Harmony Protocol Community - Quest begins in less than 24 hours!

Hello :wave:t4: Harmony Community,

If you are available Tomorrow February 2nd from 7:00pm UTC to 11:00PM UTC - come hang out have fun in a retro arcade with opportunities to learn more about DAOs and featured projects building.

Harmony Community Quest hosted by the Harmony Community DAO


Special guest speakers from Defi Kingdoms to OpenSwap and Metatrone , including our very own @frwrdslosh to @HarmonyValidatorDAO & @HarmonyCreativeDAO - we will have giveaways through the event with main prize of 1000 $ONE
as well as NFT designed by @Loechii .

Crypto arcade is an open space with retro games inside an emulator type arcade - the main event will involve a Quest - that will be a scavenger hunt style - we will drop clues at the Main Stage where the guest speakers will be.

The scavenger hunt and Pac-man event will be open for 24 hours from February 2nd 8:00AM UTC to February 3rd 8:00AM UTC

Within this application we can chat via voice, text or share video streams in Crypto Arcade - :iphone: or :computer: friendly. Arcade

How login & find the stage

ONE of our Governors put this together per request of the community Kakashi Arcade Intro

Thank you for your support, hope to see you all tomorrow and follow our social channels for updates! :blue_heart:

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Really like the quest so far. I always forget how awesome Gather is → we should definitely do more events in these spaces IMHO.

Small point of feedback. It can become quite busy at the step1 part were the form is hard to find as screens keep popping up form users (chat/video)

Keep on rockin’


Thanks for participating and for the feedback! I’ll see if we can find a solution.


To give more specific feedback; I think it makes sense to move the gameboy and interactive NPC figure for the quest a little bit more to the left, giving more space for the google form


I’ll let him know. Thanks


It’s been fun and interesting, hope to get involved more.


I have fun! Thanks you !