Harmony-Marketing DAO

Name of DAO
Harmony Marketing DAO

Application Type
DAO formation

Proposal Overview

Hello everyone,
As you all know cryptocurrency is trending over the past years and people want to know more about it. There are more than 19000 cryptocurrencies created to date. So there are many options for cryptocurrency developers, investors, etc. to get engaged in crypto/blockchain. With this increasing trend and competition in crypto/blockchain, We would like to announce the creation of Harmony Marketing Dao for the promotion of Harmony.

Our Aim:

  1. To introduce Harmony to new people and increase the presence of Harmony on social media.
  2. Create new YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Discord accounts for mass promotion and bring new members to Harmony.
  3. We plan to engage our social media audience by sharing Harmony news, press releases, events, new projects, NFTs, prices and more.
  4. Campaigns via social media are more important than just sharing about giveaways, developments, contests, and/or promotions.
  5. Maintaining a more active social media presence.
  6. Interacting with the audience in a fun and professional manner.
  7. We plan to host online events and educational programs so that people can understand about harmony easily.
  8. With clear communication and monthly brainstorming meetings, we’ll be able to consolidate the marketing initiatives to fit our goals and perspectives.
  9. We plan to organize Instagram contests for giveaways and drops to catch a lot of attention from the audience.
  10. Paid promotion on popular crypto accounts and channels to bring existing crypto enthusiasts to Harmony.
  11. Create whiteboard/animated videos for YouTube to spread understandable knowledge about harmony to new members.
  12. 2-3 articles about harmony to be posted every week on telegram and Discord.
  13. We want to bring the existing crypto enthusiasts, developers and investors. Also to bring those people who still don’t know much about blockchain /crypto. We want them to start their crypto journey with Harmony.
  14. We also plan to handle social media accounts of other clients or projects from Harmony community and provide them Marketing support.

Deliverables (next 3 months):

For 1st month

  • Aiming for 300-400 active followers on each Instagram.
  • 150-200 active members on Telegram and Discord
  • 1k+ views on every video and 150+ subscribers on YouTube.
  • Host 2 educational program
  • Organise 35-40 giveaways and drops
  • Create and upload 6-8 videos on YouTube.
  • 300-400 active followers on Twitter.
  • Organise 5 online events on Google Meet.
  • Create 7-8 articles about Harmony Web3.
  • Organise meetings with moderators for further plannings.

For 2nd month

  • Aiming for 600-1000 active followers on each Instagram.
  • 300-400 active members on Telegram and Discord
  • 5k+ views on every video and 500+ subscribers on YouTube.
  • Host 3 educational program
  • Organise 25-30 giveaways and drops
  • Create and upload 6-8 videos on YouTube.
  • 800-1200 active followers on Twitter.
  • Organise 4 online events on Google Meet.
  • Create 7-8 articles about Harmony Web3.
  • Organise meetings with moderators for further plannings.

For 3rd month

  • Aiming for 1500-2000 active followers on each Instagram.
  • 600+ active members on Telegram and Discord
  • 10k+ views on every video and 800+ subscribers on YouTube.
  • Host 2 educational program
  • Organise 25-30 giveaways and drops
  • Create and upload 6-8 videos on YouTube.
  • 1500+ active followers on Twitter.
  • Organise 3 online events on Google Meet.
  • Create 7-8 articles about Harmony Web3.
  • Organise meetings with moderators for further plannings.

Proposal Ask:

As per “ONE to EARN” we will provide you with a Google Timesheet with each governor’s time record and the activities they did at the end of the week.

For now we are requesting the funds for first month(5 google meet $1250 + video creation $2500 + moderators $1200 + content creation $3000 + Harmony Education program $1500 + Ads Promotion $2000 + Graphic Designing $700 + Online event/Quiz $20 x 40 giveaways = $800 + Twitter $2500 + Work as per “ONE to Earn” average $7000) Total :arrow_right: $22450

Metrics of Sucess

:fast_forward: We will further grow these accounts and the increase presence of Harmony on Social media.

