Missing Funds Please Help

I Sent Harmony One Token from Kucoin to my One address and even though the withdrawal on kucoin show success I never received them. I checked the address on my transaction and everything is correct but its been over 4 hours now.


I had the same problem today, but it is now resolved and the funds appear in my ONE address.

If you check the times of the latest blocks on the harmony blockchain explorer, it should show you there was a significant delay this afternoon (compare the times with the time of your Tx completion on Kucoin’s record, under the withdrawal history).

I hope it’s resolved now and better in the future. I have a feeling it will be. Good luck Steve! :smiley:

If not resolved. Share Transaction on Harmony Explorer:

Tokens showed up after about 5 hours


I sent polygon matic from my Coinbase wallet to the polygon wallet on Blits. On the ethereum blockchain it says success with transfer but nothing is in my Blits polygon account. There’s all this gas and nonce stuff that I don’t get because I’m not a computer geek or mathematically inclined but I still want to play the game. It just stinks I should have tried sending one before sending it all.