Galactic Pirates-MMORPG-UE5. Funding request

Thanks for responding positively to the criticism.

A couple of quick questions.

How will you keep the price of entry around $60-70? Hypothetically, if the project is a big success and the value of the associated NFTs and tokens skyrocket, that generally means an increased barrier to entry as well. For example- Axie infinity started with a super low barrier but eventually the barrier went from $20 to $1500 to now I think it’s like $50? This is one of my major gripes with crypto games, where if you’re not early, you basically just have to make absurd investments.

The other major gripe, of course, is the gameplay. Axie was at least playable and had some interesting mechanics but the vast majority of crypto games have either no gameplay mechanics or are extremely simple (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing always, for ex- Crypto Royale).

I don’t think I could get a good idea of what kind of game you are envisioning this to be from the whitepaper. Could you compare this to some existing games? I could think of maybe the game- Sea of Thieves being somewhat similar to what you proposed.


I have been following this game since from the previous blockchain it was on and I have to say the concept is quite unique. A respite from pokemon type, card game, or alien monster type of P2E games (not to diminish the value of said game for they have acquired huge followings).

Hopefully harmony sees its potential and provide the much needed boost for faster game development.

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yeah this is a good question, as we had the same problem arise when we were discussing making it fair entry for anyone, at any time throughout the game. We thought hard, and came up with a mechanism where we have the Incubator in the rental market locked at 20% of buy price. ($66usd) (therefore Buyers can get ROI within 5 rentals) GP will have some Incubators allocated to the rental in case the owners choose to mint pirates instead, for sacrifices/sell, use. GP will supply a limited amount of Incubators available for rent for $66 usd for the community IF there is a shortage of the community wanting to rent at any stage, the community has first option to rent, if supply runs low/out GP will list incubators for rental until supply returns, hope that makes sense, basically we intend to stabilise the entry point of the market

yesss… the reason why we are pushing this project in the first place… we too wanted realistic gameplay, an actual game worth playing for fun. where you paid $70 bucks, and just played for hours not for rewards, but for the enjoyment, and playing with mates. Thats what sparked up this project in the first place, but we have the opportunity to also add in a p2e system, we are not promising your yearly wage every week… but just something back in return, a game where you can play for fun, but find a NFT here and there, discover PIR tokens in a chest, or loot a treasure map, then go on the adventure to find it. We will be pouring a lot of revenue back into this game, as we want it to be ongoing for years, so it NEEDS to be sustainable, and we want to be able to have continuous updates, expansion updates, “mining” on planets ect. We are not trying to make a quick pixel graphic, slap together, money grab game, and yes we might take longer to build and accomplish what our vision is, but it will be worth it when we get there. For gameplay, you can think of “Star Citizen” "No Mans Sky(after the updates) “EVE online” but with a Pirate twist… i hope this long winded explanation helps a bit, we are working to get the game mechanics locked in so soon hopefully we can announce more gameplay and exploration detail. Thanks again mate

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Gonna be honest- don’t think I clearly understood the pricing mechanism but would definitely be interesting and probably easier to get when seen in action. If the barrier to entry remains manageable that’s obviously really great.

I get your gaming vision a bit better now that you’ve gone into your thoughts and philosophy behind it. Really appreciate it. That said, you guys have your task cut out for you. Developing a working game of that level is gonna take tons of effort. Do you/your team have past game dev experience by any chance?

I played the updated NMS earlier this year and definitely loved it so creating something with a similar spirit would be awesome if executed well.

“15k initially- upfront first for token contract audit + funds for building in game contracts”

So you don’t have a prototype? But, without any prototype, you want 15k to… do smart contract development? To create a prototype?

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Ah, not sure if you understand, but im happy to explain as it is confusing

We have a smart contract already created for the PIR token, which we will get 2 seperate audits (decent audits start at 5k each)

There will be a second contract that needs to be developed along with the game, to allow for in game interaction, nfts, upgrades ect. Further audits will also need to be done on this when finished

Hope that is better to understand

I made a graphic to explain the system, sorry it’s rough as just put it together to help explain, the Imcubator will be locked at $66 rental in usd (in own marketplace) buy price from GP will be locked in at $330 (own marketplace too)
When someone buys an incubator they can then chose to rent it at $66, sell it for (what ever they like as it’s secondary market) or mint pirates

The secondary market price will always be community driven, but the initial GP sale price will be $330 locked in at public launch. (Not paid in PIR as this is what causes the inflation ect)
Basically it’s locked in USD only, not PIR to create stable entry on rental at $66

Haha sorry it’s so confusing, but took alot to figure this out in the first place,

Attached is simple graphic of 2 ways you can start playing GP. Cheers!

Super cautious on this project… What are you guys doing to keep your players playing? See all blockchain games launched so far… P&D scenes with very little thought about retention.

Also; nothing to show for it whatsoever. Unreal Engine assets are easily copied/retrieved from various sources, doesn’t show anything about your (and your teams) skill level.

