Harmony X Dropout DAO Dormitories

The Introduction

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Large companies with even larger user bases. What do they have in common?

They were all started out of college dorms.

Here at DropoutDAO, we seek to build the first decentralized university for a community of risk-takers, dreamers, and builders who thrive outside the classroom. One of the most powerful experiences of university is the shared experiences of bonding through living in a shared space. That is what we wanted to replicate with the Harmony X DropoutDAO Dorms.

We’re looking for a one-time $10,000 gold-tier sponsorship for a 2-month trial run in San Francisco, where we wish to house 7 web3 innovators, with a combined reach of 115+ dropout DAO members across SF.

Key Info

:world_map: Where: Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA

:spiral_calendar: When: March 20th to May 20th

:tea: Goal: To create a living space & community that builds cool companies and projects, has fun, explores SF together!! Also, something that’s as affordable as possible for students & young builders but livable / -vibe- able for 2 months :slight_smile:

The Benefits:

  1. Branding the house as an official Harmony x DropoutDAO house (we’ll prioritize the company brand and have it front and center though, the DropoutDAO is so that more members resonate & can funnel some talent)
  2. Host and throw 1-2 joint events (i.e. hackathons, speaker/panel, dinner, let’s get creative :slight_smile:
    1. We have access/network to 5 other hacker houses in SF, including Elysian House, Atmos House, Genesis House, and Aurora House and will be throwing joint events
  3. Tweets from everyone in the houses (can set this up as a marketing scheme + drop)
  4. TikTok content documentation + merch repping
  5. Access to the DropoutDAO discord with young builders + we’ll post your available positions in our hiring channel and Pallet board.

The Ask:

These will significantly subsidize housing and events hosted in the house for two months

  • Gold sponsorship $10,000 (1 spot) – Harmony here <3
  • Silver sponsorship $5,000 (2 spots)
  • Bronze sponsorship $2,000 (5 spots)

gold sponsorship approved based on our events guidelines in harmony.one/300, looking forward to it.

empowering 100 local organizers – with $1K budget for a 20-attendee 2-speaker event, or $5K for 50 with 4 speakers, and $10K for 100 with a co-sponsor.

funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

per our guidelines above, you will need to engage at least 100 builders via events supported by this grant.

@david_zouu would love to hear more about how things are going with this. Links, decks and/or photos would be great. Community would love to hear more about this.

Will provide an update!