The Ambassador DAO

I love this initiative! Just wondering why Facebook never gets included when it comes to social media?

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I frequent the official Harmony Facebook page all the time, it’s kept updated on a regular basis. How would an official page be relevant to the Ambassador DAO? Any recorded AMAs or links to AMAs can be uploaded. No need to pay anyone for that.

It’s right in the mandates of this DAO. There are communities on Facebook that help people out plus they’re a lot bigger than the official “Harmony” page that just posts updates, it doesn’t give support.

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So you think you should be paid because you moderate a unofficial Facebook group where most of what you do in there is nonstop shill your validator? Oh and potentially gatekeep other validators from advertising? Come on you already financially benefit from it and now you want to get paid more? No one should get paid anything unless that group is a fair location for all validators and ran by unbiased people who are bringing more value to harmony than their own pockets.

Gatekeeper?? Obviously you don’t know much about the group. There is no gatekeeping. All these other moderators are Validators that get paid. I don’t make money from being a validator, nice try.

I don’t care if I get paid, but what’s the difference between what I do and what all these paid moderators do??

I’m a strong yes for now, but I want to be clear that I see this as a marketing expense and not a dao. There is no path to revenue or self-sufficiency, and that’s the total wrong way to view ambassadors.

Ambassadors are in service of the community and should add value, not be extractive via some revenue scheme.

Ambassadors are a necessary marketing expense. The only question, in my mind, are detailed below.


Who are the meetups for? I want these meetups to serve:

  • Developers on harmony

  • prospective developers on harmony

  • app users on harmony

  • prospective app users on harmony

  • current one holders

  • prospective one holders

It’s important to be clear on who. That way it informs the content of the meetups.


This is hyper important to me. For the last ambassador program I ran, I focused on very specific locations based o. Density of developers. They were (and are) my primary audience. See example here:


In the past I and my team developed “meetup in a box”, pre-created content to help ambassadors.

Developer content; specific content to onboard users to apps (hot to play dfk, get jewel to buy a hero), etc.


I think where matters more than when. If it’s in a priority location, then the frequency matters more.

For example, I don’t care if a meetup ever happens in Namibia - there are no devs there. But I would want a meeting every month in Vietnam focused on gaming.


Meetups could be done remotely too. In person is best but the facilitator could be in a remote location.


Ambassador program is meant to be a marketing cost. So the expectation that it will be revenue generating is kinda ridiculous. It’s a public good. So I would question that requirement from Sam and Li. We need to be prudent and wise but no expectation of revenue.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the support @allenye!

We have onboarded Ambassadors that are working diligently internationally to educate their local communities, and promote ecosystem growth (so far we have ambassadors hosting events in: Nigeria, Buenos Aires, Madrid, El Salvador, Philippines, Rio as well as multiple cities across the U.S. including Miami, LA, NY, Denver, Nashville, Houston, SF, Dallas, Austin, and Palo Alto.)

We would love to drive more adoption around the globe and continue onboarding new ambassadors, however as many things are being restructured in our ecosystem, our signatories are currently working to adjust accordingly. We are currently not onboarding new ambassadors at the moment, but that is subject to change in the future.


Hey @KidCrypto50.

Perhaps some of the online community moderators can chime in on this discussion. (I am unable to speak for the online community moderators, as my primary focus in coordinating in-person events).

However, relating this to ADAO, you’ll find that this initiative was intended to be a DAO with three main areas of focus:

1. Online Community Moderators
2. Tech Support
3. Meet Up Events

This 6-month initiative was designed to continue encouraging adoption, education, and promoting ecosystem growth in these three categories, then transitioning into a fully in-person meetup events group (which is essentially the stage we are transitioning to).

I hope this response is helpful in someway, and perhaps other online community moderators can offer some insight as that is not my area of focus.


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@OgreAbroad thank you always for your support and enthusiasm for this program. The Nashville community is extremely lucky to have you, as are we to have you as an ambassador.


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Thank you for your support and providing such detailed input @papi.
I agree with you on these points, and would like to address the following suggestions:

  • This statement addresses the elephant in the room: How do we incorporate profitability elements into an initiative that was not initially designed for it? We are promoting the message of Harmony and growing the community, so I could see how this could fall under a marketing expense or even a potential extension of the events team.

  • However, after having many hours of discussions & hearing diverse perspectives amongst the team, ADAO is still being encouraged to remain a DAO. This brings up the topic of self sustainability if we are to truly operate as a DAO, which require us as a team to problem solve.

  • We are remaining open minded to all of the possibilities of this program. We’re transitioning to an entirely meetup focused group, focused on scaling events internationally. There are a few paths forward and it is up to us to determine the most appropriate path.

  • @essalacher from the Harmony events team will be working closely with us to develop the ADAO Playbook as we make this transition and forge the most appropriate path forward.

  • This is a valid point as well. We had a conversation with @Sam who had suggested possibly even moving forward as a Service DAO. Our primary initiative is to be a scalable, grassroots, community-driven education program. Would adding elements of revenue generation affect this?
  • This is another valid point. Our meetup audience ranges from intermediate, blockchain gamers, beginners, and the crypto-curious. The audience is heavily dependent upon the location, and we always encourage our ambassadors to use their best judgement when selecting one of the following presentations:
  1. Harmony & It’s Ecosystem - We recommend for a more beginner audience.
  2. DeFi 101 - We recommend for a more Web3 familiar audience.
  3. GameFi - Has become most popular with gamer crowds.

