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Pixel Pirates

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Proposal overview

Pixel Pirates is a 1:1 collection of 10,000 unique Erc721 NFT’s. All Pixel Pirates are randomly generated at the time of mint, creating an unknown result until confirmed on the blockchain. Using a minter developed by our own team, each pirate will be a combination of over 195+ different attribute, background and foreground combinations.

Mint cost will be 420 ONE for 1 Pixel Pirate. With the ability to mint up to 25 at one time.

What sets Pixel pirates apart is the redistribution of minting fees. We plan to reward future “crew members” with perks to minting besides just receiving a unique Pixel Pirate. The ways we plan to do this is as follows:

  1. 6.9% of minting fees will be redistributed to minters. The earlier you mint and the more you own the more reflected rewards you will receive.
  2. 6.9% of minting fees will be used to incentivize 7 DAOs(fleets). These “fleets” will receive 1/7th of the 6.9% to form a DAO after mint out.
  3. 4.20% of minting fees will go to The Ocean Cleanup charity to help clean up the oceans.
  4. If you hodl 4 Pixel Pirates after mint-out you will receive a FREE companion.
  5. If you hodl 69 Pixel Pirates after mint- out you will receive a custom 1:1 Pixel Pirate

Pixel Pirates will be the first NFT collection that will have a non-native marketplace. All Pixel Pirates secondary sales, trades and auctions will be held on the-marketplace.one. Where they will have their own collection page similar to what you see on other blockchain NFT marketplaces.

During the minting process and through mint-out we will be guiding/helping our community members to form the “Fleets”. The Fleets will be 7 separate DAOs. With a goal of becoming a crew of like-minded individuals who sail the “crypto seas”. These Fleets will all consist of a minimum of 10 members, all of which need to deposit 10 Pixel Pirates into a multisig wallet to become part of the Fleet. Once all of the requirements are met we will fund each Fleet with their share of the minting fees. Once the DAO’s are formed they will be on their own, but we will still offer support and guidance when needed. Our hope/goal with the Fleets is that they will set sail and find new NFT projects, tokens or whatever they like and accumulate a Cargo hold with the collective buying and bargaining power of the DAO. We will set up events in the-marketplace.one where our fleets can “dock” and sell their accumulated goods. We will also have events where anyone can come and sell their wares to each Fleet. We want our Fleets to become legendary and renowned throughout the crypto space.

Proposal ask

$50,000. For development, marketing, and user acquisition

Metrics for success

  1. Launch minter and webpage on testnet
  2. Grow already well established community to 300+ members
  3. Launch Pixel Pirates on Mainnet
  4. Fully mint all 10,000 Pixel Pirates
  5. Have secondary marketplace on the-marketplace.one
  6. Form and fund all 7 DAOs(Fleets)
  7. Continue the Pixel Pirates story with Stories, comics and more…



Join us in Discord if you are interested in NFTs on Harmony


Absolutely amazing people here. HODLen and DalinarBT are great friends and excellent NFT artist/Promoters.


Arrrrr, I agree, let’s sail the seas!


NFTs are poised for expansion on Harmony and seeing the successful rollout of Harmony Whales, OneCan NFTs and Harmoonies, I can’t wait to see how Pixel Pirates compliment the NFTs on Harmony. I truly think the incorporation of DAOs and NFTs and to see that here has me really optimistic for the ecosystem. Let’s see what’s next.


This project has pizazz, and I don’t mean pizzas. Harmony is about community and Pixel Pirates brings its support to the table in a unique way, yet plays on a familiar theme. All ages can appreciate the playful pirate meme, and the custom art helps build wealth and stability along with good time memories.


Who gets to walk the plank !! Nft Daos ! Sounds good for the whole space, could lead to everyone prospering!


Definitely more diversity on Harmony is needed! Would be interested to see where this goes!


I really like the positive vibes that the NFT community gives off.

I have a few concerns that I hope you can address. I’m kind of new to the NFT space so that also makes me kind of ignorant, so don’t take this as a critique.

  • Once you have set up the 7 DAOs, what stops its members to buy NFTs that they own with other wallets? Also, instead of directly buying NFTs that they own, they could deliberately buy NFTs from collections where they also own some NFTs, thus making the collection NFT’s price increase. I see a potential conflict of interests here.

