Community DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Harmonious Dude

Hi there! My name is Kyle, also known as Harmonious Dude and I am drafting this post to announce my candidacy for a position on the Community DAO Council of Governors for the Q2 2022 term.

I am currently proudly serving as a governor on the council and have enjoyed working hard for the Harmony community. Along with Strong Minds Hold, I was approved to be a co-‘lead’ governor, which gives a governor the ability to log more hours in a week to work towards keeping the DAO focused and working towards goals. I put work into the DAO just about every day and take great pride in my accomplishments.

At the beginning of the term, I was dealing with some personal issues and was having difficulty finding my way to contribute to an organization without structure or direction. As participation waned, I decided that no matter what, I would find my way and do whatever it took to accomplish something during my term because I took the trust the community placed in me seriously. My first thought was on building a structure to the DAO and that things might begin to fall into place from there. I took inspiration from the charter ratified by VDAO 1 (shout out to those governors, JCR, Easy Node, Mars Initiative, Babylon and Maffaz that did such a great job!). I admired the work they did and decided that rather than start from scratch, I would take the VDAO charter structure as the standard and use it as a jumping off point for the CDAO charter. I really sunk my teeth into it, along with Strong Minds Hold, to dissect it, use what we could, remove what we couldn’t, think of as many necessary additions as possible, and always give thought to long term functionality provided by the document. It’s not perfect, but we created a fair system for it to be edited as needs arise in the future. I was very proud when that charter was ratified by community vote in November (Snapshot).

Shortly after composing that document, I saw the slow, but necessary process created to approve DAO treasury use and thought it might stymie short term initiatives that could really benefit from having a small fund at the DAO’s discretion each month and came up with the idea for the discretionary budget. Bricktop and I composed a proposal that easily passed by vote (Snapshot). The discretionary budget has been incredibly successful as a tool to help reward contributors and engage the community. It’s been so vital that Bricktop carried the same idea over to the Creative DAO, which also easily passed.

In fear of rambling too much, here is a list of my other accomplishments while working on the DAO:
-Work as treasurer reviewing payroll time sheets and setting up transactions
-Lead on Twitter, helping grow the CDAO account followers from ~1200 followers at the beginning of the term to over 5100 currently, regularly hosting twitter spaces, setting up automated tweet schedules, hosting candidate AMAs, etc
-Organizing the ONE Wednesday Community Quest and speakers (ONE Wednesday Community Quest)
-initial concept for development of domains, which was further developed and run with by Bricktop
-work on transition docs to assist newcomer governors
-lead content provider for community calendar
-lead creator of DAO newsletter
-Lead on creation of HCIP-04 to define campaign rules to address community concerns (HCIP-04: Annex to CDAO Charter to set Campaign Rules and Guidelines Approved)

I’ve grown into my role and worked tirelessly to help build a DAO that can last structurally. Now I ask for your vote so that I can continue my work. I would like to make DAO sustainability a huge focus of Q2 as well as continuing work on the initiatives set in motion during the current term.

Here are my answers to the questions put forth by the DAO to be answered as part of all candidacy posts.

1. Are there obstacles you see in being able to commit up to 10 hours/week as a DAO governor? This amount of time is not a requirement, but an inability to commit time by some members has been an obstacle for the current DAO council in progressing objectives.

I do not see any reason why I cannot continue to give the DAO my full attention. In fact, as part of being selected a co-lead governor, I am eligible to work for up to 15 hours a week for the DAO and regularly clock more hours in a week than I can bill.

2. What skills and/or abilities do you hope to bring that would be beneficial to the Community DAO?

I am a thoroughly engaged community member and consider myself to be level headed and forward thinking. This is incredibly important IMO when working with the CDAO because not only do you need to have a pulse on the community, but you also need to be able to interact with community members from all walks of life, treat them with respect, and take their suggestions or criticisms to heart and work towards growing both the DAO and yourself to reflect the needs of who you serve.

I also believe myself to work well in a team environment. I am self driven and often take initiative to work on things as I see fit, but I also communicate with my fellow governors and provide support when needed. It is difficult to serve many if you don’t actively seek to work with others.

Additional skills I feel are relevant: I think I am a talented writer and do well in expressing myself in a written medium. I hope to contribute more writing for the DAO in the future. I am a critical thinker with the ability to problem solve on the fly while also giving thought to the future implications of my deeds. I also carry a genuine passion for the development of the DAO.

