalacher.

I am happy to answer any questions from the community.

We are also always looking for people who want to participate.
Please feel free to reach out to me!

Would you please give more details about how the project helps the protocol?
I’ve read the above but I’m stuck at the moment I read “All blockchain things”. What do you mean exactly?

Thank you for posting the proposal.

Hi @jbeltran,

thank you for your question!

How it will help Harmony:
I am a strong believer that Blockchain technology can play a major role in solving issues in the physical world. In our example, we need to have a mechanism that validates that the pieces of the furniture are manufactured by us or a licensed partner. Only if we can provide that, we can take it back and sell it again. By doing that, we are creating a circular economy which helps to reduce waste.
Without this kind of validation, it would be easy for scammers to copy our products and we would have to spend a lot of energy and money in preventing these sales which would increase our cost and eventually increase the product price.

By making each piece unique and traceable in a blockchain, it is easy to prevent that. We can keep prices low.

Once this system is established, it gives a great example of how blockchains can help make the world better. This will reflect positively on Harmony as well.

What I mean by “all blockchain things”:
We are mostly hardware people. We can conceptualize what we want the blockchain to do, but we cannot sit down and write the code. Since there are many smart and experienced people here in the Harmony community, we hope to get some support on setting it up.

From our understanding, each furniture piece would represent a token on the blockchain. These tokens are inside the owners wallet. When the furniture is sold, the token will be sent to the new owner accordingly. Each furniture part is marked with an individual code of some sort.

I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if more clarification is needed.

Best regards

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Really interesting idea. I’m not sure you guys need a DAO to do this but it’s a really cool concept!


Hello again @domaloma:

We’re unable to move forward with this Launch grant request based on the guidelines at Apply for Grants or DAO.

We hope this makes sense. Thank you for choosing Harmony.

Nope, makes no sense at all. The more I read the guidelines, the less sense they make. Harmony stands for what? Making DAOs? And those DAOs are supposed to make more DAOs? And those DAOs advertise more DAOs? And some smart people who actually understand the system get funding to have big parties.