Harmony Philippines DAO

Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Your proposal is under review :slight_smile: Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:


Thank you @frwrdslosh

Let us know if you need additional information, were happy to talk with you through call to explain our goals.

Best Regards,


Hello @laet4x

I would like to thank you for this incredibly detailed Regional DAO proposal. And if it’s alright, I would like to use it as an example for other Regional DAO’s. :blue_heart:

There’s only ONE thing missing in order to approve this DAO for funding. That is setting a date for a second election.

If the initial govs can set up the second election and have a fundamental understanding that the DAO treasury receives funding after certain milestones have been achieved then we can approve this Regional DAO for funding :slight_smile:

@lij @Sam @giv


Yes Sure @frwrdslosh

We’re happy that you choose our pattern as an example for other Regional DAOs.
I will discuss with my fellow governors our second election schedule and will post the schedule soon.

Best Regards

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Hi @frwrdslosh,

Please check the election scheduled for Q2. We decided to make the next election next quarter.

Let me know if you have questions.



Harmony Philippines DAO governors rotate on a 3-month basis. The election process should follow a per quarter basis.

Qualifications to Become Governors:

  1. Governor should be a Filipino Citizen
  2. Fluent in Filipino and English.
  3. One Thousand (1,000) ONES in their designated wallet throughout their whole term as governor (can be staked in a validator)

Election 1st Round: Election of the current governor for Top 6

  1. Re-election of governors and will be voted by Governors + Community.
  • Top 1 to Top 6 will be retained.
  • Top 7 to Top 9 will be opened for election.
  1. Top 7 to Top 9 positions will be opened for the community members. The previous governor can run for re-election.

Schedule for 1st round election:

May 20 to May 23: Registration (deadline UTC 23:59, May 23)

May 23 to May 30: Voting (deadline UTC 23:59, May 30)

Election 2nd Round: Election of 3 New Governor for the Top 7 to Top 9 position

  1. Filing of Candidacy — We will use Governance - Harmony Community Forum for filing of candidacy. We will create a thread where candidates can introduce and post about themselves and why the community should vote for them. If the interested candidate files after the deadline, s/he will not be considered anymore. All candidates who successfully submitted their candidacy through talk.harmony.one can campaign for themselves through social media.

    Schedule: June 1 to June 8: Filing of Candidacy (deadline UTC 23:59, June 8)

  2. Campaign period - The days between June 09th and June 16th will be dedicated to conversations and communications about what the Harmony Philippines DAO means to you, what should and shouldn’t Harmony Philippines DAO do, and asking the members of the community to vote for you.

  • Candidates are encouraged to promote themselves and share their Forum posts across different channels.

    Schedule: June 9 to June 16: Campaign period. (deadline UTC 23:59, June 16)

  1. Election Period - The election runs from June 17 00:00UTC to June 24 23:59 UTC. The vote will be held on Snapshot.org .
  • Elections will be held for a period of 1 week.Once the election closes the new governors will be integrated into all current communications systems and start the organizing process the next day.

    Schedule: June 17 to June 24: Snapshot voting period (deadline UTC 23:59, June 24)


Thank you for the detailed analysis of the election schedules, @laet4x :blue_heart:

I would love to dive in to this segment:

What constitutes a “Top 1 to Top 6” retention? I’m thinking it would be based on performance reviews? Coordinape Circle has a wonderful tool that could also help with these deterministic values.

In any regard, I would like to approve this DAO proposal.

@sam @giv @lij


We will have 2 elections:

1st election is for Top 1 to Top 6 and the reason is STABILITY

Here are some reasons:

  • We used the concept of how the Republic of the Philippines vote for senators, since we have 24 senators we replace the 12 senators each term.

  • We don’t replace all 9 governors immediately, instead we replace it slowly starting with 3. We can mentor the new governors and make sure that DAO and its projects will continue.

  • We will also be based on performance reviews (KPI) so that the governors that is not performing will be placed in Top7 to Top9 position. (Were thinking of audit and peer review of fellow governors, all governors will be a voter and decide who will be retained in Top 6)

2nd election is for Top 7 and Top 9 and this is open to everyone from the community and we will give the chance to others, but they need to meet a certain condition which are:

  • Governor should be a Filipino Citizen
  • Fluent in Filipino and English.
  • One Thousand (1,000) ONES in their designated wallet throughout their whole term as governor (can be staked in a validator)

Why do we put the qualifications?

  • We will make sure that only Filipino is the governor and will not takeover by others.

@frwrdslosh @Sam @giv @lij


I really enjoy the thought process that has gone into elections.

Thank you.


Have PHI DAO covered & answered everything you need? Thanks. @frwrdslosh

It’s a great idea to overlap the terms. This is what most companies do with their Board members.


Stability, continuity & minimize disruptions during transitions. Thanks. @frwrdslosh

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Let’s go guys! This is it! :grin:

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Make some noise Pinoy Harmonauts!! :blue_heart: :tada:


Hey. How do I join your DAO community?



:blue_heart:Telegram: Telegram: Contact @harmonyoneph
:blue_heart:Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarmonyonePH
:blue_heart:Facebook : Harmony One Philippines 🇵🇭


This DAO proposal is approved. Please send an invoice to harmony.one/grant-funding when you have achieved a milestone from the Regional DAO Guidelines initial deliverables.

  • $10k for translating open.harmony.one.
  • $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  • $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Congratulations on the approval :tada: This proposal was well written and thought out.
Thank you @laet4x for the work you do in our community :+1:

Shared the news to our Ambassador DAO twitter page:


Excellent News! Mabuhay! @frwrdslosh
:blue_heart:Congrats DAO PHI :philippines:


Featuring Harmony DAO Philippines! :philippines: :blue_heart: