Harmony Brazil DAO

                                  BRAZIL DAO

Regional DAO

“There are 3 eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.”—Chris Dixon, Co-founder of Hunch


Growth : Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation


Our vision is that Harmony is much more than just a token, Harmony is all about community, all about scalability. Harmony ecosystem growth was astonishing and it´s embracing people and projects all across the globe as it was promised.

With that in mind. Our mission is to take Harmony to an upper level. Making it widely adopted and used broadly by the Brazilian citizens, making it recognizable as a multipurpose currency, could be an investment on its own, as a hedge against inflation, as a method of money transfer, as a gaming and earning platform. The possibilities are endless.


A brief history about Brazil. Discovered in 1500, the country was colonized by Portugal up until 7th September 1822. The official language is Portuguese but, after many years, the language evolved naturally, and became increasingly distant from the original dialect. Nowadays, the gap has become so apparent that most apps, dapps and companies already recognize it, referring to it as “Brazilian Portuguese”.

With a population of 213 million people, Brazil is the biggest country in South America, spanning 8.5 million km2. With such continental proportions and its inherent multiethnicity, the contry embraces equally all citizens from across the globe. In fact, Brazil received immigrants from Europe (Germany, Italy and France) during the first and second world wars, as well as refugees from Japan, Korea, and China. Currently, it is the most preferred destiny from South American citizens that struggle against the pandemic.

The economy is ever growing, even at the current pandemic scenario, with a GDP around 8228 USD in 2020, which is expected to reach 11200 USD by 2022. Mainly set as a commodity exporter, but starting to become heavily industrialized, it is a central hub of distribution in South America. Large companies have set installations and production plants, such as Ford, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Apple, Samsung and other big players.

With all of that said, Brazil occupies the 13º place among all countries by cryptocurrency adoption (2020 data), 8th place in crypto ownership amongst internet users (jan/2022 data) and 1st place among South American countries on values received, with around 9 billion USD received (2020 data). There’s an ample and ever growing market ready to be taken, and 5% of the population is knowledgeable about crypto assets, and less than 30% (of this 5%) have ever used it. It occupies the the 5th place by crypto users around the globe. In 1 year, crypto trading with stable coins tripled in value, reaching 11.4 billion USD, and BTC trading doubled, reaching 10 billion dollars, between Jan/21 and Nov/21. This happened since the regulations provided incentives to use cryptocurrencies, as opposed to using USD or similar FIAT to hedge against inflatio, since operations in dollars are taxed at about 6.38%.



                            Multisig Wallet Addresses

● Andre - 0x8F5EAf9d1ecE2B48f76267Ed827cfEB15162c023
● Bruno T. - 0xb4B1C329B795F5F95b5E7759542FA34d6B6176e8
● Bruno V. - 0x45fDeA53356093977590d805CE249Bb84C0c9A90
● Bianca - 0xc6A60506Bc770B6c3f2ED6be463ABB1a69e65788
● Cleber - 0xfFcff36b2F33B18258AD2eE7401f0Fb15AfCD07d
● Durval - 0x0f975739bD36c6eea78d7bD8E8998765e33D2e0b
● Daniel - 0xa4E7A6c7Ee2Ca374C1d139F06023974492EB14B7
● Ed - 0x30c6711aC493dA218dB784a90911a6c25b46D99E
● Juliano - 0xB92B00d21f9Fa2c4C41FeD88B06ad305dcAC28B2
● Márcio - 0x918D7A2127f9fbEd78C8CC931dD07D61551d556E
● Multisig address - 0x76fD0A4456259bf56cAb4A1cA64Cc4eA51a4D76F

                                  Voting mechanism

To be decided after DAO is approved (could be Harmony Snapshot, Aragon or Coordinate)


After the successful establishment of the DAO, the team will focus on exploring all sustainable models available to provide a steady growth, less dependent on external funding. Multiple ideas are already being discussed and will be further developed as the DAO grows.


