Translation and International Communication DAO

Translation and International Communication DAO

I would like to start a conversation regarding the possible creation of a Translation and International Communication DAO, (A name that is totally available for a change) at the moment there is an ever-increasing need to make sure content is readily available in multiple languages if Harmony is to make itself a truly international blockchain that includes participants from around the world (The mighty 10 billion).

Currently, DAO Governors are arranging for translators for content, and although we have some extremely helpful people assisting, it’s a very slow process, DAOs could potentially share these translators with each other, but logistically it’s a process and communication nightmare even at a base level before this is scaled up if you wanted to cater content for more than a few languages, and that’s before you try to take into account how these people will be rewarded for their help and time.

What I would propose is a DAO for Harmony DAO Governors or Core Team members or participating members of DAOs, in which we could send audio or written information and content and have multiple versions churned back out in various languages to be handed over to content creators etc. This Dao could also serve as a hub for the forwarding of completed material to any relevant Regional DAOs that are active or social media channels of different nations. We could even pottentialy have team members and governors give live AMA’s with international media channels and influencers with live translations (Pipe dream maybe)

As we expand this could also be used as a communication bridge for people working for or alongside Harmony such as international developers to ensure communication is clear, concise, and correct. Audio-based Ama’s could be translated could also be translated along with DAO calls, and Harmony updates.

I think it’s time to start this discussion and get a plan in place for how we are going to handle international communication regardless of which format the material is in. We need to expand our reach with content and cater to the masses so everyone can benefit from Harmony regardless of which country you happen to be born in. If there is a need then we should provide it.

I would love to hear what you think of this? Do you believe there is a need for this? If not are there any easy ways to make this happen without the formulation of a DAO? Share your thoughts


I seen a commercial of the new Google Pixel yesterday , which can translate conversations from one language to another :eyes: in real time, imagine within minutes we could have an army of translators ready to edit punctuation and format in a list of languages to provide for their communities Harmony content and information :information_source:!

Totally aligns with every regional DAO and even @HarmonyCommunityDAO mandates, we need to ramp up efforts!

Just within the last 12 hours, there is a list of 5 people to assist with Spanish translations which @pjconleyy and @Abraham have them at their disposal now :blue_heart:

EveryONE everywhere should have access to content without any financial, geographic or language barriers


this is a great idea

fyi: regional daos (community type) are evolving atm

go to - 10 Regional DAOs Section
they’re in charge for content adoption and translation too


We are somewhat limited on discord @Mando @HarmonyDragon @Cryptowolf any support for Regional chat matching the funding page

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I want we have each local channel there, but… :point_down:


Interesting :face_with_monocle: wonder what @HarmonyCommunityDAO thinks about having international and regional within its own server :face_with_monocle:


I believe the problem that we will face with separate regional DAOs is that they will be faced with the same issue as any other DAO, they could be in touch with translators, but those governors will have to communicate with 10 plus translators for each and every piece of content, rather than sending content to a hub to be processed and translated effectively by a team that specializes in turning information around fast through a streamlined process.

We will get in touch Babylonode as still we need temporary fixes still for the larger issue.


I’m sure, we might have there smth more than just links to redirect to the right community

thanks for proposing


Interesting one, I know Sam Harrison mentioned having different channels for specific areas before.

We would possibly need a DAO for Admins haha. Governors spending time in media channel mods would literally use all available time.

DAO, Daos and More DAO pls


Personally, I think it’s a great idea as long as we had the manpower to monitor and keep it clear and a safe place from people with bad intentions. At the moment we simply do not, and C-Ops are flat out i believe haha


what’s the ‘larger issue’?

all regional daos are experienced in crypto and share the “The Way of Harmony DAOs

we won’t and we don’t meet any issues with translations atm


As I understand you would like to have a DAO that coordinates all the translation work across all available languages.

If so, I really like the idea. This was addresses by Ben , I remember, during his candidacy to the community DAO in the sense, that there should be a central organism coordinating the same content for all languages. Per definition that would be a Translation DAO.

This could help to align all translated content, topic by topic instead of having 10 or 20 different regional DAOs starting the translation work at different times and topics.

Adding to this: there is a need to translate static content that has been written a while back and won’t change (e.g. how to create a validator) together with dynamic/ on-going content like AMAs, Calls, etc…


I think the larger issues, as the DAOs progress, and as more DAOs are created, it creates potentially hundreds of documents and pieces of content that could be translated, and with each and every document there would have multiple forms of contact for each translation you wanted. Even if that was a governor needing to speak to the Spanish Dao, The French Dao, and e.g The Italian DAO, ect. It would be better to have a dedicated team focused on the translation and distribution of materials that fit into those brackets, in my eyes anyway.

We have to remember that those Regional DAOs will also be focussing on events also and everything going on in those regions. Going forward the amount of time we will spend trying to handle translations and distributing to relevant people will be ever-increasing.


Was discussing this with Kakashi and Ben earlier.

I think you get the point I was trying to make completely and Ben and some others, there will be an extreme amount of time spent trying to handle all this effectively, and when Governors should be focused on communicating with the communities they sit within, they will be spent handling translations.


It makes a lot of sense to simplify this ongoing process of need for translations. A DAO as proposed by @Bricktop_One would save huge amounts of time, energy and i guess also money for all the other DAO’s and their governors.

+1 for this proposal.


I’ve seen so much hard work going on with the governors with getting material translated, and some amazing people giving their time for free to help make this happen.

\I think if there was ever a DAO to formulate focussing on this, we would already have a lot of knowledge to put into that DAO from what’s already being achieved.


Excellent idea. I fully support it. :wink:


Also, don’t forget how beneficial such a DAO would be for new projects launched on the Harmony blockchain. And in that way provide a income for this DAO :wink:

Yes this is amazing! I am so glad people are so willing to assist and push the protocol further along.
Also this new invention sounds like it’s going to change the world. I’m sure at first it may be difficult to get exact translations that sound good. But over time they’ll get the bugs out and our phones will be doing it all for us.


I give a big +1 to the spirit of this proposal. I’m sure the details will need to be worked out, but to me this is very clearly a problem we should solve now, because if we start scaling without it solved we are just going to be scaling problems and not solutions.

This will be a very efficient way to manage this important work and will only get more efficient the more it scales.