Additionally, we’ve given presentations on DAOs, NFTs, MAD NFT, DAO tooling, and Staking to the appropriate audiences.

  • Measuring success of future events will include analyzing adoption, which means strategically selecting locations that will bring us the strongest target audiences that welcome new
    developers, builders and investors to get involved.

ADAO Value Proposition:

ADAO has proven to be an asset to Harmony as an effective organization to scale smaller events globally. We’ve succeeded at hosting cost-effective events that provide an educational service while simultaneously growing our community internationally by hosting in-person meetups.

We aim to assist the events team by having local Ambassadors attending and hosting events to represent Harmony, rather than having the Harmony team travel to each event. This will assist the team to be more monetarily conservative, to be more mindful of bandwidth, while still maintaining presence at events.

  • In addition, we can take some of the burden off of the grants and events teams by directing smaller scale talk forum event proposals to ADAO, to optimize treasury expenditure while scaling events in a cost effective manner.


ADAO is a 6 month initiative that has been approved for funding based on deliverables met, which have been met & exceeded. We currently have ambassadors hosting events this month, and we have been working tirelessly to ensure that they are compensated for their efforts. We simply need the minimum operational expenses for this month and we will be returning any excess funds not used as we transition into a fully event focused group.

  • The future framework of ADAO is still being developed, and will require critiquing, problem solving, and thinking outside of the box from both @mvelasco, myself, @WellnessOne and @essalacher, and other members of our team in the coming weeks.

We wish to keep the momentum going, and finish out our current initiatives. We will be updating the community & our ambassadors as we meet our goals and strategically plan our path forward. Thank you again @papi for your support and valuable feedback.


Thank you @ElixirofLife for this thorough proposal. ADAO has been a tremendous initiative for the Harmony community and we want to continue to support it. I do agree with @papi and whether we need to shift from a DAO model to something else. Let’s work together to find a path forward to ensure the longevity of this important initiative. Strong yes!

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funded: 0xe53502a83160578dff145cededd23dfb49358ae36b1cabb330e38f30393a4bf7

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Big props to ADAO! Go ADAO!

The @HarmonyCommunityDAO had lately a meeting with @WellnessOne about onboard the Moderator to Community DAO as I the ADAO goes into a Ambassador Program.
If this should happen we need to speak about this

In the moment my personal MetaMask is connected to this bounties also because Multi-Sig is not working and we have nearly no funds


Hey @ElixirofLife !

Was just going through the ADAO Timesheets. Noticed that your “Billed Hours” in the “Governor Pay” section here on the forum doesn’t match the “Billed Hours” from the Timesheet linked.

Here it says 273.84 Hours but in the Timesheet-

Screenshot (91)

So that’s- 133.77 Hrs of unexplained billing

I say unexplained but I know why this happened. Bit of an amateur Excel mistake about how summing works on a filtered column. Below is an illustration-

InkedScreenshot (92)

Summing over a column after you’ve put a filter on it doesn’t just sum the visible cells but the cells in between too, i.e., you summed cells B31-B41 instead of just B31, B39 and B41.

I am assuming you didn’t actually get paid for an extra 134 hours due to an Excel mistake but would love some reassurance. If you in fact didn’t get paid for the extra hours I’m pretty confused how you arrived at the 148k paid ONE when you are the one supposed to be getting it.

Also some free suggestions from someone who works Spreadsheets a lot-
The Timesheet report is a complete mess to look at. Try and standardize reporting formats across users. Redundant info like Name, Email should be put separately instead of repeating in every row. Clean up pointless rows in sheets.

This one you might have missed because I think it’s a Multi Sig issue and not on your end but the Tx IDs on the Excel no longer match the Multi Sig IDs


@lij @Sam
Any update on this??

Hey sick_of_this,

Your intuition was correct, this was a reporting issue done by me, not a payment issue. Rachel was only paid three times, as confirmed by tracking txs to her wallet addresses from the multisig wallet.

Rachels wallet: 0x7387767a12867b262153E3b533D6823a8466791A

2/11/22 18,953.83 Out to 0x7387767a12867b262153E3b533D6823a8466791A

3/23/22 10,520.3136 out to 0x7387767a12867b262153E3b533D6823a8466791A

4/29/22 53,232.806 out to 0x7387767a12867b262153E3b533D6823a8466791A

As for the TX numbers, they became mismatched rather recently with an update to the multisig. The tx numbers still corelate with the nonce of the txs but for some reason tx numbers changed.


Thanks for the clarification @WellnessOne !

The multi sig apparently has some sort of limitation on how many Txs it can show. The oldest outgoing transaction there shows March 23, 2022 i think and that’s what has messed up the IDs too i believe. So new Txs will keep removing the older Txs there which is a bit of a mess on the multi-sig side.

I think adding the Tx hashes to the report might be useful.

Anyways thanks for confirmation on what I suspected had happened!


I like to Apply for these DAO memeber , Whom Should I contact

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Hey there @sick_of_this. I’m glad that @WellnessOne was able to provide clarification on this, as he has been the one handling our accounting. Thank you for providing clarification and clearing this up @WellnessOne :+1:

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