:fast_forward: Our perspective is to increase the engagement by bringing new members in Harmony community.

:fast_forward: Organising of Education programs, events will help people to understand better about harmony.

:fast_forward: We plan to handle the social media accounts of clients from harmony community and provide them with marketing support.

Currently, we are setting up Multisig wallet, we’ll update once it will be ready.

As per Dao formation Guidelines, Harmony Marketing DAO will also operate on 3 months governor term. The date of the election for the next term of 3 months will be counted from the date of funding of this term.

Thank you,

Looking forward to seeing your response.


Very well explained and detailed proposal!!
All the best!:raised_hands:


Thanks mate!! :hugs:
Let’s wait for the council to review the proposal.


The idea of the proposal is superb….
The team are trying to make a great impact to the development of Harmony One
Looking forward to the future of Harmony Marketing DAO


I really appreciate your words. :ok_hand:


Wth, another scam proposal?

Can the Harmony team stop new accounts from creating grant posts?


It seems that you seriously need to do some research before commenting here. I would recommend you to take a look at the stats of the account.
I have posted a proposal before also and I have been following Harmony for a long time. Since your account is older than mine, you can check my read time and all the stats. My stats are better if we compare them according to the joining dates. Additionally, I do a lot of research before putting a proposal here. And I think Harmony team needs to do something to the accounts who comment useless things on the proposal. And if an account is new then it’s not a big issue. Every proposal has a new idea and new concept which will benefit Harmony and you can’t kill a concept before hearing it. Moderators are there and doing their job perfectly, they have the authority to find out if it’s a scam or not. If you have any questions or doubts related to the proposal, feel free to ask.


Have you gone through the proposal before calling it a scam?
As far as I know Moderators have already gone through our previous proposal and they’d know about us. So you need to find a strong reason to criticize us.

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Best of luck marketing comrades! :sunny:


Thanks @EdgarTheONE
I am glad to see your support. :hugs:

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It’s not a scam, they are legit users, though they were probably recruited as members based on their interaction in the previous proposal

to be honest looking at how you respond to criticism, i don’t think you would be a good fit for marketing and social media engagement

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hey, @Nicholas_Yap thanks for your comment.
I know my word in previous comments seems confrontational. But as I can see that you haven’t made any proposal yet. I think you don’t know what it takes to make a proposal. There are many things behind the proposal such as analysis, research, planning, discussions, etc. that makes me so weighty regarding our proposal. And it is so disappointing for us to see someone calling the proposal a scam. However, I do apologize for my words. Additionally, I’d like to hear something about the proposal from Harmony community.
Thank you. :hugs:

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Hi @Adrenaline81
You are right and I think you should ignore the texts from the people who are asking or saying useless things. Just answer to those who are asking something related to the proposal. However, our team will support you in this proposal. Let the moderators comment their view on the proposal.:raised_hands:
Thank you

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You are making assumptions here, just because I have never submitted proposals in this forum does not mean I have never written and submitted proposals ever and to be honest the requirements for proposals to be accepted here are quite liberal, some of the proposals that were accepted here would literally be thrown out if they were submitted elsewhere.

You want to talk about analysis and research sure I’ll bite. Let’s see what do you really know about addressing the needs of Harmony One from the Marketing perspective.

  1. Why should Harmony One engage with you? They already have an existing marketing team. I’m not saying they shouldn’t I’m just asking where do you fit in since they already have an existing marketing team.

  2. Why the focus on social media? most of the KPIs in your deliverables can be easily manipulated, the only real value I see there are the actual content made by you and the engagement with the public that you will be conducting. Things like the number of active followers and members can be easily manipulated, your own members shilling this proposal already proves the point that even social media engagement can be faked. What about CTAs how would you measure those? And how about conversion rate, how would you measure those? In the end of the day marketing is not just about reach it is also about impact. I can spend millions of dollars to market a product, but that would be pointless if I don’t get a single sale of the product.

