LightItUp DAO

Proposal Overview

We intend to become one of the first blockchain enabled production companies. We are building a community for people who are passionate about creating art with light. We want to be together, and we love to display enormous, generous, and poignant images in outdoor spaces to delight, inform and inspire the public.

In part, our purpose is to raise awareness around causes and groups that need visibility, and we want to partner with organizations to educate the public about the collective, public, or social benefit of the organization. We are particularly ardent about educating women in the developing world, supporting LGBTQA+ youth, and caring for our mother earth.

We also want to support digital artists by putting their indoor digital art outside on buildings. We want to educate artists about NFTs and help them to prosper on the Harmony blockchain.

We will learn the more advanced mechanics and skills of projection art and image mapping in the analog and digital realms in order to create a sustainable business with assets and employees. We desire to teach what we have learned to the members of our DAO and other interested parties.

We are producing photography NFT collections to create a revenue stream shared between our treasury and the organizations with whom we partner. We will educate organizations about the NFT space, and how to create revenue and utility using NFTs. We will educate our partners and the public about DAO formation and the benefits of DAO governance, and onboard them to Harmony.

Our projections will be free and provide a revenue stream via NFTs for small budget orgs. We are also available for ‘deep pocket’ orgs at a cost, and that money will go to the treasury.

We are people who want to spend all of our time in Web3. We are passionate about changing the world through this technology, and we can’t help but talk about it all the time.


As humans, we are curious and want to connect with others who share our interests. As artists, we delight and inspire, and create awareness with large images projected on prominent landmarks worldwide. As activists, we value principles of decentralization, privacy, immutability, equality and community. As builders, we learn mechanics, collaborate, and create assets. As educators, we circulate knowledge to bring awareness to issues that affect the progress of our society, and we immediately turn around to teach what we have learned. In a nutshell, build things, help others.


Awareness - build visibility for causes, partner with orgs and artists that want visibility

Onboarding - produce NFT collections that generate funding, DAO formation coaching

Empowerment - learn and teach mechanics of projection art, carry out light actions

Proof of Concept

Leading up, and during ETHDenver 2022, we demonstrated the power of outdoor projection art, and showed proof of concept in these ways:

Projection art will delight and inspire the public
We projected five times during the conference, creating a buzz, and received loads of positive feedback, ‘that’s so cool,’ ‘beautiful and powerful’ and ‘can you do that for our organization.’ People on the street really resonated with the messages projected. They were stopping to take pictures and post to social media, calling friends to look, and were happy to scan our QR code to learn more.

People will buy NFTs of projection art

After each light projection, within several hours, we ran filters and generated NFTs layered with utility icons. We deployed the NFTs to Polygon, and uploaded a REACT build to a web server for minting. We carried QR codes for a LightItUp DAO | Linktree of the collections. And, we sold a number of NFTs as collectables for ETHDenver 2022.

Deep pocket organizations will hire us to project for them

One night during the projection a man connected with me to bring our lights to New York City to create art with light for his organization, and I received several other inquiries.

Web2 people, and traditional organizations will be curious about DAO governance and blockchain

One of our governors is an enterprise software engineer who joined the DAO board because he is interested to learn about and enter the web3 world. Another is the leader of an environmental advocacy group who wants to learn more about DAO governance. Another Governor is interested in learning about DAO governance to help build and foster more efficient ways to further social welfare, public health, and public policy.

Artists will partner with us to create outdoor projections

We spoke with digital artists at ETHDenver and received an enthusiastic response about lighting up buildings in a good way to create art, promote the artist, and teach the public about NFTs.

If you believe in yourself and take a risk your path will unfold in front of you

With one year under my belt in crypto, and having never been to a crypto conference or hackathon I (Suede) decided to take a risk and attend ETHDenver. Four teams wanted me to join, but I decided that my dreams were valid, and I chose to pursue them. Immediately, the right, like minded, people began (and continue) to appear in front of me out of thin air, and the project came together almost effortlessly. The magic continues and it’s awesome to be in the flow.

Deliverables - by July 1, 2022

Awareness - Find two partners to support with projection art, make initial arrangements
Roadmap - Decide what type of orgs to support, choose potential partners, educate orgs about NFTs and DAOs, set a date and location for each of the projection actions.

Onboarding - Do six projection actions around crypto, mint NFTs and help people on the street to set up metamask. Educate the public about the Web3 paradigm change.

Roadmap - Schedule a light projection every two weeks on Friday or Saturday night. Book teams of three for each event. Go down, set up, educate.