What kind of work did you do previously so you think you can pull this off?
Any track record?

if not, big NO for me and am looking forward to @frwrdslosh approving another grant where funds are flushed away . Just imagine the 50K spend on some proper infrastructure instead of bullshit DAO/GRANT/GAMEFI buzzword project with 0 to show for.

PS: Oh yeah, the visual showcases that you’re an excellent designer…

9/10 RUG Score


Hmm interesting. Still not sure about the financial viability of this but good to see that you have put thought into this.

The important part, as I already mentioned, will be to actually build something tangible that people can look at and be excited about. Not sure about how much game dev experience you have, but I wish you the best of luck. Would love to see an update if/when progress is made.


Ecosystem Grant funds have been frivolously spent. At the previous Harmony off-site one of the biggest takeaways was to raise the bar in how we approve proposals and how we dish out the funds.

For Launch Grants, if a proposal is approved, they must deliver in order to receive funding. i.e launching on mainnet = x amount, X amount of users = x amount.

Infrastructure is vital and Harmony’s top priority. The Ecosystem Grant and Infrastructure building can operate simultaneously from different allocations.

Thanks again for the feedback. I’ll leave this thread for more relevant info regarding the project and their proposal. But my DM’s are open. :slight_smile:

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So literally the only core metrics you guys are utilising rn is the number of users?
Again baffled by this as there are many more metrics that could explain startup teams/structure/PM fit or Business Model. Am sure that the Bay Area Founders team is aware of core metrics used by VC’s and so on.

Also; am quite sure that most of the transaction for many dapps are basically bots running most of transactions/volume/interaction. smells like a vanity metric to me

Currently, with the various grants that are visible on this forum there seems to be a big lack of focus on infra (especially after the communication that things are changing/should be changing, only to see non infra being funded).

And am certainly not a fan of utilising the DM’s are always open method. I believe Harmony stands for transparency and inclusivity. Why not discuss it in the open?

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We can discuss it here. That’s absolutely fine.

Those were examples. And yes, number of users is a viable metric. Yes, these approvals will always be more public on the talk forum. Definitely hop in the discord and stalk the Harmony GitHub for more infrastructure updates.

You can also track more tech updates, here.


Thank you for the response frwrdslosh, appreciated!

@frwrdslosh I really want to thank you as well for being completely open to user feedback. Thanks so much!

To be honest, if we were a VC it would be an automatic no unless they had a track-record. The lack of a prototype in this bear market, makes it very tough to support projects like this. The visuals are somewhat questionable as well. They seem very very early in their project’s development cycle.

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Hey team - I’m at an offsite this week so, wanted to give you a quick update so you know I’m not ghosting you. I’ll be sure to review next week when i’m back.


Welcome, @Loges2990, and thank you for sharing your vision/proposal with Harmony. Right now, we are primarily focused on games ready to launch in the next 120 days. This proposal may be too early as you’re still in the conceptual phase. That said, can you detail your 6-month roadmap? How soon could we expect to have something to test? How big is your team, and what are their roles/past experience?

Apologies if you’ve answered these already. Feel free to point me towards those answers if I missed them.


Hi Matty, cheers for taking the time.

This is a bit off-tangent here, but I thought I’d explain in detail our vision more clearly.

Grab a cuppa, and a seat… I may have written a lot… Hope it clears up our vision at GP.

Yes we can understand that you are focusing on games closer to launching, this clearly creates more security and a higher success rate for the harmony community.
Yes it’s true we are in the early stages of this project, and by all means it won’t be finished overnight. The vision and future we have for Galactic Pirates is far from a slap together, spur of the moment idea. As I’m sure you are well aware of the time and amount of work it takes to make a AAA quality game, even though GP won’t be as vast and developed at launch as a AAA, but we aim to continuously update and add more expansions as the time progresses.

Our ultimate vision for GP is to be very similar to gameplay, graphics and interactions as EVE Online & Star Citizen. These types of space simulation games take 5 years onwards to develop, with continuous updates and patches.

As stated, initially we want the same concept and quality as EVE & SC, but the GP game won’t be as extensive at launch. We will start with 5 Space sectors that Pirates can explore and loot, each sector unlocking when relevant player level is achieved. This still will take a fair bit of effort and will be challenging for players to finish the 5 sectors, on the way finding NFT’s and PIR as loot, in turn they can sell this at the GP marketplace or use it for upgrades. We will have Space Station NFT’s that Players can choose to purchase to create an income/business of their choice. As Players will be required to interact with different types of space stations for supplies, cargo offload, repairs etc, the owners of the space stations will benefit from trades, not so much GP.

Basically there will be plenty for the players to do and earn while we work on the next update on the game. We want to continuously build on GP over the ongoing years to get to a game with the end results similar to EVE & SC, but in GP the players will have the ownership of assets and GP has p2e elements. We have mountains of information and in-game mechanics anyone can read at any time, to elaborate more on the actual gameplay please have a read of the WP in Galactic Pirates | Linktree

We strongly urge the community to actually spend the time reading the WP before spreading negative comments just because we are in early development and they are sceptical, every single project had to start somewhere. We are always appreciative of constructive criticism or suggestions from informed members of the community.

