Info Deserved in the timing of these Events Harmony Team Please provide a statement

This is really odd can the ONE team give some info on this ?

I know how info gets skewed on social media. Just thought the timing was strange. Would really like some clarifaction from harmony.

What do you want them to say? Our beloved @stse had great fun with @littlemoneyboss (even if he’s married, apparently) and thought it was a great idea to give her money from the company

I can assure you that there will be no statement or no communication.

Can you sum this up ?? Idk fully understand what the complete story of it is ? How much money did the three of these daos get funded?

I can only comment on the sums I have frozen in AAVE protocol.

@littlemoneyboss (Amy Soon) got 50k to write a book that is basically a crypto knockoff of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki but even worst. You can read it here, for free, because Stephen is a visionary and wanted to give it to everybody.

Amy has a company (MoneyBoss, but the website is now offline. I wonder why!) where she’s promoting some sort of training to become rich and stuff like that together with her sister (a self-made millionaire, former finance director for Apollo Global Management, according to her) and her husband, the great Al Cheung (cheualx) that, by pure coincidence, is also involved in the grant processes for Harmony.

A lot of DAOs start getting LOADS of money to provide basically nothing. Allow me to provide some great examples:

NomadDAO where Al Cheung is a governor, they got 10k and did literally nothing
Vegan African DAO started by an actual member of Blu3DAO that I caught buying her own NFTs and trying to game KPIs to get more grants. Obviously, No action from Harmony or Blu3DAO, @sunny4earth just got a great time at Devcon without being a developer (last time her travel at your expense was justified for "trying to identify pain points in DAOs, I’m not even joking).
SpectrumX DAO - a classic. Our guy @Boris_Polania gave 10k to a kids dance teacher to start a DAO related to autism. She bought a MacBook Pro and started “working” to another DAO. As always, leadership didn’t blink, maybe they were too busy buying Apes.
Blu3DAO was the masterpiece of money siphoning and probably the last nail on Stephen&Li’s adventure. I strongly encourage you to read about it on Twitter and other sources (like Forbes), there’s too much stuff for a single post.

Regarding how much money was spent on DAOs, if I’m not mistaken we’re waiting for an official document from them. Happy to dig in it if it’s already online!

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So 150k total was distributed, Up to June 7th and Hack was June 23rd . Is this is case of Mal intentions? I would almost certainly say no. But the group was definitely misleading and it raises alot of concern. I’ve been adamant about defending the Core of Harmony however the timing of these events is Concerning, Coincidental, and certainly warrants a statement by Harmony. I know there have been community members that spoke out openly on these issues on ground zero of hack. Does their argument hold water ? I personally want Harmony to succeed ,I stake on many platforms and really think One is ahead of the pack despite current PR issues. I feel like Harmony is still bleeding and they are doing what they can to stop bleeding. Once the bleeding stops Adress the potential improper Etiquette. And let’s move forward.

You can just choose which scandal want to see being ignored today jejejeje i would add that RongjianLan was the only one who knows something about blockchain and software in the team, so yeap this is screwed i think… they need like 20 super heroes to get normal again. Also i want to say that i was working on Erigon implementation and i got cancelled because they said that they can do it themselves ( i was 2 weeks before finishing and getting paid 50k ) just to see Ron quit and that they never implemented Erigon like features.