Grindery Pay

Name of Project / DAO / Company
Grindery PayRoll

Application type
Product launch

Proposal overview
Grindery Pay is the easiest and fastest way to pay employees, freelancers and subcontractors in a 100% decentralized way. The products targets projects that pay teams with tokens as well as companies with globally distributed teams.The product currently runs on the Ethereum testnet and we are intending to launch it on the Harmony Testnet and then Mainnet this year. We are producing several thought leadership articles on unbundling global payout and decentralized marketplaces. We have engaged a specialized agency to launch on Product Hunt in November 2021. Our goal is to help to push blockchain over the chasm into mainstream. We have already secured commitments to use use the product for +$100.000/month payouts in Q1 2021 and will achieve $100.000 in transaction before the end of the year. This product is the first step and validation in a long and ambitious roadmap to unbundle rentseekers and decentralize markets.

Proposal ask
We request $50k in funding to launch the product.


  • $10K after launching the full and audited product on Harmony testnet
  • $10K after mainnet launch
  • $10K after forming our DAO with its community
  • $20K for after $100.000 in transactions.

Metrics for success
Launch on product hunt: November 2021
+$100k/month payouts by Jan 2022

External links
Chrome Extension (testnet): Grindery Payroll - Chrome Web Store
Demo: Grindery PayRoll on Vimeo
Draft Website: Grindery 0.2

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Thank you for the proposal. It has been approved for $50k under the Launches track. Congrats!

Please read the FAQ for next steps.

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Hello everyone, we wanted to give a quick update for everyone that is interested here.

First, we are on track to achieve our primary grant goal: + $100k/month payouts by Jan 2022
Things are lining up nicely.

More importantly we have gone down the rabbit hole on DAOs.

We are now working on the simple assumption that anyone who want to really do payouts in crypto will likely create a DAO first. In short: DAOs are the future and we will see an explosion of DAOs in the near future.

Aragon on Harmony is one big step for that.

Our mission is to put DAOs to work.

We will be providing super easy to use tools to manage payouts. For example

  • paying governors of an Incubator DAO per hour
  • paying out grant money for projects based on milestones
  • paying team member recurring salaries
  • paying developer bounties.

Use cases are endless.

While at this stage we are focusing on the payment side we have contracts, timesheet and payments requests in the pipeline. We have big plans. This in only the beginning!

Here a short internal loom on our latest thoughts. Feedback and suggestions much appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for the great support so far!

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Just became second on ! Thanks


and all other partner/sponsors for running this Hackathon. We know it’s hard work. #DAO #DAOs #web3 #w3

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We are moving into the next stage and iteration of the project!
Web2-web3 bridge for DAOs.

Hello there.
I think this project it’s amazing and useful.
How are you doing today?
Would you please share in which step are you please?

Thank you!
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:

The project has evolved further.

  1. we went down the rabbit hoe into infrastructure: "Grindery Nexus is the easiest way for people and organizations to connect Apps and dApps across chains and protocols."

  2. We have a Lite Paper and are looking for feedback.Grindery Nexus Whitepaper .pdf - Google Drive

  3. We got accepted into Binance Labs S4

  4. We are looking for synergies with Games in the DeFi Space. Feel free to reach out.

  5. We are close to hitting our remaining goals stated in the proposal and will setup a Harmony DAO to explore further synergies with the Harmony projects.

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This is great! Congrats on the progress!
@frwrdslosh - check it!

We have completed our transactions and will publish a bit more regarding our DAO.

Thanks Harmony team cc @Sam

We have delivered according to the following milestones

  • Testnet Launch completed in Jan 2022
  • Mainnet Launch completed in February 2022
  • DAO created in November 2021
  • 100k transactions completed June 2022

Product can be downloaded and installed from here

The DAO established

The MultSig can be found here

We are requesting $30k (of $50k) to DAO treasury wallet 0xb034302458106d61b67a66b1F86941AE5153DE43

Friendly reminder to complete the grant payment :slight_smile:

We have completed the audit.

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