Resources to get started

Hi everyone. I have some programming experience (mostly front-end) but I would like to try and build something on Harmony, I am especially interested in the NFT space. Was wondering whether there are any existing projects I could look at on github? To get started I would like to perhaps create a small front store where I can advertise and sell my own NFTs, how difficult would that be to implement? If there is any tutorial that you could point me out to that would be great. Cheers!


Hi, sorry for the late reply:

If you want to create NFTs maybe use

Checkout these repositories: GitHub - harmony-one/hackathon: repo for harmony hackathons

Harmony is evm compatible, so you can use all Ethereum resources with little modification.

The original Ethereum punks repository is open source, which is a good starting point for erc721 there is a harmony fork: “harmony punks” but I don’t know if they have a open source repo.


helpful resources especially the hackathon repo! Cheers.