HCIP-04: Annex to CDAO Charter to set Campaign Rules and Guidelines Approved

After a week of polling (Proposal for Annex to CDAO Charter: Campaign Rules and Guidelines) and going through the HCIP voting process on Snapshot (Snapshot), an annex has been added to the Community DAO Charter - Google Docs to reflect the community approved campaign guidelines to be followed by the CDAO and candidates during future election cycles. An annex is a fungible portion of the charter and can be edited, replaced or removed in the future by way of the HCIP processes laid out within the charter.

As stated in the Snapshot proposal, rule 7 will be excluded from addition to the charter until its parameters are set by way of community discussion and voting approval. That rule was stated in the snapshot proposal as follows: “A candidate CANNOT run for a governor position with an account/name used for an existing Harmony project (i.e. should Defi Kingdoms be allowed to run as a candidate? This means a personal account should be used). If this annex is approved for addition to the charter, there will need to be an additional community discussion on talk.harmony.one to define the parameters of which accounts fall under this category. Upon completion of that discussion, there will be another snapshot vote to approve those parameters. This rule will be excluded from this annex, if approved, until the completion of that process.”

The debate on rule number 7 has begun on the talk forums here: (link to Debate: Defining a ‘Harmony Project’ for the purpose of CDAO Campaign Rule
). Please follow the link to join the debate and help the Community DAO shape its future.

Thank you to all that participated in the polls and voting process.