Go & C# Blockchain Lesson Plans

Lucas, a member of the Bridge Builders DAO, would like to make a new Developer lesson series highlighting the use of GoLang in blockchain DAPP development.

“One great way to highlight Harmony is to showcase its core language GoLang, by making visually stunning coding tutorials to make simple Web Apps and Games with Smart Contract integration.”

The same can be done using C#, the primary language of choice for spinning up Unity games.

How do people set up the server, the Web DAPP or Desktop DAPP, the truffle and hardhat config or all the other stuff to make a game work on Harmony?

Tools to consider
*Javascript, C#, GoLang, PostgreSQL, React, VsCode || Unity, Blender or Cinema3D, MagicaVoxel, Adobe Suite Gimp || IPFS *

Why Go, Go sucks at games…
True… But it’s amazing at crafting a personalized production ready server and spinning up clean Web Apps with backend logic for any Operating System. The API can be called as an Oracle for the In Game Logic that a Blockchain Game would use to track multiplayer data on a Decentralized Server being shared on IPFS perhaps.

C# of course is your go to language of choice for crafting a Video Game

the other tools can be used to build your site, your assets and your art-boards and other designs.

Harmony is out here making Indie game Dev’s now… I wanted to start a conversation about how we can go about making a templated guide for the public to use when starting a game on the blockchain.

@Severin Had brought this up today in our meeting, and I figured I make a post to get this conversation started now while it was still fresh.

Bridge Builders DAO is ready to start collaborating on a massive lesson plan if we can support this project with the right funding.


I think education material about Blockchain gaming is generally a good idea. In the current form it would require a concrete lesson plan to be taken it into consideration. And some background information (like example projects) that qualify your members to take on that task.

Personally, for me the scope of the project seems too big to start with. I would like to see one of the following first before we create a ‘massive’ lesson plan:

  • minimalistic tutorial: how to integrate payments/NFTS into a unity3d game
  • create a bounty for a unity3d package that can be easily used for NFTS/unity with wallet integration.