Harmony Brazil DAO

Well, thanks for your support! It means a lot :slight_smile:

Much thanks. We all are very thrilled due to the warming welcoming that we had from this amazing community. And eager to contribute to this amazing ecosystem.

Hello @CryptoTech

Thank you for getting this on the forum! Happy to see it. I’m a huge fan of Harmony’s regional DAO’s. I expect great things from the Brazil DAO.

I believe the only missing criteria from “The Mighty Six” is scheduling the second election. Find more information about the DAO funding guidelines, here.

Looking forward to the update! :blue_heart:


Oh, sorry for that. The line with the schedule for the next election went MIA since I had to edit to past the governors in the next postings. Thanks for the remark. Its there now!


Hi there. CryptoTech @frwrdslosh What deliverables has Brasil DAO done yet?

Brasil DAOs got paid out for the whole month last month (in April).

  1. https://twitter.com/DaoBrasil your Twitter has 2 posts separated by more than a month. Most tweets are just retweets. This seems a bit low-effort. I see though that your Govs are fully paid out for 10 hours though. Who in the DAO is in charge of social media engagement? Are there multiple DAO govs responsible for this area?

Also, your insta has just 2 posts.

  1. I saw a few of your members at the DAOOps call complaining about how the price of ONE dropped. Can I ask, what work did some of these DAO members do?

  2. Where are these 2 meetups you did? Any pics?

  3. Where’s a draft of the newsletter? You wrote in your roadmap you would do a newsletter.

  4. Where is this plan for a regional hackathon? Any evidence that there’s some progress in this area?

  5. Where are your Twitter Spaces meeting?

  6. It has been 30 days since you were funded, and where is are the translations that you said you would do? It says in your roadmap that it would be done in 30 days from the time you get funded.


The Brazil DAO has not received any funding from the Harmony DAO Ops team.

Sorry if it appeared if I was being too strong with my criticism there.

I’ll wait on some evidence on what they’ve done so far. I think there can be a lot a DAO can do before they even receive funding.

Again, apologies for the confusion there on my part @frwrdslosh

Now that I have been corrected and I see they have not received any funds, I think my questions can be directed to this DAO on what work the DAO is doing even before they will be approved. Is the plan to wait until funding before beginning to build the DAO up?

Finally, just want to correct myself. The tokens sent from Andre’s wallet, for example, were testnet tokens to test voting on the multi-sig. I didn’t see it – I definitely need to start wearing my glasses.

@frwrdslosh @GeorgeofEmmaInterest , in fact a DAO can do a lot even before get funding. And we were organizing to do it before the whole DAOs criticisms wave started picking up.

The thing is that we never received yet an official response to our proposal. Even that I saw in one of the @nickv tables saying that we were approved. So we decided not to go full ahead until we havea at least received a confirmation that our proposal was really approved.

Can we confirm it @frwrdslosh? As you can see we expect an answer since 28th March.

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Yeah I was pretty confused too. I saw in the table it was approved as well.

However, it should be said that you active in the Validator DAO – couldn’t you have reached out to @frwrdslosh in the meantime? For example, during the DAO ops calls? He has been in every call since the 28th of March. I would say, it is partially your fault for not following up.

Well @GeorgeofEmmaInterest , I really don’t wish to use the access that I have as a VDAO governor. I wouldn’t have this access if I wasn’t elected to term4 and I strongly believe that its not the way the things must be done. IF I must be a governor in any other core/original DAO to have a proposal of any other DAO evaluated, I think we’re missing the point here.

Tried contact him and others via TG as well as we had contact earlier, not only him but others, like @Jose_Ramon_Couto_Alb and so on.

And really doesn’t suit my style to keep bothering for anything.

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I understand. Makes sense. Sorry to hear about this. I am not sure what to do. Technically not a DAO, so therefore 1DAO Alliance (which is for DAOs) can’t discuss this.

I feel like we’re in a bit of a bureaucratic bind. I feel like this.