Skills - Purchase a projector, likely a used digital projector from a movie theater
Roadmap - Connect with two projection art outfits that I know for advice, and to be connected with vendors, or sellers. Discuss and and make a plan for fabricating a stand to hold the projector. Test the projector outdoors to determine for sure that it is correct for our needs. Purchase the projector.


Awareness - Maintain a narrative to document the process, what issues are important to us, which orgs we have contacted and with whom we have partnered. Track questions, concerns and feedback.

Onboarding - NFT collections document dates of these actions. Track how many people we speak with, track questions, concerns and feedback. Track number of metamask wallet setups.

Skills - Write a narrative, who we speak with, what they recommended, which projectors we looked at and how they were different, and which projector we chose. Show a sales receipt.

Social - We will establish metrics around social media engagement.

Board of Governors

We have two key people from the current Harmony ecosystem. The Harmony members will ensure that the activities are in line with Harmony’s culture and values.

Stuart Paul aka Suede ~ (UI, front-end, activist, educator, projectionist)

Christiaan van Woudenberg ~ (developer, activist, projectionist)

Taylor Coyne~ (discord developer, solidity developer, eagle scout, NFT/crypto enthusiast)

Jamie Hammond - (People champion, systems buster, strategist)

Boone Bergsma ~ (founder, CEO, environmentalist, Harmony community)

Weesam Alkachak ~ (agent of change, entrepreneur)

Andrew Cordova ~ (Web3 community manager, scientist, musician, Harmony community)

Griffin Paul ~ (engineer, adventurer)

Richard Mosko ~ (humanitarian, environmentalist, entrepreneur)

Stuart Paul aka Suede

Suede is an organizer/entrepreneur and ‘jack of all trades’ in web2, brand manager, designer, UI/UX, novice coder. He’s a badass climber on trad, ice and aid. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Chicago, but followed a road of activism during the AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s. From his path through addiction and recovery he understands deeply the power of community, and the value of pulling up others. For Suede, 2022 is all about building skills to manage communities on the blockchain and help them thrive.

Christiaan van Woudenberg

Christiaan has been building on the web since the days of NCSA Mosaic and open SMTP relays. A computational biologist by training and an enterprise software maven in practice, he lives to disrupt established power structures to further the greater good.

Taylor Coyne

Taylor is an entrepreneur, environmental conservationist, novice solidity developer. Proficient in Discord server administration, server moderation, bot scripting and design development. Taylor is an Eagle Scout and activist with his community,and has worked on countless environmental conservation projects in his time involved in the Boy Scouts and beyond. A natural leader passionate about technology being an enabler for the execution of business strategy. Taylor takes a highly analytical approach to help organisations achieve specific business outcomes. Financially literate with excellent communication skills, he builds trusted relationships at all levels with an organisation and is both confident and competent in presenting to and working daily with colleagues across all tiers within an organisation.

Jamie Hammond

Licensed clinical social worker with expertise in serving families and children, with a speciality in all tracks of adoption. Trains therapists and oversees their caseloads as they gain their clinical hours focused on children served through medi-cal in the Bay Area. Part time private practice with a strengths based approach to serving people. Coming into the blockchain space with a strong desire to participate in projects that address true inclusion. Projects that serve humans, creativity, and mother earth are my passion and focus.

Boone Bergsma

Boone is an expert in sustainability, ESG, and CSR. He strategically started Blockchain Laboratories LLC to create and launch the next generation of impactful DApps and DeFi platforms that have Triple Bottom Line ROI. Boone is passionate about entrepreneurship and building businesses that do good.

Weesam Alkachak

Weesam is a Syrian native who is passionate about creating radical change in the world, lifting up communities to build schools and have clean water. Weesam is an entrepreneur, crypto investor and day trader, and is especially interested in DeFi. He has a degree in business administration, accounting and economics. Weesam wants to bring Web3 to Arabic speaking communities.

Andrew Cordova

Andrew Cordova is a biochemist, hip-hop artist, and the Community Manager for MAD NFTs. He has experience leading both industrial and academic research labs. He has 14 years of audio engineering and production experience, and has contributed to building a strong Web 3.0 community centered around empowering underserved artists. Andrew values his family and the mission of decentralization.

Griffin Paul

Griffin is a mechanical engineer who can design and build custom platforms to hold our precious equipment. Griffin’s is experienced with networking, logistics, the regulated world of medical devices and the wild west of entrepreneurship. He loves to climb and ski and is deeply connected to the Colorado mountains. Griffin thrives working hard on meaningful projects and cools off in the outdoors.

Richard Mosko

Richard Mosko is a humanitarian, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and a lover of all creatures. Join him on the journey to build community and enhance humanity together. Richard offers Server administration, moderation, bot mastery and development. Community leadership. From web 2to3to4.0 Always seeking truth and knowledge that can help life advance to new heights. Fiat is a scam.

