Harmony explorer showing no data exists before June21

Hello harmonauts,
I was just filling some forms for IRS and I realized that no data exists in the Explorer before June 21.
I am sure that wallet was used before that date.

Anyone had the same problem?

Hope that there is a fix for this issue.

Is it the date or is it X transactions… I will have to check but I am sure Explorer only displays the last say 100 pages / 100 txs…

Data can be taken from the explorer node for sure!

Some wallets it is the date, some other wallet is the number of txs.
If the max txs is 100, how do you ppl export older transactions?
Could you post an example regarding the explorer node extraction?

I must fill the proper forms in 15 days.

Thanks Maffaz!

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Not sure dude but I have a script for calling an archival node and saving to csv.

I changed it to convert the timestamps to datetime and the amounts to ONE (not wei).

it is on git here:

If you dm me your address, I will happily run it for you if you are not able to yourself.

Updated title to reflect the issue and question.