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Great project with the amazing @BiancaGadelha and her new MacBook Pro paid by Harmony (SpectrumX DAO)

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How many DAOs did @BiancaGadelha sign herself up in as a governor? Any DAO with her involved is an instant red flag considering her amazing achievements of doing absolutely nothing with the funding she received for the SpectrumX DAO.

Oops, sorry. She did buy herself a MacBook Pro so there’s that. Good going.

@Point7C and @sick_of_this I can’t speak on behalf of any other DAOs but as far as I’m an active governor (even that Brazil DAO was not funded or even “officially” aproved yet), I can guarantee that she (@BiancaGadelha) does an amazing job based on her and our capabilities. Any funding to this DAO, will be done AFTER the deliverables are met, not before. The funding will be used to facilitate and fuel the other deliverables that we have presented (since some requires some cost to be started) and even paving the way to make our DAO sustainable.

We from Brazil DAO, will stick with our goals and aims to bring further adoption and awareness to HarmonyOne in Brazil (that’s an widely known dormant market for crypto yet).

So for all stated above and all that was depicted in our proposal we vow to work closely with the community and being transparent for all accountability when needed, there’s no need to worry about that.

Our goals are aligned within Harmony and we’re a community driven DAO.

I hope any doubts are clear, if something else is needed, we will always be in touch. Don’t hesitate to leave your questions and uncertainties. We will try to alleviate as much and clearly as possible, after all, we’re community members as well and we share some of your concerns too.

Hey @CryptoTech. Thanks for the response.

I don’t doubt that you as a governor, or the DAO as a whole could possibly have a positive impact on Harmony. But there’s no possible scenario where the community can support an individual who practically “scammed” $10k and delivered absolutely nothing.

Go check the SpectrumX DAO proposal that @Point7C linked. She has completed absolutely 0 deliverables. It’s been what 4 months or so, and she hasn’t even setup a discord server?

And here she is signing up as a governor. How do you think anyone in the community will perceive this? Just as an analogy- let’s say a game dev rugs the project he received funding from Harmony for. Then comes back as part of a separate dev team. How much confidence would you have in this team?

She is fairly active on Twitter i see and she has made 0 mention of Harmony or the SpectrumX DAO. So, is she going to return the money she received from Harmony as a gesture of goodwill? Because frankly, that is the only way I see anyone in the community regaining any faith in her.

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I see that you as a community member has some valid concerns, and I can just give her and anyone else the benefit of the doubt. And again, I can vouch for what I see, and where I see it. Despite that our positions at the Brazil DAO are mostly volunteered, and we are not earning a penny for it, all governors and @BiancaGadelha included, are working as the best of our capabilites to build up this dream of ours. I don’t know whats going on within this Spectrum DAO, but I’m pretty sure she’ll come up with a reasonable explaining for all the delay.

And ultimately, one DAO can’t be held responsible for other DAOs actions due to “having” correlated members. We’re here to treat affairs related to the Brazil DAO and our next moves, steps and approaches. We have 9 governors and some many others contributors, so wouldn’t be fair to all this staff, despite his hardwork, being condemned by some totally unknown and unfortunate 3rd party DAO happening.

I really expect that it could alleviate any doubt and subsidies this matter.

Think you might be missing my point here slightly. It would absolutely be unfair to judge one DAO based on another DAO. But it is not unfair to judge an individual based on their past record.

Sure you might personally have had a good impression working with Bianca but personal anecdotes mean nothing compared to hard evidence. Until she clears the air regarding her project, there is no way anyone is going to consider her as someone working with good faith for the betterment of Harmony.

I wish you the best of luck in your work but I can’t back someone like her as a governor on any DAO.

Hey @CryptoTech

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination. Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

This thread will be closed.

This is permanent or just for the time being? We know that those are troubling times, but after the storm there´s always lull and calm seas…so it´s safe to say that it´s a pausing rather than a decline of the proposal?

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