Harmony Sensation DAO - Funding Proposal

DAO - Funding Proposal


Hello, Team Harmony Nice to see you all!!

We All Know NFTs are Booming in CryptoSpace With a Lots of Opportunity for Artist and the Collector from ART and Design, But NFTs in the music industry is not famous yet Globally. According to research, The NFT segment will reach a market cap of $80 billion by 2025.

Harmony Sensation is a Music NFT DAO aimed to promote Music Creativity in the form of NFTs for Local and Global Music artists and Sound Producers.
We Aim to introduce a Vast Community to HARMONY SPACE & ECOSYSTEM through our Music Based NFTs. Harmony Sensation vibes can bring to the HARMONY as a way to connect people outside the metaverse as well as inside. We aim to make pop-up music venues based on our NFTs around to world and live to stream them into the Metaverse. Meetups around the world make it possible to collab with other artists around the world.

Harmony Sensation DAO is a Music NFT Collection in the Form of Tickets | Album Covers | Lyrics | Posters & Banners & Signature Artist Music. With the Help of Harmony Sensation, We Like to Connect Local Artist Globally and Live Events Globally. The Major Aim of Harmoney Sensation is to Get More People Connecting to NFTs

Currently Where We Are !!

Organization of the DAO and planning of the Music NFT DAO - HARMONY SENSATION

Introduce Dao on social media. (Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Discord), as well as, start the development of the official HARMONY SENSATION website.


TOTAL $5000 ( FOR 3 MONTHS )

What Will Be Achievements:

  1. Connecting Local Artists & Global Artists to WorldWide
  2. Live Event and Streaming on ( Youtube | CryptoVoxels )
  3. Introduction of New Community to Harmony Chain
  4. Expecting to Sell more than 500+ NFTs as Tickets
  5. Expecting Live Music Event Crowd More than 1,000 -5000
  6. Connecting More Artists to Promote Harmony Through Music Industry


Shubham Maheshwari, I am Very passionate about NFTs and Music. My Idea About Harmony Sensation is To Connect Global People to Local Artists, I worked with Harmony Protocol and Many NFTs projects like Seascape, baby swap, and Solana Project like SolPunks.

Esben is a Producer and sound developer prev. owner of Music Eject Production. collab with Baby factory record label.
HE is currently working as Lead Sound designer/developer on a GTA-style gamified project on Harmony One Blockchain Called Dingos**.
For the last 15 years, He has been a part of the Danish underground music scene and made a festival for 500 people called flerdagsdrøm, or several days’ dreams in English.** through that, He has been helping artists produce their music in Global Recognition The main Vision of his personal goals is to help other artists on Harmony to come out over the stage and help establish them as artists that will keep growing.
Atm, he is also working to get Music rights to the space, which makes it possible for other game developers and projects to could use music in their projects without worrying about the legal rights.

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May I know the Status of these Proposal @frwrdslosh

All funding for DAOs and projects have stopped.