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Hello Harmony Community,

I want to quickly thank the Harmony Team for trusting me with the developer captain role these last couple of months. It’s been enlightening and I have a lot of details to share with you all about why I am running in the Developer DAO.

Some of you know me on Twitter as @ChaoticBeautys
When I joined Harmony, I came in as an artist first, developer second. The changed quickly once I realized I had a deep understanding of the protocol and attended a live blockchain event with Li. The rest is history.

I’ve attended the TGI meetings Stephen Tse, and implemented his networking style by started a brand new group named the Bridge Builders. This group of new and experienced developers, artists and marketers have gotten together to better the Harmony ONE Protocol. The first project we started was Alexandria, a decentralized university. If you want to watch our presentation, you may →

We document our entire development process whenever our group starts a new project in
I’ve found that by documenting the process, it helps other developers new to programming get acclimated quickly, saving them time and energy. I help them build their projects using my documentation for blockchain, solidity, Git, Golang, ethereum, web3 with the help of EasyNode for validation on the Harmony blockchain.

I have a pretty decent understanding of GoLang for developing server side applications, as well as Javascript for creating front end applications. I learned solidity and have launched 3 test applications over the ethereum network, and helped over 20 developers mint their first crypto currency and trade it amongst peers. The bridge builder dao has plans to host live events sponsoring Harmony One as the event highlight, teaching new developers how Harmony works as well as launching their first smart contracts on chain.

I enjoy teaching others and providing people the tools nessesary to succeed in developing their idea. I would say the work I’ve done with Easy Node and the bridge builders is a testament to the assistance I’ve been offering to the harmony Community the last couple of months. I enjoy working with the people I have the chance to collaborate with, so having the opprotunity to do it all the time within the DAO is exciting to me.

Thank you very much for considering me to be your Developer DAO candidate. I want to help people turn their dreams into reality, offering project documentation, educational content and networking the community with the right developers to create amazing projects.

From the members of the Bridge Builders, and the artists over at Chaotic Beauty LLC

Thank you :blush:

Dylan Kawalec


Bridge Builders DAO : Road to 1,000 Developers.

We’ve helped raise over $8,000 in community funding with our public sponsors.

We would like to help Harmony Pair the right Community members and Developers together, through the Bridge Builders.