Harmony Customizable Reward System

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Harmony HRC20 Reward System

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Proposal overview

The aim of the project is to develop a flexible tool for loyalty systems and loyalty points on the Harmony network.

Loyalty point systems have historically been a widely used tool for all types of organizations, through which a participant in an ecosystem receives points to spend or obtain discounts at various establishments. The problem is that these points are centralized in a single portal of each organization and also do not have liquidity to share and send between users without the consent of a central entity.

To do this, we want to develop a Harmony web-based tool to solve this problem. A fully customizable P2P loyalty point system for anyone where an HRC20 token is used for each loyalty point or program. This token is generated automatically and can be managed from a mobile application that allows you to send points, receive points and pay in both physical and e-commerce establishments. This tool is accompanied by a web payment-gateway that can be integrated by anyone through 3 API calls and that will allow any site to accept not only $ONE but also any HRC20 as a means of payment in a completely flexible way. Finally, thanks to the “pay-for-others” system it will be possible to hold all the $ONE as fees in a single account so that users do not require direct interaction with the fees.

As a first pilot, we are going to implement this system in an organization with 50k + employees who will be transacting on the Harmony network through different loyalty programs.

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All efforts at this stage will go to the definition, documentation, design, development and implementation of the pilot solution.


With a Blockchain development experience practically as long as Ethereum years of existence, the Peersyst team has been carefully selected as one of the most expert and complemented teams in the development of this technology.

This team of people is designed to work on this project has the following roles:

The main mission of the Product Owner is to define the product and prioritize the objectives to be achieved, in order to maximize the value of the product.

The tech lead is responsible for the entire technological development and definition part of the project. It is responsible for defining the most appropriate technologies, the Blockchain protocols to be used, the test and production environments, the platform infrastructure, security standards, backups, migrations and integrations with other systems. The highest level technology profile responsible for the platform and development success.

This profile is of vital importance for the success of the projects. Usability is one of the most important points to work on in any Blockchain solution as well as the design of easy and attractive interfaces for users.

This profile is in charge of helping the tech lead to define the specific Blockchain solutions and develop the previously defined protocols. Its functionality is to ensure the security of all connections and of the platform at the software level.

This profile is in charge of developing all parts of the solutions on the server side. Many platforms can use a backend as an engine for logic and allow integrating the frontend with Blockchain modules, user management and administrators.

The developer responsible for designing all the changes in the visual part of the applications and the part of the logic that does not interact with the Blockchain.

Metrics for success

The project is already being developed targeted December, 2021. The designs are finishing in the final phase. The metrics for the success of the project are:

  • Finish admin panel and the mobile application by November, 2021.
  • Finish the payment gateway and all the functionality by December, 2021.
  • Start integrating the solution in January 2021.

@Peersyst thank you for the application. You are approved under the Launches track:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after mainnet launch
$10K after forming a DAO with its community
$20K for after 10K users



This is an incredible proposal… Really looking forward to seeing what comes out!

I really like this, precisely I have been thinking about a sort of loyalty program for a while and I know even some local businesses that might be interested in this.

It’s great that this is being built on harmony!!! and I am keen to see a product launch :slight_smile:

I am really interested in seeing how price stabilty can be achieved with a loyalty token. If for instance I buy 10USD in goods in a shop and receive 1 USD in a loyal tokens, I guess the shop won’t be happy if I come a month later with 3 USD in redeemable tokens. But i guess this has been all sorted out :slight_smile:

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I would hope that the loyalty tokens would be either not having a monetory value or if indeed they do and increase in values, then the shop could sell them at 3 dollars each :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I was thinking about what would happen if someone decides to list the loyalty token to a DEX and provide liquidity. The token gets traded and rises in value. Is the store, the original minter profiting from that rise? I guess they don’t profit from the trading activity. But you have a point there, they should dump the token at the time of redemption. But thats a hassle.

If I think about it now, I guess it’s as easy as assign a pegged value to it, like 1 Token = 1 USD. The next time you make a purchase and want to redeem those, the shop will only redeem 1 token = 1 USD.

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UPDATE 20/12/2021.

We are progressing at a very good pace and development will be completed soon. As a priority, we have started the development with the integration with the client to test and satisfy their needs. The current state is:

  • Mobile application completed and tested. Hybrid application in React Native, can be compiled for Android, iOS, Web and progressive Web-app for all devices. It allows all the functionality of registration, account and token management, participation in programs and list of allies.

  • Admin Panel: Developed in React, it allows you to open a new supply of the token freely for the superadmin, create program managers and view all the information on transactions and users globally. You can also create new programs and list built-in allies that dynamically appear in the app.

  • Manager: Thanks to a sub-access to the admin panel, it can include and distribute loyalty points among the participants of its program and manage them freely.

  • Payment Gateway: It is under development, about to finish. External payment page that will allow any entity to connect and register in which token ID they want to accept payments, to which address and with which chain ID. Then you can send payments with amount, a message and a timeout freely and the payment gateway generates a QR and a service that checks and approves the payments once made within the time. It will be ready in the next few weeks.

Finally, the pilot will start with several smaller and larger groups with the multinational and later the Harmony software will be enabled for integrations in addition to the product hosted in a Peersyst subdomain.