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MetricsDAO’s community has completed curating Harmony’s data for analytic access. This was structured via MetricsDAO Harmony Proposal in November of 2021.

The curated data view GitHub - MetricsDAO/harmony_dbt: DBT Project for the Harmony Blockchain will shortly be available in the snowflake data marketplace. This will make it possible for anyone with a snowflake account to access the data. The MDAO Harmony Group is continuing to curate for what’s “hot”, which would enable additional types of questions to be answered.

You can join the MetricsDAO Discord here

Proposal Overview

With this complete, MetricsDAO is now able to build queries from the data and deliver insights valued by the community. In the interest of decentralization these insights would be delivered via a community-owned dashboard.

MetricsDAO would run a process to organize a set of needs from the community, and then have these needs solved via their on-demand analytics process. Analysts would be paid in $ONE for developing contributions. MetricsDAO manages all parts of the process.

  1. Data Access and Curation: Providing and transforming blockchain data for analytical queries. [Complete]
  2. Generating Questions: Discovering and organizing analytic needs of community, blockchain, foundation, etc into questions that can be addressed by analytical minds.
  3. Questions Become Challenges: assigning a variety of factors - such as difficulty level and round inclusion - to properly attract and engage the right level of analyst.
  4. Challenges Become Solutions: Analysts may deliver results, visualizations, insights etc. to address particular challenges, generating “Solutions”.
  5. QA for Solutions: Simply put: does the solution solve the Challenge, and does it do it well?
  6. Incentive Delivery for Solutions: Bounties analytical minds for the results they deliver.

MetricsDAO provides an organized process for completing each step.

As solutions are delivered, they will be evaluated for quality by MetricsDAO community members, and if approved, analysts who delivered the solutions will receive bounties.

Initial insights delivered will include:

  • Daily number of wallets (wallets with > 0 balance)
  • Daily number of active wallets (wallets with any transactions in/out that day)
  • Total value locked on all wallets
  • Daily number of transactions
  • Locked assets and number of transactions
  • Locked assets and number of transactions (monthly) per project (DFK, Tranquil)
  • Locked assets $ on ETH bridge
  • Number of on-chain delegators
  • Total $ staked
  • Number of validator pools

Additional solutions will be delivered based on Needs from the Community.

Needs from the community will be collected and voted on here.

Solutions will be delivered until the bounty budget runs out.


MetricsDAO is uniting the best analytical minds in the space to build the future of crypto analytics. Thousands of analysts are congregating to provide blockchains with the data and insights they need; it is providing a systematized approach to organizing data, making it analytics-ready and providing an on-demand bounty structure to motivate analysts to deliver outcomes.

Proposal ask

$20,000 budget in $ONE.

  • 15% would be provided to MDAO treasury for operations.
  • The rest would be delivered as bounties for analysts who solve Harmony needs.

Metrics for success

  • Development and delivery of community owned analytics dashboard
  • Solutions to above list of requested insights
  • Additional bounties from open questions list, as budget allows

Thank you @flipdave - this is a great proposal and we’re excited to have this dashboard with the help of the community. Application approved!


Hi @giv, sharing a status update!

Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard: https://harmony-dashboard-antonyip.vercel.app/

Github for Dashboard: GitHub - antonyip/harmony-dashboard

Additional Bounties

We also ran a series of ongoing challenges for community analysts.

(see more on this in my next post as I am limited to 4 links per post)

These dashboards were made possible by the data curation done by MetricsDAO which was the topic of this grant.

We are still backfilling our dataset which will enable more comprehensive insights.

Progress related to further curation can be monitored here: GitHub - MetricsDAO/harmony_dbt: DBT Project for the Harmony Blockchain

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Additional Bounties (continued)

The challenges can be viewed here.

We are in the process of evaluating all submissions but I will share some…

Transactions per Day: https://harmony-transactions.vercel.app/

Active Wallets: Flipside Crypto

Most Popular Tokens on Harmony: Flipside Crypto

In total we received over 140 pieces of analytics content from the MetricsDAO community in response to these challenges.

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funded: 0xa4b2f2e0220007f5e0b3fc06da724a1339e29ff463dcf505f6e75deffee0a378

Thank you @lij and @giv !

Along with the Analytics Dashboard we have now run programs that resulted in over 140 pieces of analytics content created by MetricsDAO community members.

So far, we have distributed over 100k ONE to over 50 MetricsDAO community members who have worked to contribute to the Harmony ecosystem through on-chain analytics.

Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard: https://harmony-dashboard-antonyip.vercel.app/

Github for Dashboard: GitHub - antonyip/harmony-dashboard

Working with Harmony is always a pleasure!