Asking 50k for delivering the below:
● $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
● $10k for keeping a newsletter in blogspot style, being updated lively and made available in portuguese languages (also adapting the already translated docs in portuguese(Portugal) to Brazilian portuguese.
● $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
● $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
● $10k for growing a public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Metrics for success
● Having at least 100 attendees at the hosted meetings
● At least 10k Impressions of the news website
● Translation finished by the first 30 days
● Having more than 1,000 active members on Twitter
● Having at least 100 developers at the Hackathon
● Achieve at least 500 active members in Telegram
● Achieve at least 500 active members in Discord
● Sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region
● partnership with youtubers and content creators providing at least 500 views in each content created/published
● bridge partnerships with major exchanges/crypto apps widely used in the region

                             Terms and Elections

Term duration set at 3 months. Elections for the new governors to be held every 3 months (start the counting after the approval of the proposal)


Andre Mota Nascimento

35 years old, married and with a kid, Senior Officer at Brazilian Navy, actually run the Crypt0Tech Validator at Harmony and have some other MasterNodes at other blockchains. Met Harmony at 2018 through the Sesameseed project, when it came to a closing in mid 2021, became aware of Harmony Ecosystem. Further discovering the amazing community and amazed by all the latent power that could be tap from and into Harmony. After establishing the validator, I strongly believe that more can be done to help the network reach new markets and seeing my country still beginning it´s development towards crypto, it’s a huge market that could be seized while it’s still early, making harmony and setting a strong foundation there.

Social Medias:


Discord: tekhnomaster#3091






Bruno Lopes Tauil

36 years old, married, residing in Guaxupé - MG sul de Minas, born in São Paulo - SP. I have worked since I was 16 years old, starting to be a trainee in the city council and later working selling skewers in the street and shoe factory. I was a government employee at IBGE where I led a team of 20 census takers. I graduated in Law 2009.i as a public servant in the years 2009 to 2011 in judgment sessions at the Special Body of the Court of Justice of São Paulo. During the period from 2011 until today, I am a lawyer and owner partner of Tauil Sociedade de Advogados. I have been an investor in the traditional market since 2016 and in the cryptocurrency market since 2021. I want to be part of Dao Brasil because in addition to being an investor in this cryptocurrency, I believe in the network and technology developed and this is an opportunity to contribute to the growth of Harmony in this country.

Social networks

twitter: @bruno_tauil

Discord: brunot#0462

instagram: brunotauil1


telegram: @brunotauil1

Márcio Fernandes Lima

43 years old, I’m an economist, I live in the State of Paraná - Brazil, and I work in the supply sector in a company owned by the State of Paraná, in the Information Technology sector.

My first contact with blockchain was in 2019 at the Blockchain Week Brasil event, which occurred in Curitiba city. At the time I was not an investor and I still had no such pretensions. Only at the beginning of 2021 I started with investments and consequently I met HarmonyOne, a project that I believe to be very promising considering its short time of existence and its great magnitude compared to other projects.

Due to my belief in Harmony, Blockchain, transparency and especially in the community, I am willing to contribute to strengthening and promoting Harmony.

Success to all!

Twitter: @marciofl1

Discord: Márcio#1427

e-mail: marciofernandeslima1@gmail.com

Cleber Oliveira

35 years old, married, I live in São Paulo-SP, Nurse since 2013, specialist in Urgency and Emergency, I started investing in cryptocurrencies at the end of 2020, focus on cryptocurrencies with solid fundamentals and also on P2E games and NFT, met the HarmonyOne network through the launch of DEX Viper (VenonDao) after having a study HarmonyOne saved number 1 as a Blockchain to invest a long time, it will be an honor to participate in DAO Brasil and further help it’s development.

Telegram: @CleberOliveira7

Discord: #4621

Twitter: @CleberO39285417

Bruno Veronez

40 years old, and I live in Bahia. I have a background in Hydrogeology and Geophysics applied to Water Resources, currently working, among other things, with mathematical modeling of underground aquifers and geostatistics. I recently started to get interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, mainly in the graphical analysis part of trading. In addition, I have always found the concept of blockchain and decentralized economy very interesting, and I found, among others, HarmonyOne, and when I heard that there was an initiative in Brazil to develop it, I was very excited and ended up here! I believe it’s a sure bet given the seriousness of the original developers and I’m sure the same thing happens with the Brazilian group. I believe that due to my personal experience in different fields of activity and my creative and data analysis skills, I can contribute a lot to the community, and I believe that I am joining a truly winning team. The tools are already available, now it’s time to go upstairs and make good use of them. Regards to all!

