Harmony Network Support in Building Art + Gaming + Tech Ecosystem based in the epicenter of P2E Games, Philippines

Name of Project

Mustachio Quest / OWNLY

Proposal overview

Mustachio Quest is the first metaverse P2E game we are currently building in OWNLY. The game is part of the pioneer cohort of the GM Frens accelerator program, its an open world 3D game full of tales and treats where you can accomplish quests and get rewarded by in-game tokens in the world full of mustached beings.

Ownly is aiming to be the “Nintendo” of web3 by creating games through NFT art collections created by our talented artists in our NFT art marketplace. Mustachio Quest will be the “Mario” in the art and gaming ecosystem we are currently building.

We started creating blockchain games in 2019 by building one of the earliest versions of P2E games through a 3D Solitaire game, CryptoSolitaire where we ranked 13th out of 100+ global entries during Decentraland Game Jam 2019. Then we pivot to Ownly in 2020 focusing on the art aspect and building the 1 of 1 highly curated NFT art marketplace.

We raised $120K+ through OWN token private sale and IDO last 2021, and we are looking at scaling our product development on Harmony. We are set to launch our metaverse P2E game, Mustachio Quest this 2022. Building a product on the epicenter of the P2E games is one of our competitive advantages as a Filipino-led company. As of now, we have partnered with a couple of gaming guilds, and guild aggregators to help us spread the word about this upcoming game.

Our team is composed of developers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and founders with a combined 70+ years of experience in software development, education, marketing, art, and design.

Proposal ask

Seeking for funding and/or grant, with technical support to continuously #BUIDL on your network for $1M to accomplish our 2022-2024 roadmap in building an ecosystem focused on the intersection of art, gaming and technology through an innovative metaverse-platform in Ownly.

Metrics for success

  • Currently we have a combined no. of followers of 67K+ in Twitter, IG and FB
  • combined no. of members of 12K+ on Telegram and Discord
  • 11K+ subscribers on our Telegram News Updates
  • Revenue of $83K+ in our 1 of 1 NFT Marketplace in 4 mos. of operation
  • Average of $1K per NFT sold
  • 100+ OWNLY NFT holders
  • 1000+ OWN token holders
  • 3+ years in the industry

External links

P2E Metaverse Game Website: https://mustachioverse.com/
Company Website: https://ownly.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ownlyio
Roadmap 2022-2024: Ownly
Currency ($OWN token): Ownly
NFT Marketplace: https://ownly.market/

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We launched the Closed Beta Testing of the Mustachio Quest game for our Genesis Holders. You guys can take look here: