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Super nice project. Great Energy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for all of the support for this project so far.!

Just wanted to update you that we have an exhibition starting this month for women’s month featuring female artists from Ukraine and Russia. Part of the reason we’re passionate about creating The Mynt Gallery DAO is to be able to present important and urgent conversations through art.

If anyone is at The DAOist in Mexico City this weekend would love to meet in person!


So excited to see this project possibly grow into a global community initiative to help rebuild local art communities and networks through crypto. There is so much potential here, and by creating this DAO we can seed the idea to the community and water it together. We hope to keep growing and presenting opportunities through tech and art spaces for new artists and to strengthen the creator economy.


Super awesome proposal! Harmony would be lucky to have you in the family. Love from H.E.R. DAO :orange_heart:


Thanks so much for the support! Hopefully we can help each other grow! Would love to get involved with H.E.R. for some of our upcoming projects. Excited to build the creator economy with more women!


This is epic. Can’t wait to see this go live

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It is a pretty awesome project, I hope you get the grant!

Thanks! Was great to meet you in CDMX. Excited to explore ways to incorporate other elements of what we’re working on (including an AR experience) into the Gallery DAO, creating accessible ways for people to experience art and create from anywhere!

Also, we hosted a social impact event last night with female artists from Ukraine and Russia in the gallery. We are planning to mint one of the works for civilian aid using Harmony. The event was hosted by prospective governor Lyndsey Hankins. The ability to have DAO members host events is one exciting part of the community I’m really looking forward to!

Here is a sneak peek at last night’s martial movement live painting

We are looking forward to hosting H.E.R DAO and Minority Programmers for their drop to celebrate Women’s History Month on the 31st!

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Name of Project / DAO / Company

Application type

Community DAO

Proposal overview

CRYPTOLUCKY DAO will set up Pilot Blockchain clubs in 5 out of 47 counties in Kenya. Namely ; Nakuru ,Makueni,Kisumu,Kitui and Nairobi (specifically Mukuru kwa njenga,Kibera and Kangemi)
The DAO will target membership from the aforementioned counties and based on the reception and consequent success we will replicate it to the other 42 counties in Kenya.

The DAOs target group

  • Form 4 leavers-we will be targeting the students who are fresh out of high school looking for careers to pursue, those looking for jobs to do as they await joining the university and those who want to start careers in Blockchain technology

*Marginalized women -The DAO will target marginalized women in the society .This includes Single women ,unstable divorced women and widowers. We intend to teach this group Blockchain technology for the sake of financial freedom through Blockchain

  • Jua kali sector-a significant percentage of Kenyan Youth aged 18 years to 35 years are in the informal sector that is subject to low earnings and long working hours. Blockchain technology to this sectors helps promote financial freedom and consequently improving working conditions and standards

The project will work to achieve the following objectives ;

  1. Proving the aforementioned target group with the best and most informative knowledge in Blockchain technology

  2. Equipping the target group with practical skills in Blockchain technology .the project will offer some trainings on the use cases of coins like ONE, introduce trading topics for those who will want to pursue careers and to educate the group on the scams and frauds in blockchain technology so that they cant be misled. for the form four we start a base of future developers and innovators in blockchain .this education on blockchain will act as an eye opener.

  3. Increased sensitization and adoption of Blockchain technology in the Counties and in Kenya generally .


Today in Kenya, the youth unemployment rate stands at 65 %,among the highest in the world. Three in five unemployed Kenyans are -15-35 years old .The situation is escalated by Covid 19,shrinking economy, political instability and pervasive income inequality.
significant youths are in the informal sector which subjects workers to low earnings and long hours without any formal contract.
Covid 19 has forced more than 1.7 millions Kenyans out of jobs and it has increased the number of gender based violence due to unstable incomes among other disasters. According to data from gender based violence hotline; there was a staggering 301%increase in calls reporting violence against women and girls .the important lesson was the need for financial freedom that Blockchain technology bridges seamlessly. The fact that house wives can contribute to the economy and in family from the comfort of their homes and tending to kids is the cutting edge of Blockchain technology .
Cryptocurrency transactions and p2p transactions are growing rapidly in Kenya .In a country that has adopted mobile money 100%,virtual currency offers advantages for the targeted group that is tech-savvy. This easens the implementation and adoption of blockchain technology .

Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency adopted through the blockchain technology; has brought a lot of curiosity in Kenya on exactly what it is and the Block chain technology as a whole. In my training career about block chain, every one wants to know what exactly is bitcoin all about and the other cryptocurrencies
some of the challenges that revolve around Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption in Kenya include ;

*Inadequate skills on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Kenya -Most of the population in Kenya find it as a vocabulary and there is need for sensitization and public awareness of what exactly is all about Blockchain technology

  • Poor public perception and acknowledgement -due to rise of cyber crimes and other fraudulent activities that come with technology; Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have fallen victim.There is therefore dire need to change the public perception of this through a lot of trainings and informative vent meetings to change the narrative .

  • Conservative financial literacy in Kenya-Most Kenyans are still stuck on the conservative way of financial literacy. There has not been a big milestone on educating Kenyans how blockchain technology is a huge vehicle towards financial freedom. People still are stuck on 9-5 pm jobs when you can still do a job online through the Blockchain technology. We are coming in to train the importance of Blockchain technology in solving financial freedom . illiteracy.

  • Regulatory menace-In Kenya Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are considered not legal.There are no quite defined laws that govern virtual money.

Cryptolucky Academy DAO will set up pilot clubs in 5/47 counties in Kenya with the objective of promoting the public awareness ,understanding and embracement of Block chain technology and the benefits that comes with it .

We are targeting 3 group sets

  • Form 4 leavers

*Marginalized women

  • Jua kali sectors

For each of these group sets we will work on formation of clubs for each set differently in the 5 counties mentioned.
For the Form fours-these are young members in the society who have finished the high school level and are waiting to join different colleges as they pursue careers and others job opportunities. We are looking forward to train them on Blockchain technology at this age to create job opportunities to the young and also to create the awareness of Blockchain incase some are interested in pursuing careers on Block chain technology .
For the marginalized women in the counties -We will work on formation of ‘Chamas’ to enable us get into a larger group and work in team work.This clubs /chamas will be convening meeting for the training of the blockchain .the group will appoint a leader who will reach out to us as and when its needful. The club will work educating them about cryptocurrencies such that they can collectively do some savings after the training for them to buy coins and they speculate to sell them when the market is up

For the juakali sectors-these are the people in thee informal sectors. We are also promoting the spirit of financial freedom .we will work on educating them that they can still explore other financial avenues without being subjected to poor working conditions
We will achieve these objectives through ,

  • Organizing continuous events -In the 5 counties, we intend to conduct 2 physical events in each county for the first phase.

  • Social online events -i.e. YouTube and Facebook .we aim at conducting 2 social online events each week to try to come to the same page with the group sets

  • Webinars-where we cant reach all our groups via the social online events, we will do webinars .

We intend to have an administrative assistant who will help in coordinating all the activities and also keep a register of attendance and the subscribers.


We have a team of very resourceful and knowledgeable persons who have been in the sector for a while and they understand well more about Block chain technology ,Cryptocurrencies ,Harmony and Forex. Moreover we have embraced the culture of diversity that is key to the projects success

Below is ideal team of governors that will help to make the project a success

1.Rachael Nzeli John
Rachael will be the main governor for the DAO .She is a holder of Double major in Finance and accounting and a qualified Certified Public Accountant. Currently she is a professional trader in cryptocurrency field and a trainer of students/persons who have interest in trading and blockchain technology. She posses 5 year experience in Finance and 5 years in Blockchain technology .The extensive experience that she posses is the cutting edge. The project is aiming at training and bringing extensive public awareness in Blockchain and her experience will enable us reach the goals of the project. She also has experience in working with NGOs as a project accountant and management of grants. This posts her in the right place to lead the project and manage the grant according to the guidelines of the Donor.

2.Elizabeth Muingai
She is an outstanding sales and marketing lady who has a proper scorecard in the field with experience of over 10 years .Moreover she is also a Blockchain technology trainer and a Cryptocurrency trader .Her extensive experience in Sales and marketing will help in creating the intended public awareness of blockchain technology and Harmony .

3.Brian Keya
Brian is a full stack software engineer with 5 years experience in software engineering and blockchain technology .

4.Gladwell Moraa Nyaboga
Gladwell has exceptional planning and administrative skills. She is a continuing student at the university specializing in Information communication technology .she will be the secretariat of the DAO. Her outstanding administrative, communication and IT skills will be an added advantage to the success of the project .she posses 3 years experience in Administrative roles.

Proposal ask

The project grant for this project is USD 50,000.

We are asking for USD 38,535.00 ( Thirty eight thousand, five hundred and thirty five US Dollars ) to meet our start-up costs and be able to satisfactory meet the objectives of the project . We will initially start in the 5 counties mentioned in Kenya.
We have 95% confidence level that within the first 3 months we will have covered around 60% of the 5 pilot counties. We intend to run the project for 6 months .
The other quarter of the project will be more of Monitoring and evaluation .
The outcomes, outputs and milestone in the first 3 months will be sufficient to give Harmony enough reasons to take up the project to the rest of the remaining 42 counties in Kenya.
The DAO will keep timesheets for all the staff in the DAO .timesheets will show how many hours the staff worked .


