Harmony Ukrainian DAO

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Great post!
If we’re already talking about statistics, I’d like to show everyone the beauty of Ukraine.
This dynamic video shows the beauty of our country.
Mountains, fields, architecture, forests and lakes. Too bad it’s not the best time to travel.


Can you explain precisely why you need a DAO to meet your objectives? It seems like social media and networking would suffice.

Also, the unfortunate reality is that Ukraine is losing this war contrary to what @BitMet stated. Btw the “map of military operations” @BitMet shared actually shows the complete opposite of Ukraine returning to civilian life. The majority of densly populated cities in Ukraine are found along its eastern border where Russia has either taken control or there is ongoing conflict. I highly suggest that Harmony wait until the war is over before considering this one.


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and assigned to @frwrdslosh on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


At the very beginning of the presentation, we wrote the purpose of creating a DAO:

The creation of a Ukrainian regional DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) has two main goals:

  1. Creating an information platform to attract new community members and tools to encourage them;
  2. Attracting developers and companies who will develop their product in the Harmony network.

Social media is not enough for that.

In one of your posts I read that you are an active member of Mars Colony community, you may be interested to know that the development team of this startup comes from Ukraine (fully or partially).


@PetrSet Yes, you wrote the purpose but you’re not explaining why you need a DAO. What will a DAO help you accomplish that social media alone cannot? Discord can be an “information platform”. So can a website. “Tools” is vague. There’s enough controversy surrounding Harmony’s DAO program as it is, I just want to know you’re not going to add to it.

Yes, I’m aware. About half of the Mars Colony team is Ukrainian and I believe most are leaving. This war has been a hindrance to development efforts. I have nothing against Ukraine or Ukrainians but it doesn’t seem wise to start this now.


Hi. Thank you for your interesting question, which I will try to answer.

As you have repeatedly reminded me, there is a war in Ukraine right now. Part of the territories are under occupation, many people have been forced to leave their homes and cities, and some people have temporarily or permanently moved abroad. In this situation, many traditional institutions of organizational management have been destroyed or ineffective.

It was the war that forced many people in Ukraine to pay attention to DAO - a self-organizing community with decentralized and automatically executed via blockchain functions of governance and voting, financial management, participation, compensation, organization of work flows.

Today in Ukraine there is a great shortage of new effective management tools that allow people to interact with each other remotely, make joint decisions, control their execution in a decentralized way, and coordinate resources through decentralized and provably neutral mechanisms.

Harmony Ukrainian DAO is being created by a group of Ukrainians to show by example that the DAO mechanism in the Harmony blockchain network can work effectively, and can set up effective work of a team of people unfamiliar or unfamiliar with each other.

We have a vision for development and a program of action. Step by step we execute that program.

Harmony Ukrainian DAO, in contrast to many other DAOs, is a great experiment, in the successful implementation of which many people in Ukraine are now interested. On the other hand the enemies of Ukraine are not interested in the successful implementation of our initiative, we understand that, we have a war in the country, so there are enemies.

I have tried to answer your question why we need DAO. Feel free to ask more questions.

I also want to tell you a fact known to many citizens of Ukraine. Men of conscription age cannot leave the territory of Ukraine now, so we work in Ukraine even in spite of the hostilities that are taking place in some areas of our big country.


Regional DAOs always have been to me some kind of extension of the @HarmonyCommunityDAO . I always was standing for a regional DAO being an ambassador of the @HarmonyCommunityDAO in their particular countries. So when questioned why Ukrainians need a DAO of their own, my answer is that actually Harmony also needs a Community DAO in Ukraine and specially because this country has the greatest potential for Harmony’s development.
And for sure the ONERUDAO is not the Ukrainian’s choice - it was actually a lack of choice and the reasons are obvious i believe.

Looking to people that are involved in all creation processes now, i am so proud to see them obviously professionals - you can read their thoughts above to have no doubts on that. People that had to grow up fast and understand that all Ukrainian is not a general RU, it is actually a clear Ukrainian and they have to take care, good care of its native Community and not something illusory like RU.

So yes, a Harminy Ukrainian DAO is needed for the Harmony Community because of the developers’ potential of Ukrainian Community, favorably created legislation for Crypto industry in Ukraine, population that is young and restlessly striving to do the best in any conditions live would throw them in.

Glory to Ukraine! :blue_heart::yellow_heart:


Hi @Rutherford, the idea of DAO is quite new in our region. Will be a lot of discussion about purpose, mechanics and organization structure ahead. Early sart of the process i consider as a positive sign. And it’s probably not just abut Harmony (of course it prioritaise) but also about the DAO as an idea. The try to build here something new, open and useful.


Thank you for the response. However, I don’t feel that my question was adequately answered. Can you tell us about your career experiences? And specifically how they relate to running a DAO? Any successful companies or crypto projects that you’ve been a part of that we can verify?

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But here is the issue. Your proposal is to show DAOs themselves are good for the sake of DAOs rather than a DAO that is good for Harmony.

I don’t know how to say this in a nice way but it concerns me that you wrote this proposal:

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I would agree this proposal is milking a combination of things: people’s guilt over Ukraine, their need to have a separate DAO “for” Ukraine and for “Ukranians” but… somehow a country currently with limited internet access will contribute to Harmony through??? “good press” whatever that is, that the OP has a history of overly complicated proposals with no real implementation history to speak of. In essence, this will become a charity that the govs will get 75 usd an hour for and no way of ever becoming self funding and sustainable.


We knew that Harmony suspended grants program when we start discussion. And we started gathering ideas about self-sufficiency.
Locked mechanics, NFT votig, regional validators, pseudo-KYC to avoid “dead souls”.
Here, in Ukraine, isn’t any “limited internet access” at all. I’m curious where you found this information?


What are your KPIs for this though? I don’t, and many don’t, understand why we need an Ukraine DAO at this present time. Will it bring 100,000 users into the Harmony ecosystem? I doubt it. I think we should use our resources for countries like China, Indonesia, India, and so on, with a huge population and which are places not impacted by internet issues or war. This will have the highest net benefit for Harmony, the blockchain. We are not a charity. I repeat. Harmony. Is. Not. A. Charity.

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You have shown 2 provider from 2 regions touched by war. There are a hundreds of them plus mobile. We have 24 regions not two. We don’t ask for any charity, it is the only start of discussion as metioned.


How will you be self-sustaining? Locked mechanics? Of tokens? NFT voting? Regional validators? How do those things generate revenue?

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All this under discussion. And we will be grateful if you can suggest something, not only criticizing and blaming in “asking for charity”. And if you provide any data, please make proper research.


I think you need to propose that on your own. It is hard to know more about creating a sustainable organization, that will be self-funding, in Ukraine than someone like yourself who lives there. My heart goes out to you because of the war, but I am not able to conjure up a path to self-funding currently for your potential DAO. And, I think it is a bit odd that you are asking the community to come up with the way you can monetize your DAO instead of you starting with this in the very beginning when you posted your proposal.

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