Our team is made up of 4 Social Mods, 2 marketing, 3 in the core team and 1 for smart contracts, 2 external advisors. Our team will grow as we progress through and as the need is required. Due to the fact that we in fact are aiming for a high quality game, we have decided to outsource the GP game build to an external company. This, we believe will bring the best quality mechanics and graphics utilizing the Unreal Engine 5 to its utmost potential. We have not locked in the team building the game as we are reviewing works from each of them. The teams have considerable skill, and some even worked for Activision and Bethesda.

We are currently in discussions with a possible partnership for the launch of the MOBA game, the MOBA game will still be on the Harmony Network as will GP. The MOBA game will be utilizing the PIR token also, and will be connected to the GP main game with NFTs and PIR that can be won in PvP combat rounds. The MOBA game has 3 races, the same 3 races that will be found in the GP game, and primarily will be a 1v1, 5v5 or free for all skirmish style. Players can wager their PIR tokens with a challenger or join a team to play 5v5, earning the losers PIR as rewards, perhaps we should have potentially requested this grant for the MOBA game as it is closer to completion than GP.

We understand the GP main game will take a while to complete what we have in our vision, so we decided to have a MOBA game for the community to start earning PIR and NFTs. If they are skilled at combat, the players have a high chance to earn high Tier NFTs that can be sold/traded/used in the GP game as a head start. We aim to reward the early adopters of Galactic Pirates and the MOBA game players with early NFT rewards.

Galactic Pirates is very much focused on game enjoyment as a priority, P2E will come second. But in saying that, there is every opportunity for any player to make quite a lot using the p2e features we are going to implement. We are going away from the ridiculously high APY/APR staking/rewards promised like most P2E projects. Its unmaintainable for longevity, and they only retain the high rewards while new players are joining. In our metrics, we have implemented a stable entry cost for any player, regardless of the PIR fluctuations. If a player isn’t primarily after the P2E, and is more after exploration and enjoyment, then they can play through as please. They will still earn PIR and NFTs from missions and battles regardless. GP is not a ''Pay to Win ‘’ game, you can’t buy the best assets and just farm PIR, you need to play the game, spend the time levelling up your Ship base before you can equip lvl 2 assets. Just like a traditional game, you need to put in, to get out. For Passive players there will be ”Space Stations” that players can buy to own and run as a business, and this will be passive income as every player that uses the Station pays the owner a small fee for the convenience.

We can understand if you (Harmony) are cautious on new projects as we have seen what has happened in the past. If we do not qualify for the grant yet, we will still be here on Harmony building a legacy and all we ask instead is the help from Harmony to allow us to show our progress and hold the occasional AMA for us to keep the community updated.

As for the 6 month Road map;

Galactic Pirates (Harmony Network)

*Early bird launch & closure date:*1st July-1st september- lasts 2 months

Contract Audits: PIR- 1-3 months- Ongoing for game contracts

Team KYC: Ongoing with Harmony

*NFT launch & closure date:*1st september-1st november- lasts 2 months

*Private sale closure date/time:*1st January 2023

*Game Trailer (in game footage):*Q4 2022

Expected game development time: 6 months demo, 9 months testnet, 9-12 months game launch

MOBA Game: (Harmony Network)

Game design and layout: Completed
Game development: 3-4 months
Audits: 2-4 months
Game contracts and launch: 6 months

apologies about the long winded reply, but I hope this clears up our intentions and shows more transparency


Thank you @Loges2990 for a fantastic response. You and your team are solid and I love the passion.

Since we last talked, there have been some updates on our end that I would like to share with you. The text below is a copy/paste, but I am sending it with the same TLC that I would send any personalized message with. I care about your game and simply want to see you succeed.

As you may be aware, all funding for grants and investments are on hold. I would like to invite you to join our discussion here so that you can be fully informed and stay in the loop as things unfold.

That said, I want to encourage you to continue building. Our goal is clear: to make Harmony the leader in gaming and to make it as easy as possible for you to build, launch, and find success with your game. Most importantly, we care about the relationship we can build together. Please reach out to me on Telegram so we can make this happen. As you build, you still have access to our team for technical support. As you launch on mainnet and gain user traction, there are many ways a partnership with Harmony can lead to great things - even without funding.

Today, we released this video to highlight the many features that makes Harmony a great place for web3 gaming:

Thank you for considering Harmony as the home for your game launch. I look forward to cheering you on and am here to assist you in any way I can.



Hi Matty.
Thank you for the response.

Here at GP we can understand the current market conditions and can appreciate the slow times we are all experiencing. We are supportive of Harmony’s decision to put grants on hold and can see reasons in why they have done so.
In the Interim we will be happy to just work closely with the Harmony team to assist us in exposure to the community and get Galactic Pirates vision and gameplay out into the ecosystem via AMA’s and announcements from the harmony team when applicable.

When the launch funding is back up and online, we hopefully will have worked closely enough with the Harmony team to prove our transparency and have earned the trust from Harmony to continue with this thread and the funding process in due time.

We look forward to a green market again and the future of GP and Harmony in unison in the future

GP Team