The justification for our proposed ask is on the link below;

Metrics for success

For us to count the project as successful ,we intend to reach out to 1,000 form four leavers ,1,000 marginalized women and 1,000 juakali members a total of 3,000 in the 6 months of the project in all the 5 counties .


  • Registering over 3,000 new trust wallet users

  • Over 3,000 new followers in social networks for the DAO and Harmony ecosystem.

  • Over 3,000 membership from the target counties with the DAO .

  • Organizing extensive blockchain events with aggressive public awareness of the technology and Harmony ecosystem.


  • Increased public awareness about Block chain technology ,Cryptocurrency and Harmony Ecosystem.

  • Massive blockchain technology literacy level in the 5 pilot counties. This will be measured through the membership data with the DAO and surveys in the counties .

  • Increased financial freedom. That the target group will consider trading cryptocurrencies and and take up other careers in blockchain .This will be measured by registration to the DAO of those taking up this path.


Hey @CRYPTOLUCKY want to make sure the
@HarmonyUniverse team sees your proposal so
be sure to post it in the main forum!

Hey @frwrdslosh and the DAO ops team!

Would love any feedback or updates you can share
with us. This grant would let give us the ability to create
and execute programming over the next months
while also forming the DAO and helping to
showcase how community led projects can redefine
artist sovereignty.

Our goal is to be an inclusive web 3 onboarding space with diverse programming that is made accessible to people anywhere in the world through the virtual gallery experience

Thank you!


Will provide feedback :soon:

The DAO Ops team is restructuring our DAO Bootstrap Grant guidelines. Thanks for your patience, friend! :blue_heart:

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Immersive, which means big, and interactive is the way to create value in the digital art space.

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Thanks! We know you’re working hard and we appreciate it!

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For sure! For us immersive is also multi-sensory and XR.
We love the concept of LightitUp DAO and should
definitely talk about collaborating at some point.
Congrats on your grant, too emphasized text

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Hi Gallery DAO team

I read all your proposal and links. Great work you are delivering.
Good luck with your proposal. If you need help or require setting up anything on Harmony drop me a line and when I have some free time I’m happy to assist.

By the way I have pencilled you in my notebook for the proposal of Harmony London International event - Events - Harmony Community Forum. In discussion and concept plans stage atm but I think you can offer a great addition for the Harmony NFT scene.

I see one of you will be visiting London follow the UK DAO Telegram: Contact @harmonyUKDAO on telegram and drop a line



Hey Adam,

Thanks for the support of this proposal! Would love
to connect regarding London. The UK has had a tremendous
impact on arts and culture and I think we could create
an entertaining AND powerful experience for this project!

Will also reach out to discuss all things Harmony.
Looking forward to connecting and adding value
into this community.

Have a great day and will drop a hello in the London TG.


Hello, @playoriginstory

And thank you so much for your unwavering patience as I trudge through the backlog. A thousand apologies. That said, I’m a big fan of this proposal.

Before I dive in to the criteria, here is a reminder of our updated DAO Funding Guidelines :slight_smile:

Of Harmony’s “Mighty Six” (criteria a proposal has to have to be considered for approval) the Gallery DAO has:

  1. Mandates :white_check_mark:
  2. Deliverables :white_check_mark:
  3. Metrics :white_check_mark:
  4. 9 Signatories :x:
  5. Multisig created :x:
  6. Second election scheduled :white_check_mark: (I understand this date may need to be updated :slight_smile: )

Our guidelines regarding the minimal considerations and amounts for DAO grants are explained in the DAO Funding Guidelines. Please refer to those when submitting a Grant request.

Please note that Harmony has revised how they pay out the bootstrap grant. This DAO Funding Guidelines (linked above) goes into more detail about the MVD (Minimum Viable DAO)

  1. Established a multisig wall with a 5 out of 9 signature requirement = $15K
  2. Held an election for those 9 signatories that includes at least 12 candidates and over 100 voters = $20K
  3. Has issued an “Membership Token” or Social Token of some sort (a DAO NFT, for example) = $15K

Thanks again for your patience. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey @frwrdslosh thanks for this information.
We will finalize our governor nominees early next week
and also set up our multi-sig. I will let you know
when these are both done and create a roadmap
of how we will meet our first three milestones.
Have an awesome weekend :raised_hands:

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super stoked to see the updates! Thank you! Hoping I get to see you again soon