🚨 HIP procedure

Dear Validator,

even if we are a “permissionless” Blockchain we have some rules like the procedure of a HIP which is written in the Validator charter.
Like a standardized HIP Format or the 14 Days to discuss on talk and let 14 Days Voting on.

We had in the past cases were Validator was not using this. To prevent this further and also to remove personal feelings or thoughts on HIP I suggested the @HarmonyValidatorDAO is posting proposals on talk and take it to snapshot. So they can also discuss a feasible with the team before it’s out and got a number assigned.

Please the Validator charter under https://vdao.one/


I think this weekend’s VDAO Twitter Space we discuss the HIP procedure. The progression from inception to the implementation.

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Sure but every validator can just post a proposal on snapshot, how can we prevent something without a talk goes live and ensure in future the standardized HIP Format?

Could this be sped up?
Seems like it takes way to long to get to a Vote, crypto is moving too fast to be that slow

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For HIP it’s over the @HarmonyValidatorDAO and can be adjusted by a proposal.
@HarmonyCommunityDAO has for HCIP already a shorter time when checking the Community DAO Charter Community DAO Charter Ratification