Harmony Nigeria DAO (Harmony NaijaDAO) Proposal

Thank you so much my friend, Slosh!

You’ve been part of the common thread burning in this our labor of love and harmony.

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We have received 1 invoice with a google drive link attachment. We do not have access to that attachment, so I can’t confirm which milestone to fund.

Please allow all access to public docs, and share all relevant information when filling out the google form.

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


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funded for translation: 0xb1b7673dba65eef73a9f4c5ca299b70e0cb14922231600cbbadf03600138d5cc

and 1k twitter followers: 0x0c1360cdc7d7531c76729e0ac7583aecf065476ff792c6f367b22344069e7999

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Hiii, some awesome work going on here!

Just a quick question in terms of community growth.

How would you expect to measure community growth in
i) membership growth
ii) engagement stats

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Update on Achieved milestones:

Greetings @frwrdslosh @lij @dpagan-harmony @giv

The Harmony Nigeria DAO is elated to announce that we have finally met the remaining two deliverables as required in our funding mandate.

Here below are the details (timelines, activities and evidence):

  1. The Hackathon planning stages and Ad

  2. The roadmap

  3. The discussions, twitter spaces, and activities to market the hackathon, partner with local developers and organizations. (inclusive of dates)

  4. Partnership and publication on blogs and online media in Nigeira:
    HarmonyNaijaDao Hackathon: Officially our first publication as a community

  5. The Judges

  6. The Teams (first 100, 24 hours before deadline)

  7. Registration Summary from the Harmony Naija Dao Virtual Hackathon - Google Sheets

This link shows the summary of the registration
This link also shows the name, email and the role of each registered participant

We have 140 Participant (105 Were Actual Developers)

  1. (6)Judges, 24 Teams, 121 approved participants
  1. Hackathon kickoff event on our discord channel:
  1. 13 teams made it in record time.
  1. Post Hackathon session

  2. Harmony Naija Dao Virtual Hackathon Submission - Google Sheets

This link shows the submission of all 12 Teams that made it to the end of the hackathon

  1. Our Award event

  2. Judges Summary and Team Position: Harmony Naija Dao Virtual Hackathon Judging Summary - Google Sheets

  3. The Winners:


As I write this, the proposal of the 5 winners from our Hackathon are been worked on and will be published within the next 48 hours.

Links to their publication on talk will be added here:


This was a thrilling event for me. Harmony NaijaDAO :harmony: :blue_heart: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Hello, @Symphony.One and the Harmony Nigeria DAO

I noticed there are still a couple of outstanding milestones and I wanted to update y’all regarding grants. Grants from Harmony are currently paused. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I understand that financial incentive is a powerful motivator. During this Harmony Grants funding pause perhaps the DAO could use other conventional methods for growing a treasury. As always, any questions please post them here.

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Hi dearest @frwrdslosh,

Thank you for your reply. It took me some days to reply because I couldn’t wrap my head around what is going to happen to our set of governors if we don’t pay the Hackathon winners.

Remember Slosh, this Hackathon happened before Harmony decided to stop funding. We were working so hard to meet the metrics and deliverables you (Harmony) gave to us. Even distinguished @giv and @GeorgeofEmmaInterest were part of our Hackathon judges. We were following your own guideline. It is only fair that a promise made should be a promise kept. Because it honestly will look bad that Harmony refused to pay out rewards to candidates in a competition they judged and announced winners themselves.

Over the last 8 weeks, we have been assuaging our Hackathon winners that Harmony is a trustworthy blockchain and her leaders can be trusted on their promise. We battled so much disinformation and cacophony from quarters who already believed we were fraudsters and defrauding the community.

This would get worse for us, online and offline. This is Nigeria. And right now, should sentiments be that we had the funds and squandered them instead of paying the winners, I’m afraid to say, none of our governors are safe.

I once again dearest Slosh, I plead that our Hackathon deliverable which we met before the new guidelines came into effect be released to us to pay our winners. Our governors continued ability to sustainably & consistently have air go through our lungs depends on it.

Thank you so much for your continued understanding, support & most especially unwavering considerations.

With gratitude,
Cheta @Symphony.One


what did i just read??? what would get worse for which governors? the same governors that won the hackathon or am i missing something here. Nigerians are not anything like you described here so please don’t make it look like they’d send thugs to your house if you don’t pay the winners. That’s degrading to us as a people and i cannot believe you would use such a flimsy bait to try and get money from Harmony. Do better.

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This shows that you are money hungry @Symphony.One. firstly, no sane person will pose harm to any governor just because the prize for the hackathon winners haven’t being paid out.
Secondly, the winners of the hackathons are governors of the DAO which you know, so i don’t think there will be any issue with the prize not paid out. can they harm themselves? like WTF!
To conclude, please stop all of these public display in a bid to fill your pockets from harmony. we know you are down bad on the market, but it shouldn’t make you seem desperate. The DAO activities have dried up so far and i don’t see any reasons to go against harmony no-funding order just to pay an obsolete DAO.


What did I just read???
First of all, Nigerians are peaceful people, we don’t go around harming people. We know you are desperate but you shouldn’t paint us as bad and dangerous people.
Asides that governors don’t go around harming themselves

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What kind of comments are these and why are people attacking a man who did his job and was not paid the promised reward? There was a level playing field for everyone. Harmony openly stated the terms of cooperation and stipulated the amount of remuneration. The team of this DAO held a hackathon? If yes, then the team has fulfilled its obligations! Why attack the person who did their work and who was not paid for this work? If I’m wrong, tell me where my mistake is.