Aura Dogs DAO animal aid bootstrap grant


We are happy to present this DAO application after our participation in EthDenver. It was great to meet the Harmony community and team there :slight_smile: great job!

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Proposal overview

What is AURA DOGS?


Aura Dogs is an Impact DAO focused on creating positive externalities outside of the blockchain space towards Animal Care and Aid. This is our first mandate as we believe it’s time to create DAOs that have Real World Impact, and what better way to do this than by combining the good vibes and positivity of the crypto community. We align with the Impact DAO movement and believe Altruistic Decentralization can create real change in Harmony, creating order and progress out of a decentralized network.

Our mission is to be an open and collaborative space united by Art and NFTs. Through which individuals, communities and animal lovers can access resources independent of their geographic location, education, background or offline identity, but having the common mission of helping out create animal shelters around the world and supporting animal advocates in spreading awareness around this topic. [shoutout to Kevin Owocki and the Greenpilled Impact DAO movement for the inspo].

Now, our vision is quite unique. We want to incentivise a strong community that governs the DAO through the ownership of 7.777 unique NFTs from the Aura Dogs Collection. The path towards obtaining one of them is visiting the Aura Dogs Shelter House in the metaverse, were you will be able to see our metapets, create a connection and adopt your Aura Dog. At the same time, we want to create a self-sustaining DAO through the sale of the NFTs and creation of a token economy (TBD) to fund the treasury.

We have many things in mind and networks to explore towards this vision but we want to let the AURA DOGS community choose this path. Can you imagine the Aura Dogs Shelter House and your Aura Dog Pet becoming a Decentralized Tamagotchi? How cool would it be to create the Aura Dogs brand and create retail products around it? With the help of the Harmony community, we want to take this first step in bootstrapping the DAO and creating the right incentives in place for a solid launch of Aura Dogs DAO, its metaverse experience, NFT gallery and token economy.

From here, it will be up to the Aura Dog’s Community to explore potential pathways and take advantage of the Aura Dogs community collective wisdom. We are excited to see were the community allocates the funding of the treasury, as we decentralize the governance and join in the Community. Our job is to create as much impact as possible for the treasury to grow enough to become self-sustainable.

Our worst idea is to create a grant for DOGTORS to attend medical school and become Aura Dogterinaries


PLS COMMENT… lit or not?


We hope to win the Harmony Bootstrapping DAO grant and work during the bootstrapping period towards the following deliverables:

Proposal ask

Bootstrapping Grant for 75k

As outlined before, we hope to start funding our treasury through the sale of NFTs. These have a strong utility grounded in the future governance of the DAO. At the same time, the following table details how we intend to use the funding towards our roadmap:

We have a strong focus on creating the first AURA DOG GRANT and start supporting Animal Shelter and Care Organizations. At the same time, we want to invest in marketing to the degree in which we can maximize the art and ambassador programme to generate as much traffic and followers as possible, creating mapping installations in strategic NFT events. We believe our 3-month social media growth metrics are conservative and achievable, but that for the next grant application we will grow the community exponentially based on this first bootstrap grant.

At the same time and as referenced before, most of our tech/art/marketing development will be done by the work of the governors themselves. In this sense it is important to note that the payrate for governors is below the $75 rate x hour boundary as instead we want to allocate funds towards Animal Care grants from the start. All governors have the same hourly rate of $40 per hour and the changes in compensation are based solely upon hours commited per week.

We hope that we are using the funds wisely in order to create the value behind the future explosion of Aura Dogs :rocket: :woman_astronaut: :man_astronaut:

Metrics for success

We have identified 3 KPIs in order to have some metrics for evaluation of the bootstraping grant period (3-month deliverables taken into account as well). These KPIs are tied to the utility of the AURA DOGS NFT COLLECTION. They will provide community and governance over the DAO, have tech and art development behind them as well as an Animal Rights end for the funding of the treasury:


Our Team

Our founding governance team each has a development role in a different area of the project. Each having a specific task and objetive towards the deliverables mind map. In this sense, the founding governance is also essential to bootstrap the work behind the product and vision of the DAO.




