Goal of 9 Governor Candidates reached - Elections can begin

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in helping kickstart the Creative DAO!

It’s wonderful to see all the experience and enthusiasm from everyone. This is how great teams form!

We can now begin elections, at the approval of those at the helm.

Looking forward to the opportunity to serve the Harmony Community,



Awaiting further info from @Sam and @lij we need dates ASAP we must host a AMA before elections


does this mean the pool for candidates is now closed? I didn’t see a follow up date after the previous date already past. Def could have missed it however

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@Sam’s announcement was a week ago and the 9th candidate just submitted some hours ago. I personally would recommend to leave it still 3 days open!?

Hope to see my team mate @ChrisG_Stakeridoo is submitting his later this day


I’d vouch to increase some clarity on the process first and not rush into things because some number has been reached.

@bloomin has asked some very valid questions here: Call for Candidates: Creative DAO - #6 by bloomin, and they haven’t been answered yet. I’ve been thinking of putting my name in the hat as well, but like Bloomin I would like to know what it requires from me.


This is just my opinion and what I took out from the down shown topics:

  • I presume this is primarily volunteer work?
    No a DAO is not volunteer but also it’s not free money. There are clear guidelines & mandates for DAOs that have to followed
  • What sort of time commitment would be expected?
    maximal 10hr/week can be written down.
  • If I were to get unwell again, would I be able to step down if necessary?
    This need to be discussed internal, but think this can be done. If step back for long term off course it would be great to give up the governor seat and let someone other run
  • How long are terms?
    3 Month
  • Would I be able to continue to “be myself” on social media?
    Of course, why not? The only thing you are not allowed to do is enrich yourself with your governor title or behave dishonorably. We also have a clear harmony culture and values. As a Validator DAO, I am not allowed to use this title to recruit people for my Validator, but I think it’s pretty clear anyway.

Think in this both post are all answers to the questions and more


Hey, I love your excitement, guys. However, I think it would be more democratic to have more than 9 candidates. Otherwise, we’ll have a situation like the Validator DAO where there are 9 candidates competing for 9 slots.

I suggest waiting a few more days in hopes that more people will participate and run for governors.


Agree, Nick and Myself will put our names in the hat also…


I can resonate with the excitement to get to work on this banani