  3. Why is the proposal only for 3 months? Harmony is not going to be here for only 3 months, does marketing stop after that? What happens to all the social media accounts after that? You will hold them hostage and ask Harmony to buy them from you?

  4. What is the theme behind your marketing campaign? What kind of message are you trying to get across to the public? Are you just doing marketing for the sake of marketing without any goal in mind?

If you are trying to get on board as an outsource marketing team these are the questions that you should be addressing in your proposal

Firstly, are you trying to point fingers at Moderator’s previous decisions?

Secondly I really Recommend you to go through the proposal again!! Please go through it once because you are misrepresenting the proposal. The things you are asking are already present in the proposal. I am not making assumptions here, I am talking on facts.

Let me prove that the answers of all the questions that you have asked are already present in the proposal. :point_up_2:

Go through “Our Aim” part on our proposal. You’ll find the answer.

As you have already gone through my previous proposal also. You might have also gone through this one presented by Chak Raam. Go through it, if you haven’t.

Your 2nd question’s answer-

You can easily find out whether the followers are fake or real through analytics and engagement.
and we do not believe in fake social media marketing. We will provide legit and 100% organic growth to Harmony.
Although, I have already mentioned that I’ll provide all the analytics and growth data at the end of the week.

3rd question’s answer-


4th question’ answer-


Also read the Mandates-

Please don’t misrepresent the proposal!

Thank you,
Feel free to ask any questions related to proposal. I would really love to answer them. :hugs:

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It’s already an established fact that they were too liberal in approving grants. In case you haven’t been paying attention they admitted that they need a better approach in approving grants.

It’s good that you brought this up actually, how I structured my questions was for you to address this as well.

You don’t really understand the question, the question is why you instead of doing it in house or engaging with another 3rd party, or just hire a team social media experts to work full time for them? I can read, pointing back to your aim doesn’t say why you or your DAO specifically?

not entirely true I’ve already proven my point, engagement can be faked which is why you should also provide CTAs and conversion rate. Now the question is what would you be measuring for CTAs and conversion rate?

so you will only be doing this for 3 months because of a 3 month governor term, and there is nothing planned for long term sustainability? This DAO is going be an ad-hoc DAO that only exist for 3 months?
also not addressed, how will you deal with the social media accounts upon exit?

This is a generic and vague goal that tries to justify marketing for the sake of marketing.

Let me give you an example what I meant by my question. Say a soda manufacturing company had designed a new sports drink. To get more people to buy the drink from retailers, their marketing team designed promos such as giving free samples in places where people do sports like a gym or other sports venue and at the same time designing advertisements to promote the drink as something people would drink when they are doing any sports related activity. The goal is to get more sales for the new sports drink so the entire marketing campaign is designed with that in mind. For Harmony One what do you want to achieve with your marketing campaign? What is your marketing strategy?

I don’t even know why you think I am misrepresenting your proposal but you are free to think what you want.


Lol! It seems that you don’t know anything about DAO formation guidelines. I recommend you to visit - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Hello, @Adrenaline81

Thank you for providing an updated proposal from the previous one.

It shows a lot of ambition and passion and I can greatly appreciate that. Unfortunately, expanding on what @Chakraam_The_Great said on the previous proposal, a Marketing DAO isn’t something that Harmony is looking to bootstrap at this moment in time.

I very much urge you to keep moving forward with the creation of this DAO. Thank you so much for your continued support for the Harmony ecosystem. Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing your accomplishments.

Thanks, @frwrdslosh for reviewing the proposal. I am glad to see Harmony team’s final decision on this proposal.
However, I request Harmony team to stop the accounts that are spamming and asking useless things on proposals and misrepresenting them. Additionally, I would like to thank those people who supported this proposal.
I’ll surely come up with a better idea in the future.
Looking forward to seeing Harmony’s growth.
Thank you :raised_hands:

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