Harmony-NL looking for a sponsor

Hi Harmony community,

Does anyone know who is owning and/or managing the Harmony merchandise store?

Im trying to build and grow the Dutch speaking Harmony community and got some idea’s for give aways. And i was thinking maybe the owner/manager of the shop would like to sponsor us, perhaps through the financial support of the community DAO?

Looking forward to set this up and get it going.


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Have you considered forming a dao and requesting funding from harmony?

Or maybe a request for hosting an event?

Check out the funding section

About Funding Proposals

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Yes i have and added the idea on the Dutch subforum here.
Meanwhile im trying to gather a group of Dutch Harmony enthusiasts with each specific talents to form that DAO. Not so easy since the Dutch group is still small on telegram, hence the give away request i did.

Thanks for ur reply!

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I live in Breda but I am from the UK en ik Speek heel slecht Nederlands :stuck_out_tongue: maar ik ben geinteressant…

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You don’t need a DAO to request funding for an event for example…

Great Maffaz and u’re a validator that makes it even better. If you’re on telegram please join the Dutch crew. Dan kun je het Nederlands wat meer oefenen :wink:

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