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Hi @GeorgeofEmmaInterest. Thanks for your suggestion, I will gladly take advantage of DevDAO’s help. Can you please tell me if I can write you a private message? Or perhaps you can give me a contact for me to contact?

Token/NFT mint is one of the priority tasks for Harmony Ukrainian DAO. Unfortunately and to my shame I don’t know this question, so most likely another person from Ukrainian community will deal with this question. I’m just a community manager and develop the Ambassador program. It’s nice to see such a professional like you in the Harmony community and to work with you on issues useful for the whole ecosystem of the project. Thank you again.


Hello, @m1m2

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

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Hi @GeorgeofEmmaInterest. I want to get back to our conversation about working with DevDAO. Token/NFT mint for Harmony Ukrainian DAO is very relevant.


Hello all! These are difficult times for many people in the crypto-world right now. It saddens me to see how empty this forum has become. It saddens me that the activity of many projects on this forum as well has stopped. I am sad to realize that many projects have left Harmony due to the termination of the grant program and after Harmony One’s Horizon Bridge hack. As a Harmony Ukrainian DAO Ambassador, I am worried about the fate of the Harmony project.

But I have a responsibility to the people who trust me. I know the Harmony project well from the inside. That is why I personally will not recommend this blockchain to my subscribers, readers and people I know until the technical problems in the Harmony blockchain are fixed.

We will continue to develop Harmony Ukrainian DAO on a voluntary basis. I want to remind everyone that we at Harmony Ukrainian DAO have not asked for funding from Harmony and have not received funding. At the moment, the Harmony Ukrainian DAO team and I am personally interested in studying Harmony technologies, getting to know each other and possible cooperation with the teams of projects in the Harmony ecosystem.


As it turned out, Harmony is a very centralized project. You can see that the organizers declare openness and decentralization, but in fact all decisions are made by a small group of people. It makes me sad to read this forum right now. But maybe the Harmony project still has a future


While there is no activity or money in the Harmony project, part of the Harmony Ukrainian DAO team continues to work. There’s a war in Ukraine right now, so we’re helping our army. For this purpose, we work with charitable organizations and volunteers. Now we have created a cultural space where artists and art lovers gather. Our team has an office in Kiev where we gather and work. Many of the First Ambassadors of Harmony Ukrainian DAO now live in Europe and we collaborate online.

I have a suggestion for members of the Harmony community. We now have a collection of paintings by a well-known Ukrainian artist. We sell these paintings at traditional auctions, these paintings are bought by people in the USA, Canada, Australia and even in China. If there are people among the Harmony community who know how to sell contemporary art and NFT, I am ready to discuss a mutually beneficial collaboration. Contact me at pm


Hello, I will add a little information about the work done by the ambassadors of Harmony Ukrainian DAO.

The site kobzar.in.ua was created thanks to a book Chyhyryn Kobzar and Haidamaky (Чигиринській Кобзарь и Гайдамакы), this unique book is a lifetime edition of the famous Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko. The guys bought this book and decided to create a site about rare books around it. Subsequently, many books were described on the pages of this site, then new headings appeared. I did not work in this project, but joined it, together with part of the CryptoCoinExpert team at the time of the creation of Harmony Ukrainian DAO. Together we did several useful things for Ukraine, because culture is the language of diplomacy. This is how the concept of creating a cultural space appeared

Kobzar Cultural Space aims to create educational and informational content in different languages. Now we are developing several blogs and pages in social networks, and are engaged in the dissemination of information about Ukrainian culture in different languages. Our initiative is currently self-supporting. We have contemporary art objects that are in demand among people. The sale of these items finances the website and the work of the team that works remotely. The Kobzar cultural space fund now has about 500 items that we need to digitize and put up for sale on various online trading platforms.

We invite you to cooperate

If you have experience in holding exhibitions of modern art, perhaps you have customers interested in buying paintings by Ukrainian artists, perhaps you have experience in receiving grants, or you know how to improve the website kobzar.in.ua, contact us, we will discuss options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Official website of the cultural space: https://kobzar.in.ua
Our blog is in English: https://medium.com/@kobzar.in.ua


Meanwhile, I took the initiative to develop the Kobzar Cultural Space channels on pinterest and tumblr. Everything is fine with me, but I don’t understand how to add followers to these social networks, so there are problems.

If anyone is reading this message, please join us on these social networks, subscribe to our media channels. In them, we describe rare books, for example, the description of the book The complete collection of works of T.G. Shevchenko", 1914. (Повний збірник творів Т.Г.Шевченка. 1914 рік)

Some ask, why Harmony? I can answer. Culture is the language of diplomacy. Thanks to books and paintings, we enter such offices that many people cannot even imagine. We will also make nft-type primitives and enter our electronic archive into the blockchain. And a lot more can be done, from time to time I, or someone from our team, will report here. If it is appropriate. Join us!


this is interesting , I really want this ONE to recover and prosper.


Hi all. Today 1.11.2022, it’s time to summarize the intermediate results of my initiative. I am very enthusiastic, thanks to all activists of Harmony Ukrainian DAO, we have a small but friendly community in Harmony blockchain project!

I am happy to realize that the basics of decentralized decision making and the DAO business model we developed are starting to work in the Kobzar Cultural Space. That’s why I want to thank our Ambassadorors not only in word but also in deed.

