Harmony Snapshot: Official Migration to Snapshot.org

History of Snapshot on Harmony

When Snapshot was forked at the beginning of 2021, Harmony was in a very different place. Harmony was not yet implemented as a network option on Snapshot.org — so in an effort to quickly support our governance requirements, the team forked Snapshot from Snapshot Labs and rolled it out on gov.harmony.one.

Since its deployment, 38 spaces were created. All Harmony DAOs rely on Snapshot to run important elections such as protocol proposals and electing DAO governors.

A year later and Harmony network is now fully supported on Snapshot.org. With an ever-growing number of DAOs on Harmony and a plan to create many more, it is critical they have access to reliable services to run and manage their organizations. Sadly, the forked version of Snapshot is now extremely outdated and lacks many important admin features. If you’ve ever had to make updates to your Snapshot space, you’re well aware of how manual and slow this process was (mostly because I was the bottleneck in the process!). We’ve also had our share of system downtimes and bugs.

In the interest of decentralization and providing a reliable product to the Harmony community, we have decided to sunset our forked version, effective February 28th, 2022 , and instead, use the hosted version of Snapshot. Users will no longer need to create pull requests to create and modify their spaces and will have access to the latest and greatest features.

From March 1st, 2022 , users will not be able to create any new spaces or proposals. We will keep all the spaces for archival purposes until May 1st, 2022 .

Snapshot with all the bells and whistles

There are so many advantages to using Snapshot.org. For starters, you’ll have complete control over your space that you can edit anytime you wish. No more pull requests! Multiple pre-defined and custom strategies are supported. You can even take advantage of custom domains and plugins.

Moving to Snapshot.org

Moving to Snapshot.org comes with a few caveats:

  1. Unfortunately, existing spaces and proposals cannot be migrated. Owners will need to create a brand new space on Snapshot.org.
  2. Harmony Chrome Extension Wallet will not be supported. However, MetaMask staking will be deployed shortly so you should be able to create a custom strategy to vote with your staked tokens.
  3. While the service is free to use, new spaces will need to use or purchase an ENS name using ETH. This is a one-time expense. Instructions below.

While this is an inconvenience for existing spaces, we’re confident the pros of using a stable and modern Snapshot will more than make up for it.

We have already created a space for Harmony Mainnet and Harmony Testnet.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Is there an update on the ‘staking strategy’? I published the DevDAO Term 3 voting, but it doesn’t take the staked tokens into account. This is really unfortunate, as I imagine the majority is having their ONEs staked.


Why was there no vote on this change that has removed all integrity from our voting system?

This “change voting without a vote” has made far more problems than it has solved.


@giv thank you for posting this, I would like take this discussion futher. This decision should have been openly discussed and voted by the Validators. This should have been a formal proposal to change the VDAO’s voting system. The Validators basically got Rugged here. Term 3 was crippled here in terms of passing HIPs. Not jusy by Binance’s surprising staking amount but with no ability to pass HIP due to the snapshot migration. We also had to recreate the stake weight system via a smart contract created by @Maffaz. He did an amazing job with this. All this was thrown to us with no support from Harmony. Im sure you have messeges from @ben2k_Stakeridoo about this but again, No support here. The current snapshot has major issues. Can we please have a meeting to openly discuss these issues with you? Right now it will be nearly impossible to past any HIPs. @ben2k_Stakeridoo and @Maffaz can give better details to this. How are we supposed to move forward here as a POS Protocol when we are severely crippled by our own Voting system.

An example of the issues we found can be observed with VDAO Term 4 Signatures voting session. It’s all over the place. A few wallets were able to vote for all 12 candidates. There is no option to cap the amount of selections a voter can make which resulted in this issue. Link to the results on Snapshot are here: Results. We also posted these findings in our talk post here: Talk form results. Quorum is over 3.8Billion out of 2.8B minimum.

We need Harmony’s support here and I hope this doesn’t get ignored.

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Thank you @easynode and @BrotherOne - this migration was announced with almost 2 months for the community to provide feedback. It was posted everywhere and there were no objections and was in fact received very positively.

Bear in mind that the hosted app was almost unusable. It was a heavily modified version of Snapshot that was missing basic admin features like creating and editing spaces. A good portion of my time throughout the week was dedicated to managing this product and putting out fires because proposals weren’t loading for long periods of time and there was no immediate fix other than rewriting the entire system from scratch. It was a painful experience for newcomers and it was simply unsustainable.

As with all Harmony products, the goal is to rapidly decentralize everything. Snapshot.org migration was a no-brainer and it has removed the core team as the single point of failure while giving the community the latest and greatest version of Snapshot.

Of course, I’m happy to discuss this further with you and learn more about the problems you’re experiencing with Snapshot.org but please note that will not be reviving the broken hosted snapshot. Let’s work together to resolve your issues with the new system. Cheers.

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Thank @giv for your response, I appreciate it.

You are right, It was announced and we were under the impression that it would be the same snapshot that we were using with the exception that new features would’ve been added. That turned out to very different and we will need support. Regardless what is done is done with the Migration, I don’t think going back will solve anything. I would like to more forward and see how we can work together and get the new Snapshot.org up to par with the Current VDAO Charter and allow for HIPs to go though. Term 4 VDAO will be working on updating the VDAO charter from where Term 3 left off to address the issues as well.

Again Thank you for addressing our concerns.

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Excellent, thank you. Let me know how I can help.


Hi @giv , currently is there any way to restrict option voting within snapshot? In multiple option voting (such as in VDAO term voting) users are able to select all possible options, this is something as the VDAO we would like to restrict - set a max amount of options a user may vote.

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I’m afraid you have to check with the Snapshot community. 🙋‍♂️ Support - snapshot


It’s not possible, I asked earlier in the Discord server