3. How long have you been in the Harmony community and why do you want to run for a position on the council?

I first purchased ONE at the end of February 2021. Shortly after, I began getting involved in the Harmony Facebook groups. In an effort to stay more in tune with ecosystem updates, I created my profile on Twitter in April (technically I created my account in 2012, but never actually used it until 2021). I instantly got hooked. The community was so welcoming and helpful that I increased my ONE position as much due to my connection to the Harmonaut family as the tech that got me initially. I became immediately entrenched and setup my validator node just a month and a half later in June. It’s around this time I first learned about DAO’s as the first call for CDAO candidates took place. I considered running at the time, but thought I had too much on my plate and I felt I was too new to the community to effectively contribute in such a manner.

When the call for candidates began for the current term in September, I was still hesitant, but decided to run after some conversations and urging from another governor, Bricktop. I’m so glad I did run as being a governor has invigorated me and given me such a source of pride. Pride because I feel a sense of ownership over this DAO. I’ve worked so hard to build it from the ground up: to provide structure and direction to an organization that had no roadmap. This is why I am running again. I have accomplished so much, but still feel like I have so much more to contribute in making the CDAO successful and sustainable long term. I want to act as a bridge to any newcomers to the DAO to help them get active from the jump of the new term, but also to carryover what has been accomplished so far to hopefully build upon it so that all of my work isn’t lost. The DAO is still so young that I feel at least some continuity is needed to keep the momentum built thus far. My current intention is to take a term off for Q3 before possibly running again for the Q4 term. I will make part of my mission in Q2 to make sure to leave the DAO with a sustainable direction.

4. What timezone do you live in for the purposes of potentially scheduling a 2nd AMA?

EST. I do not foresee any issue making any scheduled AMAs

Again, I ask for your support for my candidacy. In order to be eligible, I must receive the support of at least 5 community members in the comments (though more would be welcome and appreciated!). I would really like your support in my quest to serve again on the DAO. Thank you!

PS: To anyone reading this considering announcing their candidacy: if my post is overwhelming, don’t let it discourage you from running because I was once in your shoes. Your post does NOT need to be nearly as long or detailed. The DAO now has some more direction and hopefully we can work together quickly to get you in a position to where you can confidently contribute your skills to the DAO. It takes all types for this to work and I know that if you have passion, you will succeed as a governor, if elected.


I absolutely support you running again! :grinning::partying_face::sunglasses:

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I strongly believe that the passion, interest, effort and involvement of Kyle on the role of governor are undeniable and I wish every governor was this much involved in their roles. I support this candidacy

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Always have been, always will be here in support for you Dude, been a little faded from activity after losing my mother to Covid late last year. Keep up the great work, the community wouldn’t be the same without you!

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Harmonious dude is a well respected man in the harmony community. He’s very active on all social media platforms, always available to help, and above all, a good man. I fully support his candidacy.

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I support Harmonious Dude’s candidacy :100:

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The dude! You got my vote.

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Thanks @Alpal2202. Knew I could count on you!

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Thank you so much @SejinDoesArt ! Your support means a lot.

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Thanks so much @GlennB2370. You know I always have appreciated your support. I’d been meaning to check in with you lately. So sorry to hear about your mother. I hope you are hanging in there. I wish I could help somehow.

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Appreciate the kind words, @Jerome0389 . Always enjoy hearing from you and seeing you in the spaces.

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Thank you @Cloudeeeo . Would love to see you run again. Could use people as dedicated to the community as yourself.

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I supported the dude last time and will continue supporting him.

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Thanks friend. appreciate your support

You already have enough support in the replies, however, I also will give my support for your candicy for Govenor.
I would also like to thank you for the work and commitment you have given during this current term.

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Thanks for the continued support @Daryll.One. Hope you have been well!


Thanks for the support and recognition @Megalodon. Always enjoy seeing you in the spaces and value your input when you join the conversation.

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You already have more than enough support though but all that you do for the community is there for everyone to see. Carry on.


Nice introduction write up. You have my support.

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I support Harmonious dude as governor, he was absolutely instrumental in implementing some of the serious administration tasks that need to be completed for the DAO to put processes in place for the DAO foundations and processes that were needed to ensure the smooth running of the DAO, work which you don’t necessarily see or understand the need for.

Harmonious dude has an incredible work ethic and always gets the job done, He’s just genuily perfect for a community serving role.

Yes, Yes, and yes from me.

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