Harmony Analytics-Ready Data via MetricsDAO

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We believe that access to data for analysis should be open and free; and that all data providers and all analytics platforms help raise the tide of the overall crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

We believe blockchains and protocols should have a clear open format to access analytical minds for on-demand, real-time visualizations, analysis and metrics they need.

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Proposal overview

A small group of MetricsDAO community members will be pipelining and organizing Harmony Blockchain data to enable the developing of insights over time. Flipside Crypto’s data platform (providers of data for ecosystems such as Terra, Thorchain, Flow and others will be providing the support for the data solution. Early solutions might answer questions such as client side wallet metrics, smart contracts metrics, NFTs, DEX growth - with the breadth of possibilities unlimited once the data is prepared.

You can read more about MetricsDAO here.


MetricsDAO is uniting the best analytical minds in the space to build the future of crypto analytics. Thousands of analysts are congregating to provide blockchains with the data and insights they need; it is providing a systematized approach to organizing data, making it analytics-ready and providing an on-demand bounty structure to motivate analysts to deliver outcomes.

Genesis members include:

danner.eth (Flipside) - drethereum (Rabbit hole) @andrew.i (Mirror)

jdcook (Indexcoop) - sui414 (0x) - MSilb7 (Unaffiliated - big news coming!)

undefinedza (Graph, Consensys) - Sunslinger.ust (Flipside)

Proposal ask

$12,000 in $ONE - to cover the cost of node support. The analytical team support to get the data ready will be delivered at no fee.


Thank you. Approved!

this proposal has been funded! Harmony Blockchain Explorer