Telegram: @Brunozep

Discord: Trilobita#5025

Twitter: @MolotovExu

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I support the funding of this DAO

Brasil is a great “target” for additional adoption and expansion of the Harmony ecosystem. For Harmony to become the blockchain for 10 billion people, fostering Harmony community growth in regions like Brazil will be essential

Although I’m not familiar with all of the governors, I do know @CryptoTech/Andre and @cybernodes/Dan via the @Harmoforce group (which promotes Harmony decentralization and supports new/aspiring validators). I’ve been able to see their commitment to Harmony firsthand, and know they’ll bring that same commitment to the DAO

Good luck to you all


This is an excellent idea. I find the roadmap solid and achievable as planned out.

The idea to target growing economies familiar with the cryptocurrency ecosystem is definitely beneficial for the Harmony ecosystem.


This is a great way to expand and support harmony’s growth.

I have no doubt that the presented team’s commitment and enthusiasm will bring much wanted attention to our network. The roadmap is clear and detailed on their intentions. I’m all for it!


Thanks for the kind words! We certainly will do our best to make it happen. Our wish is to make Harmony as popular as possible, to reach and benefit every layer of the society.


Both will be benefited!


Much thanks for support! We’re all in for it!


Brazil is big country with big population. Well funded DAO in this country is really important for Harmony ONE. In general countries with high growth are very important for the cryptocurriencies.
Presented team already work hard for Harmony ONE and I’m sure they can do much more with support from Harmony ONE.

BTW i love Brazil, I’ve been there few times. There are so many wonderful people, hard working, open minded.


Great Proposal bro! It will very odd if BIG country like Brazil doesn’t have Harmony $ONE Regional DAO. Lets go! :fire::fire::fire:

@frwrdslosh :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Thanks for sharing, we have the same thinking! Next time that you come, please share with us :), so we can meet up :innocent:


Thanks for the support!


This is excellent work Andre. The metrics in having devs, YT and including exchanges are solid milestones. Nice emphasis on the growing market as Brazil is No. 1 in South America.

You have my support!


I like it… Brazil is a big player


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and a team member will reach out for follow up.

If you have more details to add, please respond to this thread. We also love :blue_heart: to see the Harmony community asking questions and provide feedbacks.

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Well, thanks for your support! It means a lot :slight_smile:

Much thanks. We all are very thrilled due to the warming welcoming that we had from this amazing community. And eager to contribute to this amazing ecosystem.

Hello @CryptoTech

Thank you for getting this on the forum! Happy to see it. I’m a huge fan of Harmony’s regional DAO’s. I expect great things from the Brazil DAO.

I believe the only missing criteria from “The Mighty Six” is scheduling the second election. Find more information about the DAO funding guidelines, here.

Looking forward to the update! :blue_heart:


Oh, sorry for that. The line with the schedule for the next election went MIA since I had to edit to past the governors in the next postings. Thanks for the remark. Its there now!


Hi there. CryptoTech @frwrdslosh What deliverables has Brasil DAO done yet?

Brasil DAOs got paid out for the whole month last month (in April).

  1. https://twitter.com/DaoBrasil your Twitter has 2 posts separated by more than a month. Most tweets are just retweets. This seems a bit low-effort. I see though that your Govs are fully paid out for 10 hours though. Who in the DAO is in charge of social media engagement? Are there multiple DAO govs responsible for this area?

Also, your insta has just 2 posts.

  1. I saw a few of your members at the DAOOps call complaining about how the price of ONE dropped. Can I ask, what work did some of these DAO members do?

  2. Where are these 2 meetups you did? Any pics?

  3. Where’s a draft of the newsletter? You wrote in your roadmap you would do a newsletter.

  4. Where is this plan for a regional hackathon? Any evidence that there’s some progress in this area?

  5. Where are your Twitter Spaces meeting?

  6. It has been 30 days since you were funded, and where is are the translations that you said you would do? It says in your roadmap that it would be done in 30 days from the time you get funded.