  • My other concern has to do with sustainability. I understand that you need the 50k to develop the project, but after the minting is done and you make more than 3 million ONEs in profits, what’s left for the Harmony ONE community as a whole? In that sense I think it’s more fitting to ask for a loan rather than a grant.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love NFTs in general and also algorithmically generated NFTs. I’m just genuinely curious. Also I don’t really know whether previously similar projects have been granted a 50k grant.

I wish you the best of luck!


Thank you very much for your support!

We appreciate you presenting your concerns and hopefully we can address them to your satisfaction.

  • So the individual fleets DAOs are run by the members of the fleets in a fair vote, therefore this wouldn’t happen unless the majority of the DAOs members agreed on it. In which case, that’s their decision to promote that collection and support the NFT economy in the way they want.

  • We invite you to please join our Discord community if you’d like to learn more, we are very active and are consistently discussing our plans for the future of the collection. 6.9% of mint fees are returned immediately to minters which is about $65,000 among a plethora of other utilities. Our collection is also properly generated on the fly in real time, no art is generated before minting and no team members are given rare or unrandomized mints. Pixel Pirates is potentially the fairest and most value oriented collection to hit Harmony to date. Decentralization is a pirates life.

Thank you again for your comment and I hope I was able to address some if not all of your concerns!


Thank you very much for expressing interest in our project. I’ll do my best to address your concerns here. We will be having an AMA this Friday 10/8 on Twitter Spaces and our Discord if you have any other questions.

The short answer to your first question is “nothing.” Collecting the Pixel Pirates, discussing and agreeing on governance for the DAO with 9 other members, and depositing assets into a multi-sig wallet are not trivial tasks. Should the members who form the DAOs choose to spend their funds in a reckless manner after putting in the effort to organize, that is their prerogative. Our team will not have any undue influence over the DAOs once they are organized. Our sincere hope is that people will join the DAOs with a vision for the future, but we will be happy to see groups take short term profits if they so choose.

Our team sees the minting of 10k Pixel Pirate NFTs as the culmination of much hard work, planning, and development. We also see it as the first step on a much longer journey. The story of the Pixel Pirates will continue to evolve as we cooperate with and solicit feedback from our community. We will continue to reinvest in Pixel Pirates and develop the brand the same way other blue chip NFT projects such as BAYC, Crypto Dads, Punks Comic, and Cool Cats do.


Thanks for applying for a grant. We need to better understand why you need $50k and what you’re planning to spend it on. If you could please break down your actual development cost it would help us better understand the scope. Given you’re not going to be building the actual marketplace, I’d like to understand what the development cost is for.




Thank you for your response. We have been developing Pixel Pirates for over 3 months now. All of the work that has gone into it has been done for the pleasure of building something the Harmony community would enjoy. We decided to go with an external marketplace due to the lead developer for the Pixel Pirates being the same as for the-marketplace.one. Our development team has created all their own code for the Pixel Pirates. So our product is unique to us.

We have a lot of plans for the Pixel Pirates after mint out. A good amount of those plans revolve around the “Fleets”(DAOs). We believe that forming and guiding the Fleets will be a pretty arduous task in the beginning. We plan to use funding to market for the Fleets. Meaning that we will create events for them and market those events for them to maximize exposure and recognition. Our hope is that our Fleets will be multi-chain collectors bringing more exposure to the Harmony ecosystem from other chains.

We have officially announced the launch of Pixel Pirates HRC721 NFTs for Friday 10/15/21 at 4:20pm EST (UTC-4). The next phase of our project includes telling the story of the Pixel Pirates. This story will be done in collaboration with our community. They will have governance to make decisions in the storyline and will be tasked with illustrating the story as well. Should we be awarded a grant, the funds will be used to foster the growth and development of our community. Our plans to attract new and valuable members to our community are as follows:

• Bounties for artists
o 1000 $ONE tokens for an illustration chosen to be included as canon in an episode by community governance vote
o 9,000 $ONE tokens for an illustration chosen as the “cover” illustration for an episode chosen by community governance vote
• Bounties for translators
o 1000 $ONE tokens per page (pages counted by originally published pages in English) for translating an episode into a requested language
Currently requested languages are Spanish, Tagalog, and Japanese but we will let the community request any language they may prefer

  • All bounties will continue to be paid as a percentage of the proceeds from selling episodes fractionally, but a grant would help to jumpstart the process
    **we would ask for any grant to be awarded in $ONE or we will immediately use it to DCA into $ONE to be able to award our bounties internationally and in less than 2 seconds

We would like to discuss our plans with the stories, but some of the details and ideas we have we’d rather not disclose in a public format at this time. We would look forward to having a private discussion, if you are so inclined.




Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund

We are in the process of reviewing your proposal. The Harmony community is also encouraged to participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


I love this project and the community. The organization is also coming right along the community involvement is growing and the organization is phenomenal. There are also plans to help other harmony one NFT projects which will in my opinion be great…all around for the harmony network as a whole…Let’s grow this space together as $ONE


The DAO and multi-sig wallet are the primary control mechanisms to prevent actions that benefit only a single party or are in conflict with the stated purposes of the fleet. 10 Members (to start) need to agree on a process for making decisions, then have to find consensus on any proposed questions.

It is possible that individual DAO members may benefit from the actions of the fleet, but I have a difficult time seeing that as a bad thing —- The Harmony community is so small, most of us have our hands in numerous projects. To suggest that none of us should be allowed to profit if we’re also on a DAO would be ludicrous.

Any activity across the platforms generates transactions and metrics which reflect positively upon the ecosystem as a whole.

Additionally, it should be noted that the PixelPirates fleet model funds the DAO with 100% of the cost of the Pirates it’s members purchased to meet the entry criteria. If a fleet allows itself to fail and walks with the money, that would be unfortunate, but ultimately comes at no cost to the larger community.


The PixelPirates crew has been one of the most active and responsive project teams I’ve seen in the Harmony community. They have committed a significant amount of time to hear out customer concerns and address them through discussion, design, or coding solutions.

Their track record in this regard alone lends more credibility to the funding request than many other grant recipients can lay claim to.

Just because a project has been launched, doesn’t mean it is “complete”. IMO, much of the Harmony ecosystem can be considered a Beta run, and phase 2 funding support would go a long way toward advancing the interests of project teams and community members alike.

I would urge you to reconsider your recommendation or the approving authority to disregard it.


Thank you for your continued interest in our project! We successfully launched on Harmony Testnet in early October :nerd_face: then on Mainnet on 10/15/21 :partying_face:

We are hoping to boost traction from launch with retroactive funding through Harmony’s Launch Grant. Funds would be budgeted to increase support for our community’s incentivized DAOs as well as pursue marketing initiatives to bring awareness to Pixel Pirates and HRC721 NFTs.

Pixel Pirates represents an amazing community of dedicated NFT collectors. Our community may currently be relatively small in comparison to some on other chains, but our passion to grow, learn, and build is what drives us. You can see some of the raw statistics from our first three weeks in the graphic from dapp radar :point_down: .

The graphic shows how much our early investors are willing to invest in the project financially. It does not show how deeply they are invested as a community. Bonds have been formed over all the discussion and planning which has gone into the creation of our first incentivized, member led, DAOs. The first incentivized DAO whose goal is to provide short term liquidity to holders of HRC721 tokens has officially formed. The second DAO whose goal is to support the decentralization of the Harmony validator network is very close to forming. We have budgeted for 7 incentivized DAOs, but at this rate (2 DAO/555 Pirates minted) there could be demand for almost 40 of them.

Each DAO “Fleet” is scheduled to receive 41,400 ONE as an incentive for forming. Were we to be awarded a grant, we would budget an additional 41,400 ONE x3 for an additional 124,200 ONE to incentivize member DAOs. This would bring the total number of incentivized DAOs to 10.

Grant funding would also be budgeted for marketing. Content creators have started to notice Harmony and Harmony NFTs as the ecosystem continues to develop and in the wake of DFK Heroes success the market is ready for more. All of our marketing has been done through grassroots efforts. While we are thrilled with the success of our launch, at this point we have not generated enough revenue to pursue any more aggressive marketing. Should we secure grant funding, we would be able to solidify a business relationship with content creators with a larger audience.


I could add that PixelPirates since it’s beginning has been trying to help other members of the community in any way they can, they even encourage and try to support new unelected validators to have a spotlight and be noticed by everyone.