The Ask

We are requesting a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant for 75K.

2 lithium batteries with built in inverter 2400
AGM battery and inverter 450
Stencils 750
Source 4 spotlight 600
Used movie projector 9000
Fabricated stand to protect the projector 1000
Software 1000
Miscellaneous - tools, tape, printed materials… 500
Start up organizing and tasks, DAO governance and voting, finding partner orgs, research and equipment purchase, socials, planning actions, planning education events
2 persons for 3 months 24,000
Community manager focused on recruiting, engagement, and empowerment for DAO members
1 person for 3 months 12,000
Board Compensation
Assorted tasks around setting up, maintaining and promoting the DAO mandates, max 10 hours/week 11,400
Education and community events
Costs for expert, venues and refreshments, 2 skills workshops in 3 months 3200
Costs for venues and refreshments, 2 meetups in 3 months 1200
10% safety net 7,500


Mint and sell NFTs

Paid gigs for ‘deep pockets’

Seek funding from Boulder County Arts program, and similar


Twitter - - LightItUp DAO | Linktree

Telegram -
At ETHDenver we are onboarding new DAO members to Telegram
Discord is set up and we will migrate over in the coming weeks

Resources - connect for guidance, workshops, space, partnerships

Gitcoin - working with partners, effective community governance

Ambassador DAO - on DAO formation, ambassador team, community and support
WGMI - community management

Enigma Projects - Denver warehouse space for meet-ups and education events, expert mentor
Opolis - DAO formation, community, payroll, benefits
Photon 7 - wholesale equipment guidance, expert mentor

IRL Underground - meet-up/workshop event space

The Culture Museum - make art, meet-up/workshop event space

@OaklieTheFlow - digital artist wanting to collaborate

@glass_crane - digital artist wanting to collaborate

MultiSig Wallet - 5 of 9 governors required

Why Harmony

We are impressed with the philosophy, vision and support provided by the Harmony core team and during ETHDenver 2022 and we want to be a part of this family.


Love what you’re doing guys!


Thanks Jacob! Bless you brother.


Love the idea!! When can I sign up?


It was so great meeting you @ ETH Denver & to see your enthusiasm for creating this DAO from day one! Love the concept & can’t wait to see it pan out!


Moonbase thank you. We are onboarding new DAO members to Telegram right now. Moving to Discord soon.


I met a music producer from LA the other night who recommended this rig.
It’s the latest, and would be really suitable for practicing and teaching projection mapping skills in large indoor spaces. You build any kind of white sculpture, big, in the room and then map and project onto that.
These could be sold as a complete unit for 10Gs + in Boulder I bet.


Gratitude to Harmony for creating a safe space, the Harmony Hub at the Colorado History Museum. I saw what went on in that room, and it was beautiful, to meet community members and the core team, and welcome new members of our crypto community. I know I felt encouraged to pursue my dream, and I was able to turn around my knowledge right in the room.

Later in the week at ETHDenver, I made numerous connections to equipment suppliers, experts in projection mapping, artists who want to go big, persons with spaces to meet, technicians, visionaries in the space. Everything I needed just kept coming at me. Truly 10 days of magic. I feel like I’m being swept in, and I’m so grateful.

So excited to pursue this this skill set for myself, and to create a living DAO that will have the freedom to morph and grow organically. Practice this new way of organizing. Let’s build this future, where we are paid to do what we love to do, for the generations to come.


The impact components to this project are incredible. Great bridge between web3 solutions and real world utility :rocket:


Thanks for teaching us about light projection this week at ETHDenver! Had a blast and I can’t wait to work with this team more! It’s lit!


anytime, project looks great!

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That’s what we were thinking, glad you see it. Visibility and a revenue stream for artists, orgs and causes, alongside ongoing education about DAOs and NFTs.

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We plan to learn projection mapping skills in workshops that will be open to our DAO. Of course anyone can come into the DAO. We are thinking build careers for kids, all the while educating about web3.

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Suede MY MAN!! IM SO BLESSED to have run into you @EthDenver! So I really really really want to partner up with you on my project and product drop. Your visuals are a MUST! BIG things are happening!! Lets link up!! Pic of our product. It has to do with the potatoe fermentation process if you know what i mean? :wink:


You are on fire homie, love watching your moves, and let’s get this together!


We are so excited. My brain is exploding — the possibilities!


Yes! Thanks so much everyone for making this happen!


Was such a great week meeting so many new great people at EthDenver! So excited about this project and being able to work with it!! I can’t wait to learn more and take it to the next level!


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Let’s bring awareness and shine the light at those who are starting wars to face justice