A message from Ramiro Alban:

Aura Dogs is a project that involves art, technology and human beings to help understand the link that connects our essence with the energy and pure love of dogs.
Dogs help us to be better human beings and we help dogs to have a better life in our society.
I want to project this vision in the bootstrapping of Aura Dogs with the desire to share my art and love for animals with the community, creating a fair model where all contributions are transparent and everyone’s opinions are heard and respected, and most importantly, change and raise awareness in the community about what great changes we can achieve together in Harmony…
With regards to my background, I am an Ecuadorian artist and dog lover. My works hang in the walls of Hollywood luminaries like Orlando Bloom, Lionel Richie, Katie Perry, Ryan Seacrest, William Shatner, César Millán…
For the past few years I have used my art to capture the connection between the person and their canine companion. I attribute my success to my “special artistic sensibility” to express this link visually. My art is tactile and interactive because I believe that “we want to be with our pets, even if it is through a work of art”.
My work is based on the colors of the aura and the deep connection between human beings and their pets. When you hug your pet or share a moment of love with them there is an exchange of energy, frequencies and vibrations, my job is to interpret this through art as a medium.

Mrs. Katy Perry with the artist. And, Mr. Cesar Millan, his Aura Dog and the artist.


Special Aura Dogs will include 3D/AR art through Artvive apps so get your 3D glasses vibes ready.


:hotdog: :dog2: :poodle: :service_dog: :guide_dog: :hotdog:
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…much dog much wow


credits and much wow to our friend and animal lover, Francisco Iturralde (@Argos ) for the ASCII and fractal memes.


Thank you for this proposal, it looks really interesting and I eager to see how this project develops!


We have a mission to accomplish , we Believe this can make a huge impact in the world , we love dogs , we love the concept , we love the art , we love the team .

We will build a sustainable DAO with this amaizing community… thank you for letting us be the bridge to connect stray dogs to web3.
Sky is the limit for AURADOGS…


:service_dog::dog2::guide_dog::dog2::yellow_heart::white_heart::poodle: excited :paw_prints:




Congrats to the Auradogs team , your proposal its great , i want to be part of your DAO, i have lots Of ideas to help dogs in my country, you guys will change the game … I can’t wait to see my Avatar in the metaverse… Keep us informed… :ok_hand::+1:


Excited to see this grow!


Very detailed information nice,can we have your telegram, discord or website to join in


Thank you so much for your kind words and support @Abhijeet I just edited the discord link and here it is as well Join our discord AURA DOGS HOUSE through the link! Cheers!


Thank for you interest, please send us some love!

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Hello Guys, I am so proud of the team, and the ecosystem we are in, thank you Harmony protocol for letting us impact the world, I am fully committed to make this the most recognized animal Dao in the world.


Hi guys, Im really excited about this project, it makes me fell so happy because I'm a pet lover, and I cant wait to mint own NFT. Please keep us updated, I will join in Discord now. Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thank you, this project is precisely thought of that pure and unconditional love of our pets, it is time to give back with something for them! :raised_hands:


How can I learn more about your project ? How much is the floor price for the NFT collection?


dear Daniel those are great questions thank you so much for your interest. The NFTs will come out after the 3-month bootstrap granting period ends while the floor price will be TBD and most likely voted on by the DAO governors.


Great proposal, well written. LightItUp DAO is onboard for collaboration, to create visibility for this cause/DAO.


Thank you so much @Suede0619 we will be more than happy to collaborate… it was awesome to meet you …let’s keep in touch !


Congratulations on the project, I would love to be one of the first Beta tester of the animal shelter in the metaverse. How can i be part of the whitelist?

Congratulations keep us updated…


Would love to expose our NFT gallery with Ligthituo DAo … sounds awesome to partner up with another Harmony Dao…


Would love to see how this projects will grow in the upcoming future