I promised to send the NFT to all the first Harmony Ukrainian DAO Ambassadors. All of the Ambassador’s who took part in the flash mob deserve a special award. Today I am fulfilling my promise. But instead of an NFT on blockchain project nobody cares about, we came up with something much more interesting.

The Kobzar cultural space collaborates with famous Ukrainian artists. One of them is Vadim Mikhalchuk, a Ukrainian painter and art critic, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Vadim is a very popular and fashionable Ukrainian artist. His series of paintings “Merry pictures” published in a large author’s catalog. Mihalchuk’s paintings are successfully sold at international auctions.

In 2015, Vadim Mikhalchuk wrote a painting “Harmony”. The painting has a size of 80x70 cm, written in oil on canvas. Naturally this painting was bought by @m1m2 to the collection of the Cultural space Kobzar. Now this and many other paintings by Mihalchuk are in our Kiev office.

Eight people took part in the initiative I announced. Especially for you (and for me too) I will finance the creation of 8 high-quality prints of “Harmony” on canvas in 80x70 size, which will be framed. In addition, I asked m1m2 to contact the author of this painting and sign each of the reprints of this painting.


A month ago I offered the Harmony community a flash mob with very simple rules. I am very happy that this flash mob did its job. Thanks to everyone who is with us! Soon we will create new initiatives for the Ukrainian and international community.

If there are still collectors with money in the Harmony community, I advise you to stop collecting nft for a while and start creating your own home library, read tips for future second-hand book collectors on our website. Another collection asset is contemporary art, which allows you to earn, in the long run, a lot of money. My advice - read about this Ukrainian artist and order his paintings from us!

Why read and collect books? For example, the founder of the FTX exchange Sam Bankman-Fried did not read books, he repeatedly told his fans about it. But karma is such a thing that soon this “genius” will have a lot of time for reading :joy: Don’t be like Sam Bankman-Fried - read books!


Hi all. I’ve been in the Harmony community for a year now, I joined this project at the invitation of @m1m2. I’m glad that during this year I managed to do a lot of useful work for the Harmony project. My acquaintance with the project started with onerudao. It was an interesting experience of communicating with people who got money and do not know how to work systematically. As time showed, there were 99% of such people in Harmony. Therefore, the fate of this blockchain project was doomed to failure from the beginning. One of my achievements of the year is cooperation with guys from Ukraine to create Harmony Ukrainian DAO and Ukrainian community on this forum. We did a good job. Part of the initiators of the Harmony Ukrainian DAO continue to work together. We use in our work the experience gained from the creation of DAO, we have established a decentralized mechanism of decision-making and rewarding. This mechanism is now up and running and is helping to grow Cultural Space Kobzar. As a token of our gratitude, we maintain activity in this forum. One of my disappointments in Harmony this year was the bridge crack and I lost money in the Harmony project. Another disappointment was the unwillingness of the founders to communicate with their community. I have seen this behavior of founders in many blockchain projects, unfortunately it leads to the collapse of the project. But personally I will continue to publish materials on this forum. Maybe one day Harmonyprotocol will have a bright future and a development breakthrough. If it happens I will be very happy. In the meantime, we continue to fill the graphica section of our cultural space site with educational content. There aren’t many works there today, but in a few days or weeks things will change dramatically. I wish everyone peace and prosperity!


Hello. I heard that Harmony has a new team, I suggest you find new managers and contact them, maybe new faces are committed to development and we can work with them.


Hi all. Ukraine is now on the front pages of all the world’s media outlets! Our country is waiting for great reconstruction, recovery and economic growth!

We offer cooperation to all interested people in the Harmony community!


Hello. We held an exhibition and presentation of works by Ukrainian avant-garde artist Petro Boyko. At this event, works written from the beginning of the war (02/24/2022) to mid-March 2023 were exhibited.

Petro Boyko is a contemporary Ukrainian artist who revives the traditions of the Ukrainian avant-garde in his works. His abstract compositions capture the spirit and energy of the avant-garde through bright colors, geometric shapes and lines.


Recently the Cultural Space Kobzar together with several artists and art connoisseurs held an exhibition of works by the internationally renowned Ukrainian artist Igor Gubsky. The event turned out to be an interesting one.

It seems to me that the Harmony team underestimates the development potential of regional DAOs.


Hi all! We in the Ukrainian community Harmony do not stand still and constantly hold events. From the very beginning our team was striving for self-sufficiency and profit. Now I can say with confidence that we did it. Despite the war in Ukraine we are working and optimistic. In March we held several exhibitions for investors and potential buyers of contemporary art. At these events we introduced our community to the works of famous Ukrainian artists: Valentin Altanets, Petro Boiko, Igor Gubsky, Natalya Kohal and Olesya Dzhuraeva. The works of these artists have good investment potential and sell well in Ukraine and all over the world. In March we have made deals and sent pictures to Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada, UAE, China. Now we are waiting for confirmation from our clients from other countries. The work is ongoing and I am very sad that we do not yet have the Harmony blockchain project in our business scheme. We are interested in a reward distribution solution for equity owners. We are open to cooperation, so if you have any suggestions write me a personal message on this forum. Best Regards


Harmony Ukrainian DAO together with the Cultural Space Kobzar is preparing the publication of its first book using illustrations belonging to members of our community. This is another step in monetizing our business. More details are coming soon.